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Adguard 6 with brand new UI and options officially released

Adguard 6 with brand new UI and options officially released

by AshwinFebruary 10, 2016

Adguard 6 has officially been released.

adguard 6.0 official

The latest version of the ad-blocking app had been in public beta for quite a few months, and finally saw a release candidate which was launched about a month ago.

Here is a recap of the new features which have been introduced in the stable version of Adguard 6.0:

There is a new Stealth mode for greater options for privacy, which allows you to block cookies, hide search queries, send a do-not-track header and many more. The application’s filters have been improved greatly, thanks to a brand new filder editor, which allows installation of custom filters, and also lets you set your own rules for filtering ads. Speaking of filtering, you can also set applications to be filtered as well, so Adguard blocks ads in any application you use.

Adguard 6.0 supports 19 languages, which obviously includes English. This applies to all components of the program, including the UI, Adguard Assistant (the floating icon) and the descriptions of the filters. One feature which is useful is the new option, to change the update settings to “Beta”, which will deliver all beta channel updates automatically.

The tray icon of Adguard, has an all new context menu which offers a variety of options, which you can access quickly. (Basically they’re shortcuts to the app’s settings).

Adguard says that there is a big difference in the performance of version 6.0, when compared to its predecessor, version 5.10. Here’s a comparison chart, which hints about the memory fingerprint, startup time, and page load speed of both the versions.

Difference between Adguard 6 and Adguard 5.10

The comparison chart says that version 6 uses drastically less memory than v5 does, and also loads pages faster, which can also be said of the application’s startup time.

Personally, there’s one minor annoyance with the application. We would have preferred it if AdGuard had made a uniform UI available everywhere in the app instead, of the black bars in the Settings sections. It makes it look a bit odd, especially the. This is one of the things which we have seen from the beta candidates. Nevertheless, the current colour scheme of the main UI is quite good, especially the teal border around it.

Adguard updates are free, so current v5 users can go and get the update now. Download Adguard 6.0 from the official website today. We tested the app for a few hours today, and can report that it does indeed seem much faster and efficient as well.