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3 StepPDF Review

3 StepPDF Review

by January 1, 2016

3 StepPDF Review

PDF format is without any doubt, the most popular and widely used office format among computer users. It is very suitable for sharing or publishing on the website; more than that, it is a standard format for tutorials and manuals; that is why PDF applications are installed almost on every computer.

As a rule, PDF readers are free to use, but, unfortunately, they are very limited and they do not provide you with necessary editing tools. Special applications that are intended for PDF editing are very expensive and not every user can afford to buy them.

But, fortunately, there are a lot of useful programs which offers plenty of advanced tools for thorough editing PDF documents and one of them is 3 StepPDF.

Of course, 3 StepPDF does not have so many features as compared with Adobe PDF or Nitro PDF Pro, but I think that it includes everything that is needed to perform basic operations with PDF documents and it offers just those tools and features that are necessary almost for every user.

Download and Installation- The best way to test the program and make yourself familiar with all its features is to download and install it. You can easily get the program from the official website. The installer is not big; just about 35 MB in size (after installation about 160 MB). Unfortunately, the demo version is limited in use; you can run the program only five times. After that it will become unusable.

The installation procedure is standard; all you need is to accept the license agreement, select the location for extracting all components of the program and, finally, create a desktop shortcut.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 5

Installation 7

Interface- The user interface of 3 StepPDF is simply designed; it contains eight tiles which provide quick and easy access to the main tools and features of the program; for example, via the Watermark PDF Documents tile, you can access the tool for watermarking your PDF documents, and so on.


The main features of the program

3 StepPDF is a very simple, but at the same time, very handy and useful application for performing six different operations with PDF documents. With the help of this application you can perform the following actions:

Create new PDF document;

Split PDF documents;

Watermark PDF documents;

Extract text from scanned documents;

Merge PDF documents;

Crop PDF documents.

Create New PDF Document- the creation of PDF documents has never been easier! Now, thanks to 3 StepPDF this task is very easy and convenient. The program offers all basic and necessary options for creating and exporting PDF documents. All you need is to open a new project and add to it some necessary info, i.e. text and images. 3 StepPDF allows you to select the desired font (two different fonts are at your disposal- Courier and Times New Roman), letter size and letter style (Bold or Italic). In addition, you have the possibility to align text as you want, i.e. on the left, right or in the center.

After editing the PDF document, you can export it as a PDF or HTML file.

Create New 1

Create New 2

Split PDF Documents- this tool, unlike the merge tool, is needed for other purposes. If the merge tool allows you to join several separate PDF documents into one, the split tool on the contrary, is designed to unjoin them and create several PDF files from one bigger document. Just select a PDF document to be split and then choose one of two split options offered by the program, namely, Consecutive page split or Interval split.

Split PDF Documents 1

Watermark PDF Documents- nowadays it is very easy for creative people, for example, for writers, to promote their works thanks to the constant growth of web technologies. Nearly everybody can create an Internet website and publish his works there. On the one hand, the distribution of the works over the Internet is a great idea because you have the possibility to attract a lot of people and become very popular; but, on the other hand, your works can be used illegally by other users without mentioning your name. So, it is necessary to protect your documents! But how can your protect your documents from unauthorized use on the Internet?

It goes without saying that one of the best ways to protect your documents from being copied or illegally distributed is to apply a watermark to them and 3 StepPDF allows you to do that.

The main window of the watermark tool is divided into three panes- Settings (on the left; it contains all needed options for applying and customizing watermarks), Working Area (in the center; all added PDF documents are displayed in this pane) and Files (it contains buttons for adding or removing PDF files, a special preview window and document info).

3 StepPDF allows you to apply both text and image watermarks. For applying a text watermark, you need to enter the desired text and specify the watermark font, size and color (you have the possibility to use basic colors offered by the program or manually pick and customize colors by specifying hue, saturation, value and red, green and blue balance). As for image watermarks, just select the desired image for the Windows Explorer window. Currently the program supports the following image formats- JPG, JPEG, JPE and PNG.

In addition, you can specify the placement of the watermark, i.e. its position (bottom left or right, top left or right and center), etc., and Page intervals (for example, from the first to the third page or only some specific pages, etc.).

It is very important that all performed changes are displayed in the special preview window, so you can effectively control every step of watermarking pages.

3 StepPDF also provides you with some basic info about your PDF document, i.e. number of pages, page size, encryption and file size.

After performing all needed actions, just click on the button “Watermark Documents”; that is all. Now your document is securely protected against illegal copying and unauthorized distribution.

It should be noted that the program allows you to watermark not only a single PDF document, but also multiple files at the same time in batch mode.

Watermark 1

Watermark 2

Extract Text from Scanned Document- if you have got a scanner, you can take full advantage of this great feature of the program. With the help of this tool you have the possibility to extract text from scanned document and then export it as a PDF document, text file or append to any existing document. All you need is to select the scanned document (3 StepPDF supports the following image formats- JPG, JPEG, JPE and PNG) and click on “Extract Text” button.

After extracting the text from the scanned document, the program allows you to edit it; for example, you can select the desired font, letter size and style, and so on.

The edited scanned document can be exported as a PDF or text file and appended to another text file.

Extract Text 1

Merge PDF Documents- you have got several PDF documents and want to join them up together and get one bigger file? Thanks to 3 StepPDF it is as easy as ABC. With the help of the program you can easily and effectively to merge multiple PDF documents into one. The process of merging is very easy and it requires only three simple steps; at first you should select files to be merged, then arrange files in those order that you want and, finally, click on the button “Merge documents”. That it is! Now you can enjoy and use one PDF document.

Merge PDF Documents 1

Crop PDF Documents- as a rule PDF documents have got a standard A4 page format which is very convenient for printing and viewing on the computer screen. But very often you need to read PDFs on other devices which have got smaller screens, for example, e-readers such as Amazon Kindle or Sone Reader. With the help of this useful tool you can easily remove or crop unneeded parts from your PDF document, i.e. margins. Everything is very easy; all you need is to specify the dimension to be used for cropping (i.e. percent or points) and after that select the desired cropping size, i.e. rectangle origin X, rectangle origin Y, rectangle width and height.

In addition, you have the possibility to specify page intervals to be cropped and output names.

It is very convenient and handy that all cropping operations are displayed in the preview window, so all changes will be easily viewable and operable.

Thanks to this tool you do not need to buy very expensive programs to crop your PDF documents. 3 StepPDF will help you to accomplish this difficult task in three easy steps.

Crop PDF Documents 1

System Requirements

Windows 7- Windows 10

50 MB of free hard disk space.


3 StepPDF is a very easy to use and convenient application for performing some basic operations with PDF documents. The program offers six advanced tools which allow you to protect PDF files from copying and unauthorized use, create a new PDF document, extract text from scanned documents, and some others.

I think that all useful and necessary tools are at your disposal thanks to 3 StepPDF. The program will be of use for everybody who needs to have a basic, but at the same time, very advanced application for working with PDFs.


1. Very simple user interface.
2. Six advanced tools.


1. The demo version is very limited in use; you can run the program only five times.
2. Some tools, for example, Extract Text from scanned documents, needs further development and improvements.

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