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Apple Mac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan released, focuses on bug fixes

Apple Mac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan released, focuses on bug fixes

by AshwinDecember 9, 2015

Apple has released a new update for its latest operating system, El Capitan.

Mac OS X El Capitan
The Cupertino company had launched the major update OS X 10.11, back in September.

But sadly, the new version was riddled with miscellaneous bugs, and was especially heavily criticized by users of Microsoft Office 2016, and also by users of Office for Mac 2011.

Users had reported that their Outlook mail app wouldn’t sync. A month later Apple issued an update called OS X 10.11.1, which focused on fixing the reported issues, along with a slew of new emoji, said to be around 150.

Nearly two months later, Apple has released OS X 10.11.2 to its users. But unlike its predecessor, this is not a major update, and instead fixes some major bugs, stability and performance improvements.

To be more precise, the update improves the reliability of WiFi, Handoff and AirDrop. OS X 10.11.2 also fixes issues related to Bluetooth disconnections. Despite the fact that OS X 10.11.1 fixing issues in the Mail app such as displaying messages and mailboxes, and another issue which resluted in missing outgoing server information, apparently, it still had some issues with Mail and Exchange accounts. The app wasn’t able to delete messages in offline Exchange accounts, this issue has been fixed in OS X 10.11.2

The iCloud app has also been patched up for better Photo Sharing for Live Photos. Importing photos from iPhones to Macs using a USB cable should no longer be an issue, with the latest update. The update also fixes some security issues as well.

Macrumors reports that the first major update to Mac OS X El Capitan, will be released sometime in late 2016. Apple is already rolling out the Mac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan update to users, but you can check for it manually too.

How to download Mac OS X 10.11.2

1. Fire up the Mac App Store on your machine.
2. Head to the Software Update section.
3. This will allow you to download OS X 10.11.2, assuming your computer is already running on El Capitan

Despite some shortcomings, Mac OS X El Capitan, happens to be the fastest growing version of Apple’s operating systems. A total of 25% users upgraded to the new OS, within a month after the Cupertino company released it to the masses.

In other news related to Apple, the company has open sourced its Swift programming language to GitHub. Though it is only available for Mac and Linux systems, but could be ported to Windows, in the future.