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Acronis Migrate Easy Review

Acronis Migrate Easy Review

by March 30, 2016

Acronis Migrate Easy Review

Your hard drive is running out of space? You want to transfer the contents of your old hard drive to the new one without losing any data? Frankly saying this is not a very easy task because you need to know a lot of things. But now thanks to Acronis Migrate Easy, you can accomplish this task easily and effortlessly. The program provides you with all necessary tools for reliable and safe data transfer. Even unexperienced users can easily perform any operations because Acronis Migrate Easy will guide your every step. All you need is to follow its instructions.

Download and Installation- The latest version of Acronis Migrate Easy can be downloaded from the official Acronis website. It is just 40 MB in size. The trial version does not have any restrictions. You can use and enjoy all its features and tools but only for 15 days. After that you should buy a full version.

The installation procedure is very quick and easy. All you need is to accept the terms of the license agreement and select the desired setup type, i.e. typical, custom and complete. That is all! In a minute the program will extract all necessary components and you will be able to use the program.

Installation 1

Installation 4

Installation 5

Installation 10

The Interface of the Program- the interface of Acronis Migrate Easy is designed in Windows XP style and it is very easy to use. At the top of the program there are four drop-down menu buttons- Operations (it allows you to create a disk clone of your old drive and transfer them to the new drive or add a new disk to the computer), View (it contains some tools for configuring viewing parameters, for example, removing tasks bar or status bar, adding some elements to the toolbar, and so on), Tools (this menu includes only one tool which allows you to create a bootable rescue media) and Help (it provides access to the help file and to the official Acronis website).

The main window is divided into two parts- Tasks Bar (on the left) and Working area (on the right; here you can choose one of tools offered by the program).

Interface 1

The Main Features of the Program

After opening Acronis Migrate Easy you will find only two tools- Disk Clone and Add New Disk. Of course, you want to know the differences between these two tools. Everything is very simple and easy. Of these two tools the former is used for cloning the entire hard drive, i.e. the current operating system and all data and move them to a new hard drive while the second tool allows you to move simply all files and folders to a new disk.

At first let us begin describing the Disk clone tool. I can say without any exaggeration that it is very easy to clone the entire disk because it is performed with the help of the special step by step disk clone wizard which helps you to go through all steps quickly and effortlessly.

The First Step- Clone Mode- in the first step you have the possibility to choose one of two clone modes offered by the program, i.e. Automatic or Manual. Of these two modes the former allows you to clone the hard drive quickly without configuring and changing any default settings or options and the second one allows you to specify the desired options by changing the default settings. The first mode is specially designed for novice and unexperienced users while the second mode is of use for professional users who know how to configure and change default parameters.

Disk Clone 2

The Second Step- Source Hard Drive- next three steps are identical and similar for both automatic and manual modes. In the second step Acronis Migrate Easy allows you to select the source hard drive, i.e. that old drive from which you want to move the operating system and data to your new disk. The program displays all available drives and provides you with detailed info about their capacity, model and interface. Just select the desired hard drive to clone and click the “Next” button to proceed to the third step.

Automatic 1

The Third Step- Destination Hard Drive- in this step you can simply select your new drive to which you want to transfer all your data.

Automatic 2

The Fourth Step- Nonempty Destination Hard Drive- if your hard drive contains any nonempty partitions, Acronis Migrate Easy will notify you about that and offer its deletion. You can delete this partition or return to the previous step and choose another partition.

Automatic 3

The Fifth Step- Hard Disk Drives Structure- this is the last step of the automatic mode. Acronis Migrate Easy displays layouts of the source and destination disks and you can view hard disk layouts before and after cloning. Before starting the cloning process, the program will inform you about all operations during the drive clone. There are three operations in the program- Clearing disk, Copying partition and Copying MBR. After finishing all these steps, all data will be transferred from the old disk to the new one.

The automatic mode of the drive clone is very useful for those users who do not know much about the clone procedure because it allows them to perform all five simple steps quickly and easily without configuring any settings or changing any options.

Automatic 4

Now let us go back to the second mode of hard disk cloning- Manual. In the manual mode you should perform some additional steps; they allow you to specify the desired options manually. Let us describe these steps in details.

