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Apple open sources its Swift programming language (available for Mac OS X and Linux)

Apple open sources its Swift programming language (available for Mac OS X and Linux)

by AshwinDecember 7, 2015

Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft is going to open source its Chakra Javascript engine, which powers its newest browse Microsoft Edge, as the ChakraCore engine to the developer community.

Apple Swift

Apple has done something similar, and which may be even more useful.

The Cupertino company has open sourced its Swift programming language for developers to work with.

Swift was launched just over a year and a half ago at WWDC 2014 (the Worldwide Developers Conference), and has found incredible success amongst developers. Re/code reorts that Swift is the fastest growing programming language in the World. We always thought it was Python. Anyway the data comes from analytcal firm, RedMonk,which reveals that Swift jumped from rank 68 which it was at a year ago, to break into the top 20 languages, and sits proudly at 18th place (as of June 2015 stats).

The programming language is mainly used for developing apps for Apple’s multitude of devices. And this isn’t restricted to just Mac OS X and iOS, it also supports the likes of Apple’s wearable watchOS and even the company’s tvOS.

Swift has been open sourced and is available for Mac OS X, but you can get the developer tools you want for Linux, from the official website. It is not surpising though, as the majority of open source developers work with Linux based computers, and also the fact that the runtime is already available for the platform.

This will undoubdetly raise a question, as to why Swift not available for Windows, although runtime compilations are available, unofficially. There is no official word about this yet, but this is what the opens source community is for. Maybe Apple will port it to Microsoft’s operating systems, or maybe the community will.

Tech giant IBM, is partnering wth Apple to support the Swift open source project. This entire move will help keep the programming language alive, add new features to it, and also improve it to great extents.

Where can I download Swift?

You can find the source code of Swift, at the gigantic open source repository, GitHub. Download the Swift Development Snapshots for Mac and Linux platforms from the official website. The portal has some great tutorials as well. But if you are really interested in learning Swift, we recommend giving the ebook, The Swift Programming Language, a read. It is available for free at the website (and at the iBooks Store), and consists of over 500 pages.