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1by1 music player is a simplistic audio player for Windows

1by1 music player is a simplistic audio player for Windows

by AshwinMarch 3, 2016

Music is something which everyone enjoys, though not everyone prefers the same genre.

1by1 music player GUI
But that is the thing about music, it reflects your inner style, it defines you.

Also uncommon is the music player we use. No, I’m not talking about the hardware or your smartphone music apps here, but the ones we use on our PCs. Some users still prefer to use the good old Winamp, version 2.95 to be precise, because it was the last good version, before AOL ruined it with Winamp3. Most users however favour a music player which is feature rich and also has a pleasant GUI.

What about those looking for nothing but a pure audio experience?

This is where 1by1 excels. The application is referred to as “the directory player”, by the developer. Why so? If you open the app, you’ll see the answer. The interface of 1by1 is very minimalistic, and consists of three main sections. A toolbar with several buttons for music controls, and just below it is the seeking bar, and the volume bar.

The next section is the file explorer on the left (this explains the directory player term). Clicking on a folder will list the audio files available in the folder, on the right pane of the Window. You can even play an entire drive;’s content using this folder view.

There is a bar which sits between the seek bar and the folder view, which displays the track information, and also displays the cover art of the album you are playing.

You can configure the buttons of the 1by1 music player from its settings.

1by1 music player settings

Gapless playback is a must for most music lovers, and I’m no exception. Ever wondered at the end of a song, “Hey is the next song gonna play or what? Has the music player stopped?”. This is what makes Gapless playback a must have, it skips to the next song instantly at the end of a song without a few seconds of annoying silence, and 1by1 does support the feature.

1by1 music player supports almost every popular audio format including MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AAC, MP4 to name a few.

You can also add new Toolbar button image sets which are available from the developer’s webpage.

Download 1by1 music player for Windows from the official website. An Android version is also available, if you are interested to try it.

Tip: If you get an error during the 1by1 installation process (about how it cannot create the directory), run the installer with administator rights.


Free (and ad-free)
Gapless playback
Supports MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AAC, MP4
Playlist support (.m3u)