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AMD drivers for Windows 10 Build 10122 released: AMD users can safely update to the new build

AMD drivers for Windows 10 Build 10122 released: AMD users can safely update to the new build

by AshwinMay 23, 2015

Earlier this week, Microsoft released a new build of Windows 10 to the Windows Insider Program.


The Windows 10 Build 10122, was rolled out only to the Fast Ring of Windows Insiders. We explained the new features and changes in an extensive article at the blog.

We also uploaded a Windows 10 Build 10122 photo gallery showing the UI changes and additions in Windows 10 Build 10122, which includes screenshots and GIF animated images.

In our article about the Build 10122, we told you about a major issue in the new version of Windows 10. Microsoft had warned AMD GPU (Graphic card) users that the new build is not suitable for their hardware. It warned them that the new browser in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, was crashing frequently on AMD devices.

The issue was so serious, that the Redmond company even went to the extent of suggesting Windows Insiders with AMD devices, to switch to the Slow Ring of the Insider Preview Program.

AMD drivers for Windows 10 Build 10122 released:

Gabe Aul, the head of Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program, announced last night on Twitter, that the issue related to the crashes on AMD devices has been fixed.

Apparently it was the AMD driver which caused videos to crash Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Build 10122. The hardware maker, has now released some new drivers for the same build.

AMD users can now safely switch to the Fast Ring of the Insider Program to download the update.

How to change from Slow Ring to Fast Ring in Windows 10 Insider Preview:

If you aren’t aware how to do so, Click on Start > Settings, and select Update and Security. You will now see the Windows Update tab on the right pane.


Just below the “check for updates” option, there is a click-able text option which reads “Advanced Options”, click on it.


Scroll down, and you will find a dropdown menu, which highlights the Ring you are on, Click on it and select Fast.


You can switch from the Fast Ring to the Slow Ring in the same way.

Difference between Slow Ring and Fast Ring in Windows 10:

Slow Ring users generally get only the stable builds of Windows 10, which are bug-free. As such, updates will not be rolled out frequently to this ring, hence the name Slow Ring. Fast Ring users will get updates as and when they are rolled out, and these could have bugs and maybe unstable.

Gabe Aul also confirmed that Microsoft is working on a new build of Windows 10. The upcoming version is called Windows 10 Build 10125.