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Anvir Task Manager 8 beta released

Anvir Task Manager 8 beta released

by AshwinFebruary 3, 2016

Anvir Task Manager has hit version 8, albeit in a beta form.

Anvir Task Manager 8 beta
The handy little process manager app was last updated in January 2013. That is just over three years ago.

There doesn’t seems to be any visual change whatsoever in the GUI of Anvir Task Manager 8. It looks identical to Anvir Task Manager 7.5.2.

Take a loot at these screenshots of Anvir Task Manager 7.5.2

Anvir Task Manager 7.5.2

Anvir Task Manager 7 Tweaker

And to know what Anvir Task Manager 8 looks like, check the first image of this article.

It is a bit shocking that the developers will update the app, but not make a single change to the interface, which quite obviously looks like something from 6 or 7 years ago, or perhaps even worse. And there was no mention of a change log on the website or the forums. So, what exactly is new in Anvir Task Manager 8 after all? There was only one way to find out, a manual observation.

And yes, there is one difference between Anvir Task Manager 7.5.2 vs 8:

The Tweaker tool is no longer available in version 8 of the Task Manager. This utility built in to the older versions of the application, allowed the user to tweak some settings in Windows. It is likely that this was removed to make the program more compatible with Windows 10.

Anvir Task Manager 8

But don’t let that fool you, Anvir Task Manager is still a good application, and allows you to monitor all the apps which run on Start-up. It’s main feature of course, is to list all of the running apps. You can disable any of the items which you find not useful, or suspicious. The same applies to Windows services and those created by third paty apps. You can also upload files to VirusTotal to scan it for virus and malware,

It also lets you monitor your Hard Drives (HDDs), the RAM usage,, CPU Usage, Network status and speed and the Battery status as well.

The app does not have the best of UI’s but it gets the job done nevertheless. We tested it on our Windows 10 laptop and it worked fine.

Download Anvir Task Manager 8 for free from the official website.

Interestingly, the company’s official mirrors, is no longer serving the download for Anvir Task Manager 7.5.2. And instead it is only seeding downloads for version 8. Why they are serving a program with a beta tag remains a mystery. But the good news is that it is avialable in a portable version too, should you wish to check it.