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AdBlock Plus users are being forced to watch YouTube ads without a skip option, but there is a workaround for the issue

AdBlock Plus users are being forced to watch YouTube ads without a skip option, but there is a workaround for the issue

by AshwinSeptember 7, 2015

Ad blockers are among the most popular browser extensions out there.


Users prefer to install them for two reasons: security from malicious ads, for a clutter-free privacy experience, and to save bandwidth.

The latter is the primary reason, and actually has some additional benefits. This includes skipping of ads and avoiding popups. One of the most famous websites, is also the one where you are likely to encounter the most ads. No, we aren’t talking about blogs and websites which have flashing banners and autoplay videos. Those are bad too, but the website I’m, talking about is actually a very good one.

Of course it is none other than YouTube. Google’s video sharing website, has some minor annoyances such as autoplay viedos, which are triggered right after the end of the video you wanted to watch. You can of course disable that, by clicking the toggle button in the top right corner.

However, pre-video ads, i.e., the advertisements which are shown before an actual YouTube video begins streaming, cannot be turned off. You can of course skip them after a few seconds. But people find these ads very annoying. One way that people block these ads, is by using an ad blocker app, the most prominent of the lot being, AdBlock Plus. The addon, or extension, as the folks using Chrome call it, disables YouTube ads completely.

While this is great news for the user, it is terrible for the content creator (Uploader). Why is it so? Just because you watch a video, or “like” or “share” it doesn’t guarantee that the uploader will be paid by Google. It is the pre-video ads, whose companies pay the parent company in this context, Google, which in turn pays YouTubers their hard earney money.

Now, Google has taken a rather unorthodox step to deal with the ad blocking menace, and who can blame it. What it has done today, is that it has actually found a way to bypass the ad-blocking capability of AdBlock Plus in Google Chrome. So, now pre-video ads should show up again, and the user can skip them, right? Yes and no. Yes, because the pre-video ads are displayed, and no because YouTube’s skip button is unavalable for AdBlock Plus users.

This apparently forces viewers to watch full length video ads, which are of varying length obviously, and some of which are actually 3 minutes long.

AdBlock Plus has confirmed that there is a way to bypass YouTube’s ads. All you need to do is to remove the YouTube app. While that seems like a silly thing to do, there are some ways to get the skip ad option back.

Neowin reports that AdBlock Plus isn’t the only app targeted by this “skip button blocker”. All ad blockers suffer from the same fate.

Fret not dear reader, for there is always a fix.

How to get the skip ad button back in YouTube:

The easiest way to get the skip ad button back, and retain your ad blocker, is to whitelist in your ad-blocker’s settings. For e.g.:  Adblock Plus users can click the ABP icon and select “Disable on


Disable your ad-blocking app completely.

The latter may be overkill, especially if you are on a terribly slow connection, in which case it may be fair to continue using AdBlock Plus or the like. If you are on a high speed connection, think twice before using the add-on, or remember to white-list ad-blocking on your favorite websites, to support them.

Note: This issue only affects Google Chrome users, as the browser has the YouTube app. Firefox, Edge, and other browsers are unaffected.