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Acronis Disaster Recovery Service gets placed in the Challenger Quadrant of Gartner’s First-Ever Magic Quadrant for DRaaS

Acronis Disaster Recovery Service gets placed in the Challenger Quadrant of Gartner’s First-Ever Magic Quadrant for DRaaS

by AshwinApril 29, 2015

Acronis, known for its portfolio of backup and recovery technologies, has announced that one of its products has been recognized as a high ranking one amongst competitors, by information technology research firm, Gartner.


The product is Acronis Disaster Recovery Service, a cloud based service intended for mid-size business organizations and enterprises.

Businesses have tons of data, and store them on local drives and servers. But in case a technical issue occurs, and the data stored gets deleted, it would be very difficult to recover the data, and even if it was possible, there is no guarantee that the entire data can be recovered.

Besides data loss and deleted files, a company must also take into account its downtime. A business needs to be up and running at all times, because most business transactions and functionality depends on their servers. Hence, it cannot afford to have the slightest downtime.

One way to solve this is by using a DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service), such as Acronis offers. The Acronis Disaster Recovery Sevice is a hybrid cloud service. A company’s data will be stored in not just one local on site appliance, but will also be stored in the internet (cloud backup). That is, the data will be stored on one of Acronis’ four cloud data centers.

In case an outage occurs, the servers can be restarted from the local backup or cloud backup, to ensure that a work environment continues to function, reducing the downtime factor. The service can also be used to recover files, databases, servers and data centers.

The Acronis Disaster Recovery  also comes with a built-in automation and includes regular automated testing in a virtual private environment. In this way, the DRaas helps organizations to cut down on resources (which would have otherwise been spent on manpower needed to run a datacenter), and also saves time by recovering data quickly

Gartner predicts that in three years,  the number of businesses using DRaaS, will be greater than those employing traditional recovery services.

Gartner said that the Acronis Disaster Recovery Service was tested for competeness of vision and ability to execute, and has been ranked in the Challengers quadrant, in the Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service

Acronis CEO was delighted with the announcement:

“We’re honored to be recognized by Gartner and we believe we’re best positioned to take on the leaders in this space,” said Serguei Beloussov, Chief Executive Officer, Acronis. “We’re focused on bringing our customers the best recovery point and recovery time in the industry, and we’re doing this with automation. Innovative services like automated, non-disruptive testing are significantly lowering our customers’ TCO and our strategy is to build more automation into the product with each release.”

Acronis also received some praise from one of its customers:

“The beauty of Acronis is that we don’t have to worry about disaster recovery anymore or even maintain those skill sets in-house, yet we still have the uptimes that the business requires,” said David Benton, CIO at Austin Ventures, a large venture capital firm in Texas, USA. “If disaster does strike, a complete and rapid recovery is mission-critical. With Acronis Disaster Recovery Service, it only takes 40 minutes to have our critical systems back up and running.”

Here is video which explains about Acronis Disaster Recovery Service