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Advanced System Care 8 Ultimate Review

Advanced System Care 8 Ultimate Review

by June 21, 2015

Advanced System Care 8 Ultimate Review

Who wants to keep the computer free from viruses and clean from unnecessary files and services at the same time? There is no need to install a lot of different applications for protecting the system from viruses, cleaning it from unneeded files, defragmenting disks, and so on. You can get everything in one great program called Advanced System Care 8 Ultimate.

Download and Installation

You cannot download the program directly from the official website because it re-directs to the, so you must download it from there. The installation file is not big, just about 80 MB in size. The program is fully functional for 30 days and the full version costs about $30.00 and it can be installed up to 3 computers (license validity is one-year).

The installation procedure of the program is extremely easy, just accept the license agreement, select the destination folder and create a desktop icon. After extracting all necessary files, the program will be installed and ready for use.

Installation 1

Installation 3

Installation 5

Installation 6

The Interface of the Program

Advanced System Care 8 Ultimate is designed in a tabbed style and consists of five tabs:

Antivirus – it displays the current state of the system (for example, Protected), information about last update and all antivirus modules such as Real-time protection, Surfing protection, etc.

Antivirus Tab- Full view

Care – it allows you to perform a quick scan of the computer and optimize its performance with 12 function modules such as Spyware removal, Privacy sweep, etc.

Care Tab 1

Toolbox – it provides you with a lot of different tools to solve various computer problems, all tools are divided into five categories: Iobit products, Security & Repair, etc.

Toolbox Tab

Turbo Boost – this feature helps you to optimize the system by turning off unnecessary services with just one click.

Turbo Boost Tab

Action Tab – it contains information about other Iobit products that you have the possibility to download and install them.

Action Center Tab

The Main Features of the Program

Antivirus – the program includes and uses leading and advanced antivirus technologies based on the famous and well-known Bitdefender engine and provides a comprehensive and full protection in real time.

Advanced System Care 8 Ultimate protects you against all types of viruses, spyware, rootkits, etc. on the one hand and online threats by blocking malicious websites on the other hand.

The program offers three different scan modes: Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan.

Quick Scan – the program scans only the most common areas of the computer which are usually affected by malicious software. It is recommended as the fastest way to make sure that the basic components of the system are not infected and secure. The scanning process is really very quick and takes less a minute.

Full Scan – during this scan mode the program performs a complete and thorough scan of all computer areas. If you have time and want to perform a deep scan of all system files, this option is for you but do not forget it takes a lot of time (usually, more than an hour) to complete. Anyhow it is recommended to carry out the full scan of the system at least once a month to keep the computer clean and free from any malware.

Custom Scan – if you think that a separate file or folder is infected with malicious software, you can take full advantage of the so-called Custom Scan because it allows you to scan only specified files. You do not need to scan the entire system. All you need is to select the desired folder from the tree-like list and click on the Scan button. All removable devices are also displayed here and enabled by default.

You have the possibility to view the scanning process in real time, i.e. the number of scanned objects and detections on the one hand and percentage and elapsed time on the other hand. On completion of the scan, Advanced System Care 8 Ultimate will display a full list of detected items, threat type and status. You have got several options to remove found threats. You can get rid of viruses immediately by clicking on the Repair button, add them to the whitelist, export the report or open the file location.

In addition, the program integrates itself in the Windows context menu, so you can scan for viruses just using the right click of the mouse.

In the Settings menu you have the possibility to configure antivirus options and make all its components suitable for your needs and requirements. The program offers easy to use settings for example, you can activate a scheduled scan of the system (simply select a scan type and desired day and hour for automatic scanning of the computer), actions on detection of threats (i.e. you can fix threats automatically or fix them manually after notifications), options for file scanning (i.e. you can skip some files which are larger than 50 MB, etc.), one of three protection levels (i.e. Low – only executable files will be protected, Medium – executable, DLL, document and compressed files will be protected or High – all file types will be protected), and so on.

In conclusion, it must be noted that thanks to the most advanced Bitdefender antivirus engine, Advanced System Care 8 Ultimate provides you with reliable and complete protection against all known and unknown threats and keeps your system healthy and free from any types of malicious files.

Antivirus Custom Scan

Antivirus Full Scan

Antivirus quick scan results

Antivirus Settings- General

Antivirus Settings- Protect


When you have got problems at home, for example, with electricity or water system, you call an electrician or plumber. As usual, they come with a toolbox in which there are a lot of different tools for repairing and fixing all your home problems. Advanced System Care 8 Ultimate also comes to you with the toolbox and after installation it provides you with plenty of tools for repairing and fixing all computer problems.

All the tools of the program are conveniently divided into five categories: Iobit Products, Security and Repair, System Optimize, System Scan and More Tools. Some of them are standalone applications and can be downloaded from within the program (of course, if you need them, but I recommend you downloading and installing them because they significantly enrich the program functionality and usefulness) and some are already integrated into the program and ready for use.

The category Iobit Products includes six different applications and all of them are usable after downloading.

