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Animated GIFs now work in Facebook, but only if they are inline images

Animated GIFs now work in Facebook, but only if they are inline images

by AshwinMay 30, 2015

Animated GIFs now work in Facebook. Yes, its true!


Now you can post cool GIF Animated images like the one above, on the social network.

Facebook has had GIF support since 2013. But it wasn’t a native feature, neither was it official. A workaround by Giphy, allowed users to post GIFs in Facebook, disguised as auto-play videos.

Facebook had reportedly considered GIFs as “too chaotic” for its website. Well, it isn’t totally wrong, as most GIFs shared on the internet are funny ones or memes.

It’s biggest rival Twitter, added support for GIFs last year. Even Google Plus supports GIFs. We can only assume that Facebook did not want to feel left out from the competition.

However, not all Animated GIFs now work in Facebook. There is a small catch. Read more about it below.

How to add a GIF image to Facebook:

First of all, you can’t upload a GIF to Facebook directly, and expect it to work, at least for now.

The only way to add an animated GIF to your Facebook is to just include a URL. Go to Facebook, and paste a link to an animated GIF in the new status box, and post the status.  The image needs to be hosted publicly on a server. It even works with services like Giphy, Imgur, Tumblr. The GIF image will then be displayed an inline-image in your Facebook Newsfeed.

The GIFs on your Facebook timeline will be set to auto-play, based on your account’s video autoplay settings,.i.e it will play the animation without user interaction. If you aren’t a fan of GIFs, or do not want the images to autoplay, you are in luck. Just head to the autoplay settings in your Facebook account’s settings, and the GIFs will be displayed as click to play images.

This is what a click-to-play GIF image looks like on Facebook:


(image courtesy)

You can click on the GIFs with your mouse to play the animated images. Just click on it again, to stop the animation.

Facebook did not announce the support for animated GIFs in an official announcement. The feature was rolled out silently.

Apparently, a Facebook spokesperson told Techcrunch that:

We’re rolling out support for animated GIFs in News Feed. This is so you can share more fun, expressive things with your friends on Facebook.

The report also says that GIFs will not work on Facebook pages and ads.

Here is a link to a Facebook group dedicated exclusively to Animated GIFs.