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AdBlock Plus for Microsoft Edge is coming soon, extension support may roll out earlier than expected

AdBlock Plus for Microsoft Edge is coming soon, extension support may roll out earlier than expected

by AshwinDecember 11, 2015

A few days ago, we came across some rather interesting (yet unconfirmed) news. It was a Tweet from a user, who posted screenshots of an upcoming feature in Microsoft Edge, extensions.

Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge Extension

The images revealed the first extensions for the new browser in Windows 10, one for Reddit, and the other for Pinterest.

The Redmond Company had apparently jumped the gun, and accidentally posted the Microsoft Extensions repository. Not surprisingly, the page was quickly pulled. But that’s not the interesting news. reports that the popular add-on, AdBlock Plus has officially posted on its website, that it will soon be releasing the extension for Microsoft Edge. The webpage states that the extension will block tracking, malware domains, banners, pop-ups and video ads, including those on Facebook and YouTube. It will still support acceptable ads.  So, we speculate that this version, will be based on the Chrome Extension.

We don’t know as to when the extension will be released, but here is what ABP’s webpage reads:

Please check back later for a version of Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge.

Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge coming soon

So, how is this possible? And what does this mean?

It’s quite obvious actually. Earlier this year, Microsoft had announced that it would be providing the developers of  Firefox add-ons and Chrome Extensions, some tools to easily port their creations to support Microsoft Edge. This is how AdBlockPlus for Microsoft Edge was likely created.

The more important bit of news, is that this public announcement by ABP, signifies that Microsoft is ready to rollout support for extensions in Microsoft Edge.

The current versions of the browser do not have any option to enable or install extensions. The Redmond Company will need to patch the browser to include support for the much awaited feature. This was originally believed to be coming with the launch of Windows 10, but was later pushed to the November Update. But that didn’t happen, and Microsoft officially confirmed that it would only roll out extensions for Edge in the summer of 2016.

But now here we are 6 months earlier of the said deadline, staring at an early release. Microsoft Edge has failed to reel in users despite the fact that it is the default browser in Windows 10, and the widely believed reason behind this is lack of extensions. So, it is likely that the Redmond Company is shifting gears, to accelerate the roll out for extensions support, hoping it will be sufficient to attract more users to the browser.

And why wouldn’t it? Edge is very light and speedy, throw in some popular extesions like LastPass, Pushbullet, X-Marks, and you have a new daily browser.

Finally, someone at the Redmond Company is doing things right.