Uninstaller – it is a very powerful uninstaller application which completely removes the installed software without leaving any traces in the system. Iobit Uninstaller has got a clear and intuitive user interface and it is effective and easy to use. All installed programs are sorted out by installation date, size and version and you can view separately recently installed programs, large programs, infrequently used programs and Windows updates. You can delete the program in one click using Quick Uninstall option or in batch mode, i.e. uninstall several programs at the same time. With very useful features called Powerful Scan and Forced Uninstall, you can completely remove any remnants of the programs, i.e. files, folders and registry entries. Before removing, Iobit Uninstaller creates a restore point that allows you to roll back the system to the earlier state in the event of problems.

In addition, Iobit Uninstaller also lets you delete web browser toolbars and plugins and reset them to the default settings; the program supports all modern and well-known browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Iobit Uninstaller is an easy tool that helps you to remove unwanted programs and folders without any hassle.

Iobit Uninstaller 1

Iobit Uninstaller- Forced Uninstall

Iobit Uninstaller- Toolbars and Plug-ins

Iobit Uninstaller- Windows Apps

Driver Booster – everyone knows that outdated computer components reduce the system reliable performance and lead to its instability; of course, drivers are not an exception of this rule. Updating the computer drivers is very important and of high priority for every PC user in order to avoid a lot of problems related to the system stability. I advise you to download Iobit Driver Booster and scan and search your computer for outdated drivers.

The program will help you quickly and easily update all outdated drivers installed on your system; it will automatically scan your system, download and install all necessary drivers with just one click.

The free version of the program is easy to use, has a user-friendly interface and supports most types of drivers.

If you need more advanced features such as driver backups, scheduled and automatic update of drivers, etc. you can upgrade to the Pro version for just $22.95.

Driver Booster is an effective and simple tool for driver update which protects your system from hardware failure and system crashes.

Driver Booster 1

Driver Booster- Details 2

Driver Booster Settings- Drivers

Driver Booster Settings- Scan

Smart Defrag – it is a very effective and fast tool for optimizing the system and performing safe and reliable defragmentation. Thanks to advanced defragmentation algorithms and different defragmentation modes (for example, Smart Optimize, Defrag Only, etc.), Smart Defrag allows you to defragment HDDs both automatically and manually. With the help of the program you have the possibility to defrag the entire hard disk, perform Boot time defragmentation, optimize SSD disks using a special technology SSD Trim and carry out useful defragmentation mode called Game Defrag which greatly increases the game performance and speed.

Smart Defrag lets you perform automatic defrag of the system and join fragmented files together automatically while your computer is idle on the one hand and schedule defrag by specifying the desired defrag time on the other hand.

In addition, the program allows you to make an exclude list and add those files and folders which you do not want to be defragmented.

Smart Fefrag- Disk defrag

Smart defrag- Game defrag

Smart defrag- Boot Time Defrag

Malware Fighter is an advanced tool for removing malicious software which allows you to detect and get rid of unwanted applications such as adware, Trojans, spyware, bots, worms, etc. Thanks to the unique Dual-Core engine and heuristic detection module, the program is able to detect and disinfect any kind of malware quickly and efficiently.

Malware Fighter offers three different scan modes – Smart Scan, Full Scan and Custom scan which can be performed both manually and automatically.

The program protects you against various threats in real time and allows you to protect startup items, files, network, etc. With the help of a special component called Browser Protect, you can protect your homepage, default search engine, block malicious plugins and toolbars, clear tracking data automatically after closing the browser, and so on.

In addition, you have the possibility to upload suspicious files to Iobit Cloud server for further analysis, enable Auto Scan of the system (only available in Pro version), create an ignore list, and a lot of others.

Malware Fighter is a very necessary addition to your main antivirus application for it helps it for detecting viruses on the one hand and gives you an additional layer of protection on the other hand.

Malware Fighter- Main

Malware Fighter- Browser Protect


Malware Fighter- Security Guard 1

Malware Fighter- Smart Scan

Game Booster – are you a game lover? If it is so, you can take full advantage of this utility. It will configure your computer for maximum game performance by optimizing a lot of parameters of the operating system and unlocking the full potential of your PC. All you need is to add a game shortcut and specify some settings. That is all, after launching the game you will get maximum gaming performance and speed.

game booster 1

game booster- tweaks

The next group of tools called Security and Repair contains 6 different tools related to the computer performance. They are as follows:

Win Fix – with the help of this tool you can analyze your system and fix the most common problems, for example, missing icons on the desktop, Internet Explorer and Media Player problems, etc.

Win Fix- Advanced Fix- desktop 1

Win Fix- Advanced Fix- Media Player 1

PC Transfer – this tool allows you to back up the most important files (for example, desktop files, browser favorites and settings, office documents, pictures, etc.) and them easily transfer them to the new operating system. You can save the backup on the local disk or any other removable media.

PCtransfer 1

Disk Doctor – by means of this tool you can analyze your drives and search for any errors in them. It will thoroughly scan the entire drives and automatically correct found errors.

