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Action Center, Task View and Snap Assist are featured in the latest video of 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

Action Center, Task View and Snap Assist are featured in the latest video of 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

by AshwinJuly 24, 2015

Microsoft’s latest promotional video in the 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10 campagin, feayures Action Center, Task View and Snap Assist.


I have been predicting for a few days now, that the multitasking features will be shown off, and gladly, I wasn’t wrong.

But I did expect Microsoft to feature Action Center in a separately video. Though it does make sense to feature it along side the other two multitasking options. Action Center does have access to several toggles and grants access to various system apps, thus helping users to quickly switch to the apps. Plus, it also features the Tablet Mode, continuum, which to be honest, will not be used by the majority of users, simply because it isn’t useful for regular desktops.

That is because it is focused to help users with touchscreen devices and hybrid devices. The latter will find Tablet mode to be of great help, because when the tablet part of the device is un-docked, (disconnected from the keyboard), the screen will automatically change to a friendlier touch screen mode.

Action center also houses notifications from all apps and the system as well, and also displays the time stamp indicating when the notification was received, which is quite a neat feature.

Task View is kind of like an upgrade on Alt+Tab which we use to switch to the apps in the background. But unlike the need to hold down the keys to see which Window you want to switch to, Task View only requires you to press Windows Key+Tab once (or click on the Task View button on the Taskbar), and thumbnail previews of the background apps will be displayed. This allows you to switch to the app you need with the click of a mouse.

It also has a virtual desktop feature, which is like a poor-man’s multi-monitor setup, which allows you to have different apps opened in each desktop. To add virtual desktop,s use the shortcuts mentioned above and click on the + symbol in the bottom right corner, and to switch between the Virtual Desktops you have, just tap Tab or use the mouse.

Snap Assist isn’t a feature on its own. It is an integral part of Aero Snap, which helps users pin apps to each side or every corner of the screen. Instead of the Windows 7’s style of letting the user manually resize a second app to fit to the screen, Snap Assist does this automatically, by popping up a screen with thumbnail previews of all the other apps which are open in the background.

Here is the blog post from the Redmond company, and here is the video highlighting the three features I described above:

Just a heads up, we skipped the fourth video in the series, which highlighted the feature allowing you to play Xbox One games on your Windows 10 PC, by streaming them in the same network.