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Adguard comes to Mac machines

Adguard comes to Mac machines

by AshwinMay 1, 2015

Ad-blocking application, Adguard, is now available for Mac devices.


The developers announced the news on the product’s official website.

Online ads can be annoying, they consume precious data (aka bandwidth), and also slows down the speed at which your browser loads webpages. Advertisements can also be dangerous, and can be exploited and embedded with malicious content which steal personal information and other data.

An annoying issue with common ad-blockers are that they are basically just browser add-ons, and hence do not block ads in other apps on your system. Also, not all ad-blocking add-ons are available for all browsers. So, if you have multiple browsers you may have to install them individually and often have to settle for different add-ons and filters.

However, Adguard is not a traditional ad-blocking browser extension. It is an independent app which works universally on your machine, regardless of the app you are using. It has been available for Microsoft Windows PCs for quite a while, and also for Android devices too.

The developers of Adguard say that it will not impact the browsing experience on Safari, or any other app, and that Adguard for Mac has been built from scratch, and designed for OS X. The application can also blocks video ads in addition to conventional advertisements, and will be updated everyday with “Daily ad filters and phishing databases updates”.


Adguard for Mac has three primary modules, namely: Ad Blocker, Privacy Protection and Browsing Security.

The Ad blocker module helps in faster loading of webpages by filtering all incoming traffic and  blocking all advertisements (Video ads, banners, flash animation and text ads).

The Spyware filter of the Privacy Protection module prevents counters and tracking tools from tracking your online activity and helps improves your privacy by protecting personal data.

Adguard has an online database using which the app’s Web protection module can minimizes the risk of scams, by detecting and blocking malicious and phishing content

Adguard also comes with some extra utilities which help you manage the way the app works. You can monitor the Filtering Log to see what is being blocked, and also to whitelist content.  You can also access the app from within your browser, using the Adguard Assistant

Download Adguard for Mac from the official website. The installer is just over a 24MB download.

Adguard runs on Mac machines with OS X 10.7 64-bit and later, and requires 100 MB of free space.

I have personally used the Windows version of Adguard and found it to be very user friendly and effective.