Disk Doctor 2

Undelete – if you have accidentally deleted important files, do not panic! Just try this tool. Everything is very easy and includes three easy steps. First of all, select the drive to be scanned, secondly select the file to be searched for (for example, pictures, music, documents, etc.), and thirdly after clicking the Next button, restore all of them to the original or custom folder.

Undelete 2

File Shredder – with the help of this tool, you can easily and permanently destroy all you confidential files and folders and make them unrecoverable even with the most advanced applications. It supports three different deletion methods – Quick Delete (all data is overwritten with zero), DoD 5220.22-M and Gutmann method.

File Shredder 1

File Shredder 3

Default Program – this tool helps you to set up the default programs for your browser, audio player, image viewer, video player, etc. All you need is to click Set Default and the program will automatically change your default applications.

Default Programs 1

The third group of tools is called System Optimize and includes five applications:

Startup Manager – this tool allows you to view and manage all startup programs and services, i.e. those programs and services which start at Windows boot. You have the possibility to delete, enable and disable them. Thanks to the module Deep Optimization, Advanced System Care 8 Ultimate intelligently configures the system and greatly accelerates the system boot time.

Startup manager- 1 Click Optimization

startup manager- startup items 1

Smart RAM – your system is very slow because it uses huge system resources and RAM? The program helps you to monitor memory usage and accelerate system speed by configuring some options, for example, smart RAM compression technology, etc.

Smart RAM 1

Internet Booster – is your Internet connection and browser performance and speed very slow? This tool lets you optimize Internet speed and browser settings. You can optimize TCP (i.e. Transmission Control Protocol) and some browser options.

Internet Booster 1

Internet Booster 2

Program Deactivator – a lot of different applications and services work in the background and significantly reduce system speed. Program Deactivator allows you to view all running services and disable unnecessary ones which you are not using. This action will greatly reduce the load on the computer and speed up it.

Program Deactivator 1

Registry Defrag – the registry is the most important part of the system and it needs permanent care and optimization. With the help of this tool you can repair structural errors, recover unused memory space, reduce fragments and greatly increase the computer speed.

Registry Defrag 1

The fourth group is called System Clean and contains five applications:

Registry Cleaner – with the help of this tool you can completely scan the system and safely clean it by removing missing shared DLL, invalid application paths, fonts, help files, obsolete shortcuts, file extensions, etc. Thanks to advanced Deep Scan technology, the program allows you completely clean up the system and keep it stable.

Registry cleaner 4

Registry cleaner- Scan

Disk Cleaner – a large number of unnecessary files occupies valuable hard disk spaces which are left after uninstalling programs, deleting files, performing backups, etc. Disk Cleaner will help you to get rid of them safely by deleting temporary, backup, cache, and other junk files. This action will significantly increase available disk space and speed up the computer performance.

In addition, you have the possibility to create a backup before removing junk files and restore the previous state in the event of failure.

Disk cleaner 2

Empty Folder Scanner– it is very difficult to search for empty folders manually. This tool allows you to scan the disk drive, find any empty folders and safely delete them.

Empty Folder Scanner 1

Shortcut Fixer – this tool scans your system for invalid shortcuts and references and removes them safely.

Cloned files Scanner – this tool helps you to scan the system for cloned files and free up valuable disk space by removing them.

The fifth tab includes six additional tools; they are as follows:

System Control – with the help of this tool you can control system settings and change them, for example, Menu settings (context menu, icon arrangement, taskbar, etc.), Browser Settings (tabs, buttons, etc.) and System Settings (network, drivers, input options, etc.).

System Control- Advanced

Process Manager – it displays all running processes and services of the system. You can view memory and CPU usage of each process and service, show detailed information, etc.

System Information – in this section is collected thorough information about your system, i.e. operating system, processor, motherboard, RAM, drives, video adapter, etc.

IE Helper – it allows you to manage Internet Explorer context menu, bars, toolbars, buttons, etc.

Disk Explorer – it provides you with detailed information about each file and helps you to identify what files occupy the most of the disk space.

Auto Shutdown – this tool allows you to schedule automatic shutdown and restart of the computer.

Turbo Boost – this tool allows you to configure your computer for achieving maximum performance by optimizing all system services and applications. The program offers three different boost modes – Work Mode (it boosts the computer for maximum work experience), Game Mode (this mode is necessary for gamers because it disables some unnecessary resources for better gaming) and Economy Mode (it is of use for laptop users because allows them to save battery lifetime).

Turbo- Mode

System Requirements

Windows XP – Windows 10

1 GHz processor or better

1 GB of RAM

1000 MB of free hard disk space.


Advanced System Care 8 Ultimate offers a complex and reliable care of the computer. Thanks to powerful antivirus based on Bitdefender engine on the one hand and variety of great tools for the system maintenance on the other hand, the program provides you with unique security and cleaning options. With the help of the program you can do practically everything for keeping your system free from viruses and clean from junk files, instable performance, etc.

Advanced System Care 8 Ultimate is simply necessary for them who want to get everything in one program, and keep the computer at the peak of performance.


1. Very reliable and powerful antivirus for protecting against all types of threats
2. Powerful built-in tools for system optimization
and a lot of others


1. Some programs are not integrated into the program

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