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Adobe Flash Player update brings security fixes for the issue reported last week

Adobe Flash Player update brings security fixes for the issue reported last week

by AshwinOctober 19, 2015

Last week, we told you how Adobe was found in a spot of bother, as the company’s web browser plugin, Flash Player, was found to be vulnerable to online attacks, yet again.

Adobe Flash Player

Trend Micro, the renowned antivirus maker found that Flash Player was susceptible, to spear phising (attacks by emailed malicious links).

The security firm then identified that all the latest versions of the plugin to be vulnerable to the attack, and notified Adobe to patch up the security vulnerability. Adobe later acknowledged the critical vulnerability in its security bulletin (CVE-2015-7645).

The following versions of Adobe Flash Player are vulnerable:

Adobe Flash Player and earlier for Windows and Macintosh, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Chrome OS,

Adobe Flash Player for Linux and earlier

Adobe had promised to patch the security vulnerability in the week of October 19th, which is today. And the company has promptly delivered on its promise, and the updated version of Flash Player is already available from the software maker.

Adobe generally rolls the update put tp users is phases, so it may take a few days for the update notification to arrive, unless you chose the option to install updates automatically.

Nevertheless, to stay one step ahead and secure, we advise readers to update to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player as soon as possible. Safety first, right?

You can download Adobe Flash Player from the official website.

The latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Windows and Mac is, while the Linux version is now at Don’t forget to uncheck the option to download the McAfee add-on, when you download the update.

Or, should you wish to download the full offline installer of Adobe Flash Player, you can do so from this page on Adobe’s website. The file weighs about 18 MB to download.

We can expect Google Chrome to be updated with a new version of its built-in Pepper Flash Player, and Microsoft to release a Windows Update for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, which will patch up the critical vulnerability, and bring the version of the plugin to be on par with the latest one from Adobe.

While HTML5 is all the rage, with the likes of YouTube, BBC, Facebook already supporting it, Adobe’s legacy plugin still continues to rule the majority of the web. Even the famed browser maker Mozilla, is extending support for Flash Player, as it recently confirmed that despite the retirement of NPAPI APIs, Flash will still be supported in Firefox.