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Adguard 6.0 release candidate with support for 17 languages launched

Adguard 6.0 release candidate with support for 17 languages launched

by AshwinDecember 28, 2015

Back in October, we reported that the popular ad-blocking app, Adguard, had released a new version of its app, in beta form.

Adguard 6 languages
And now the company has officially launched the first release candidate of Adguard 6.0.

In case you haven’t checked the difference between Adguard 5 and 6, here is an official screenshot comparison of the two interfaces.

Adguard 5 vs 6 UI

As you can see, the new version looks very very different, and in a good way. The flat design in Adguard 6.0, is much more user friendly, and well organized.

There are some minor changes to the UI of the app since the last beta. The text buttons on the bottom of the main menu have had their order rearranged, and now says: My account, License, Support and About. The last of those is the new addition, clicking on which displays the version information about the app.

You can hover your mouse cursor over each card (area) in the main menu, to get more information or more options.

Microsoft Edge is among the list of filtered apps, but the browser, along with the Windows Store app. But Adguard says it cannot filter the apps using the TDI Driver (Transport Driver Interface). But this could be another indication, that an official browser extension is in the works.

The beta version of Adguard 6.0 only supported five languages. But the Release Candidate version of the app, supports 17 languages, which is actually more than what Adguard 5.10 had. And since the developer hasn’t publish a list on their website, we took the liberty to do so.

Here is the list of the languages supported in Adguard 6.0 (in alphabetical order)

  1. Armenian
  2. Chinese
  3. English
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Italian
  7. Korean
  8. Polish
  9. Portuguese
  10. Romanian
  11. Russian
  12. Serbian
  13. Slovak
  14. Spanish
  15. Turkish
  16. Ukranian
  17. Vietnamese

One important feature in Adguard 6.0, is the Search Box in the settings section. Type something in it, and it will display the corresponding option in the result, as you type. This feature makes navigating through the options a breeze.

Adguard has made its app more friendly for the visually impaired, and for those who use the Screen Reader, which is a built-in Windows feature. The operating system’s feature will now see almost all areas of Adguard including the tips and tuning.

There is no official word, as to when the final version will be released just yet. But you can download the Adguard 6.0 Release Candidate from the developer’s website. We tested it on our PC and found no issues whatsoever.