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Apple iTunes Music Store is reportedly a battery drainer on MacBooks

Apple iTunes Music Store is reportedly a battery drainer on MacBooks

by AshwinDecember 22, 2015

Apple’s laptops are quite renowned for their performance, which quite often outperform those running on rival operating systems (read Windows).

Apple Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan

Despite recent improvements in Mac OS X, towards optimizing the battery life, it has been found that these aren’t particularly effective.

No, we aren’t talking about the issues with Google Chrome. Although, the Mountain View company’s browser was indeed found to be a massive battery hog on Apple’s laptops, earlier this year. These issues were fixed in some updates released a few months ago.

A new report (by Kirk McElhearn) has emerged which claims that MacBooks suffer from a huge battery drainer, called the iTunes Music Store. Shocking isn’t it? One of the core apps in the company’s devices, is actually causing the hardware to die down quickly.

The iTunes Music Store is immensly popular, and is actually one of the oldest digital music distribution services in the World.

What’s wrong with the Apple iTunes Music App?

Basically iTunes and coreaudiod, which handles the audio playback in apps, is a very processor hungry combo. And any tech savvy user will be aware of the fact that the more CPU power a laptop uses, the faster the battery drains. So, you could end up draining your MacBook’s battery sooner than you had anticipated.

Oddly enough, only the Music Store is found to cause the issue.

How do I know if iTunes is eating my laptop’s battery?

Apple has long since provided tools built right into Mac OS X, for checking up on the hardware peformance of the device. One such option is the Apps Using Significant Energy (available from the Battery’s About Menu). Open it and you are likely to see that iTunes is listed under this tab, reports Digital Trends.

You can also use the Activity Monitor in OS X, to check the CPU spike, when the iTunes Music Store is open.

How to stop iTunes from consuming the battery?

The fix for this annoying issue is actually pretty much simple. Just don’t leave the iTunes Music Store running in the background, while you are browsing, or working in another app. Only use it when you are actually browsing the Cupertino company’s Store page, and when you are done with it, simply leave the page and navigate elsewhere on the Appstore.

Until Apple releases a fix for the issue, the above workaround could be especially handy when you are travelling, or don’t have immediate access to charge the device’s battery.