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4shared official app for Windows 10 released (beta version)

4shared official app for Windows 10 released (beta version)

by AshwinDecember 23, 2015

Popular file sharing website, 4shared, has launched its official app for Windows 10.

4shared official windows 10 app

The app is still in beta, but it is always good to have an app straight from the service.

4Shared is also kind of a cloud backup service, in that you can upload your files to the server for your own personal use. This app is meant for those who upload files, so you can’t use it without signing into your account.

Once logged in, you will have access to the app’s UI as shown above. The interface is pretty much simplistic. It is divided into two sections, a sidebar with access to the Discover Tab from where you can browse for the web service’s directory for Apps, Music, Videos, Images public folders.

The My 4Shared tab is the more useful one, which lets you access all your folders and files. Clicking on a file or a folder opens a second pane on the right, with the date and file path info.

You can manage your files and folders from this tab. The toolbar on the top allows you to multi-select files, upload files, create a new folder and share files. The last part is what 4shared is all about. You can share files and entire folders, and send the links directly to your friends.  The Sharing Settings menu lets you control who can view the folder or the link (can also be set to edit). Additionally you can invite your friends as Collaborators, to share a folder with,

Tip: Click on the three dot menu in the toolbar, to display the tool tips for each option.

The app’s settings offer you just two options: Log Out of the account, and to Clear the Cache. And it also displays the profile picture, username and the email id of the account which you have logged in to.

Bugs in the app:

Though the app is in a very early stage, we couldn’t help but feel frustrated. Clicking the upload button popped up an error message, and navigating through the app did prove to be a hassle at times. The option to sort the view from grid/list didn’t work either.

Nevertheless, the app does seem to offer the basic settings users will need.

Download the official 4shared app for Windows 10 from the Windows Store. The app is about 18MB to download, and is available as a universal app, i.e., for Windows 10 PCs, Phones and Tablets.