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Apple’s free iTunes radio to shut down on January 28th, will be folded into Apple Music

Apple’s free iTunes radio to shut down on January 28th, will be folded into Apple Music

by AshwinJanuary 16, 2016

Earlier this week, we reported that Apple Music had set a new record.

apple-music-radio-for mac

The digital streaming service, clocked in a whopping 10 Million Paid Subscribers, in just six months after it was launched.

The fact that it was able to do so, in such a short time, is astounding, and even more so, because it took Spotify 6 years to reach that landmark number.However, today’s new isn’t a good one. Apple has announced it will be shutting down the iTunes Radio service, which was launched in 2013, at the end of this month.

But it is not totally dead. The Cupertino based company, will instead move the majority of the formerly free radio stations, to Apple Music. Yes, it is being folded s part of Apple Music, which we’re sure you will be aware is not a free service.

Apple Music is a premium on-demand streaming service, which costs users $9.99 per month. So, is moving a formerly free service behind the paywall a good idea?

We aren’t sure of the logic, but we can say that not many users around the World will care for it. This is because the iTunes Radio was a free, ad-supported service available to all iTunes users, but only in two Countries: the U.S, and Australia. Apple was probably looking to expand it to more regions of the World, and a reportd did mention something about it arriving in 2014 for the UK, Canada and New Zealand, but that plan came to no avail.

According to Reuters, Apple will on January 28, 2016, bring the new change into effect. So all iTunes Radio stations, except Beats 1, will only be accessible by paid Apple Music subscribers.

Free users have just the one radio station mentioned above. The goodnews is that Beats 1 is indeed available to all users Worldwide and not restricted to the US and The Land Down Under.

The question however is whether paid subscribers of Apple Music around the World, will be able to access the other radio stations or not. This could even be a move to start attracting radio-lovers to start paying for the service, and maybe in an ad-free format, which is not exactly a bad idea.

If you have not tried iTunes Radio yet, you can do so now, on any device which runs iOS 7 and above, Mac OS X battery drainer on Macbooks, so use it and close it, just don’t let it stay in the background.