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Apple Music tops 10 million subscribers in 6 months, is predicted to be the No.1 streaming service in 2017

Apple Music tops 10 million subscribers in 6 months, is predicted to be the No.1 streaming service in 2017

by AshwinJanuary 11, 2016

It must be celebration time over at Cupertino, for Apple is making 10 million paid subscribers dance to its tunes.

Apple Music
The company’s music streaming service, Apple Music, hit the historic landmark today, just 6 months after it was launched.

The Financial Times broke the news earlier today. Interestingly a comparison has been made with rival services. Most notably, it has been quoted that Spotify, the world’s leading digital music streaming service, took 6 years to reach the 10 million users landmark, and that it currently has around 60 Million paid users.

We think this is a bit unfair, as six years ago, there weren’t even half as many smartphone users around the World, as there are today. Yes, the reason why Apple Music is a success is not because of Mac devices alone, those numbers consist of all users, including iPhones, and even Android devices.  It was not long ago, when Apple shocked the World by releasing its music app for Android devices, considering that the Google owned Play Store is the iTunes App Store’s arch-rival, and so is the operating system to iOS.

Now, let’s consider how Spotify began, it debuted as a desktop app in 2008, and only launched its first mobile app in 2009, yet it took the service 3 years to reach the 1 million landmark, in 2011. This can be attributed to the evolution of modern devices such as smartphones, tablets.

And it is also worth noting that while Apple Music is available in many Countries (about 100), Spotify isn’t (only about 60 Countries). So that may have affected the numbers as well, and continue to do so until Spotify expands its reach.

The rise of Apple Music (and Netflix) are looked upon, as the decline of digital downloads. Why download space consuming content, when streaming services make the same available to you on-demand? And that too, as soon as they are released, with some albums being exclusive to certain services. Speaking of which, the number of album downloads in the US took a hit back in 2014, dropping by about 9% and individual song downloads falling even more by 12%, while streaming services saw a rise by 50%, totaling to a whopping 164 Billion songs streamed.

It is no wonder why Google launched YouTube Red in addition to Play Music, and why Microsoft offers Groove Music. Experts have predicted that Apple Music will overtake Spotify by the year 2017. Whether it will be able to gain 50+ million users in a year to take the #1 spot in the charts, is a question only time will answer.