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Adguard 6 to be released soon, and we take a closer look at the beta version

Adguard 6 to be released soon, and we take a closer look at the beta version

by AshwinOctober 31, 2015

Ad blocking tool, Adguard will soon hit version 6.0, the developers announced this a month ago.

Adguard 6.0 UI

The application is currently in beta test, and we decided to give it a whirl.

Here’s what the new version brings:

First of all, the app now has a new UI, and I must say, it is refreshingly pleasant. Although I did find the older UI to be good, it isn’t as good as the newer one.

Adguard 6 comes with a Privacy protection mode, which the company terms as Stealth mode. And this mode comes with a plethora of options ranging from blocking cookies, to hiding search queries, and more.

Adguard 6.0 stealth mode

There are a slew of new features to Adguard’s filters. There is a new filter editor, a new filtering log, and you can now install filters using a link (for custom filters). There are new drivers for the app, using which it filters the traffic.

Adguard 6.0 custom filters

One important change is the Filtered Applications section, which looks very well organised, and also allows the user to add new apps to it easily. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to view the “Add Application” button.

A part of Adguard which I do not like is the “Web of Trust” service, which it partnered with to provide the user with a layer of online security. The reason I don’t trust the WoT service, is because it can be easily manipulated by users and hence could show a biased rating for a website. You can disable WoT in Adguard 6 easily from the Settings > Extensions.

Adguard 6 is available in 5 languages: English, Russian, Ukranian, Polish and German.

The Firefox extension still remains the same (Adguard AdbBlocker 2.0.15). I was hoping for a bit more here. That’s because, I use the free Adguard for Firefox add-on, for my browsing needs, and it does the job really well. I don’t have any ad-supported third-party apps, so I don’t really use the full Adguard app all the time. The app does have its advantages, ad blocking in Microsoft Edge for example is a great boon. And since Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to add extensions support for Edge until June 2016, Adguard is probably going to be a lifesaver.

Download Adguard 6 Beta for Windows from the official website.  There still isn’t a 64-bit version of Adguard yet, but the 32-bit app still does a good job. Adguard 6’s UI is gorgeous, and the feature additions it brings are impressive.

The stable version of Adguard 6 for Windows is expected to be released soon, and we’ll make sure to update you when it does.