The First Step- Old Hard Disk Usage- in this step you have the possibility to choose one of three options of data usage of the old hard drive. They are as follows- “Create a new partition layout” (i.e. Acronis Migrate Easy will create a new partition layout of the old disk and all data will be transferred to the new drive), “Keep Data” (i.e. all data of the old disk will be kept unchanged during the transfer to the new disk; in other words, you will be able to access it at any time and view all your files and folders. This option is of use if you want to keep your hard drive as a backup storage disk of your important files) and “Destroy Data” (i.e. all files and folders will be completely destroyed on the old hard drive while transferring to the new disk. This option is very useful if you want to sell or give your old drive to someone else because it will completely wipe your data out from the disk, so nobody will be able to restore them).

Disk Clone 6

The Second Step- Moving Method- Acronis Migrate Easy offers three different moving methods in this step, i.e. “As is” (i.e. all data of the old disk will be moved to the new one without changing the size of partition; in other words, you will get a full copy of the old partition on the new disk), “Proportional” (i.e. the size of the old partition will be changed in accordance with the old drive capacity; in other words, Acronis Migrate Easy will lessen the size if it is exceed the capacity the old drive and vice versa) and “Manual” (this method allows you to specify the desired size manually).

Disk Clone 7

The Third Step- Finish- After applying all above mentioned settings, you can begin the disk clone. Before starting the clone, Acronis Migrate Easy will provide you with detailed information about all operations which will be performed by the program, for example, reboots, file system, volume label, size, and so on.

Disk Clone 13

Add New Disk Tool- over time the hard drive is getting bigger and bigger and unfortunately, there is no space for adding new files. So you need a new disk to extend space for file storage. Acronis Migrate Easy allows you to extend the disk space by adding a new hard drive to your system. Just for this reason the program includes a very useful tool with the help of which you have the possibility to add a new disk and significantly increase the disk space. Every step is performed with the step by step New Disk Wizard, so you can easily do every step without any effort. All you need is to follow this wizard and perform some easy tasks.

The First Step- Destination Hard Disk- in this step you should choose a new disk from the offered list. Just click on it and after that you can proceed to the next step.

New Disk 2

The Second Step- if the destination disk contains some partitions, Acronis Migrate Easy will delete it for creating a new partition.

New Disk 3

The Third Step- New Partition- this step is very easy; all you need is to create a new partition in unallocated space.

New Disk 4

The Fourth Step- Free Space Selection- in this step you just need unallocated space for creating a new partition in it.

New Disk 5

The Fifth Step- File System Type- the fifth step allows you to choose that file system type which you want to use for your new partition. Acronis Migrate Easy offers the following file types- FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, Linux Ext 2, Linux Ext 3, Linux Swap, Linus Reiser FS, XFS, JFS and Linux Reiser 4.

New Disk 6

The Sixth Step- Partition Type- in this step you can choose a partition type of your new disk, i.e. you can create a primary partition or logical drive.

The Seventh Step- Size and Position- Acronis Migrate Easy allows you to specify the desired size of your new partition.

The Eighth Step- Partition Label- everything is clear in this step; you just need to specify the new partition label or name.

The Ninth Step- Finish- that is all. Your new disk is ready for creating a new partition. Just click on the “Proceed” button and wait for the completion.

Bootable Rescue Media- Acronis Migrate Easy also includes a very useful tool which allows you to create a special bootable media that will contain a full working copy of the program. With the help of it you can load the computer even if it does not have an operating system. You have the possibility to create such a bootable media easily. Only some simple steps are required to create it. All you need is to follow step by step wizard. Just select Rescue media contents and choose the desired media type. Acronis Migrate Easy allows you to create a bootable CD of USB flash drive. In addition, you can also create an ISO image and save it on the computer for the future use.

Bootable 1

Bootable 2

Bootable 3

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

64 MB of RAM


Acronis Migrate Easy is an extremely useful application for every computer user, both unexperienced and professional because it allows them to install a new hard drive for their computer quickly and efficiently on the one hand and transfer all data from the old drive to the new one safely and reliably on the other hand. With the help of the program you can move all your files and folders or even the operating system to the new hard drive. Thanks to a very intuitive interface and comprehensive step by step wizard, you can easily and effortlessly perform any operations.

It can be said without any exaggeration that Acronis Migrate Easy is a quick, easy, convenient and safe way to transfer data from the old disk to the new one with just several clicks.




1. Very easy to use interface.
2. Comprehensive step by step wizard for cloning the old drive or adding a new disk.
3. Bootable rescue media.



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