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AquaSoft SlideShow 9 Ultimate Review

AquaSoft SlideShow 9 Ultimate Review

by October 14, 2015

AquaSoft SlideShow 9 Ultimate Review

Slideshow is a video movie made from your photos accompanied by music or narration. The slideshow makes a great opportunity to show your friends and relatives the best moments of your life, for example, wedding ceremony, birthday party, or simply everyday family routine. In order to create perfect and unbelievable slideshows you need only photos, some music and a good program for combining and joining all your photos, adding to them various transitions, effects, music, etc. Aquasoft Slideshow Ultimate 9 is just that program. It offers a wide range of powerful tools for creating, editing and publishing stunning slideshows.

Download and Installation

The owner of the program is a German software developer called AquaSoft. It was founded in 1999. Currently it offers a wide range of programs related to photo presentation software both paid and free, for example, PhotoAlbum ($19.90), PhotoCalendar ($19.90), Slideshow for YouTube (free), etc.

AquaSoft Slideshow 9 is their leading program which comes in three different versions – Premium, Ultimate, and AquaSoft Stages.

The program can be downloaded from the official AquaSoft website. It is rather big, about 180 MB in size; after installation it takes about 500 MB of hard disk space.

The installation process is very fast and it does not require any special skill. All you need is to select the installation language (unfortunately, currently the program offers only three languages – German, English and Dutch) and accept the license agreement. That is all. After extracting all necessary components, (which takes only two minutes) the program is ready to use. The demo version is functional for thirty days but has got a program watermark on each created slideshow.

Installation 2

Installation 3

Installation 5

The Interface of the Program

The program can proudly boast many features, so at first it seems to an experienced user that the interface of AquaSoft Slideshow Ultimate is a little complicated and hard to use. But it is not so. Just a few minutes and you will get accustomed to program and become a real ace.


The program has got four viewing mode s- Default, Storyboard, Imagelist, and Toolbox. I am not going to describe them all here and restrict myself to describing only the default viewing mode.

The interface consists of Menu Bar which includes:

File (for creating a new or opening existing project, etc.)

Edit (contains tools for editing images, for example, you can copy, cut, rename images, etc.)

Projects (in this section are collected tools for working with your projects)

Add (contains tools for adding images, sounds, files, etc. to the slideshows)

Extras (includes some extra tools such as email, developer mode, etc.)

Wizards (contains several tools for exporting the created slideshows)

Workspace (contains user interface settings such as view, icons, panels, etc. You can change viewing modes, add or remove panels, and so on)

Help (this section contains information about the program, video tutorials and website links, etc.).

A little below is located the Toolbar which provides a user with the main and the most necessary tools such as creating, opening or saving projects, adding images and music, etc.


The main part of the program is divided into three sections. On the left, there is a Toolbox which contains various templates, animations, effects, backgrounds, etc.


On the right side, there is a Property window for editing Images, Texts, Sound, and Transparency.


In the center of the program between above described windows is located Layout Designer where you can see your slideshows and perform some actions, i.e. play or zoom them, etc.

Layout Designer

At the bottom of the program, there is a Timeline where you can see the chronological sequence of your slideshow.


The Main Features of the Program

Export Wizards

The program offers simply unlimited options for exporting slideshows, namely, burn them to disks, archive or publish to Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube.

Burn Wizard

All created slideshows can be burnt and saved to Blu-Ray, DVD and CD disks by specifying the desired video output formats- MP4, M2TS, WMV, AVI, MPG, WebM, MOV, and GIF. In the next step you can choose a template, video encoder (H.264 or MPEG 4), video bitrate, resolution, frame rate, audio encoder (AAC, AC3, MP3), audio bit rate (in kbit / s, minimum 8, maximum 640), audio sample rate (in Hz, minimum 8000, maximum 48000) and audio channel (Mono or Stereo).

Burn Wizard 1

Burn Wizard 2

Archive Wizard

Slideshows contain different files, i.e. image, audio and video files which are joined together. Sometimes they are not in one location but scattered and placed in more than one folder and it is very difficult to find them and make some changes after the creation of the slideshow. Thanks to this useful feature of the program you can archive these files and save them in one location. More than that, you have the possibility to protect this archive with strong encryption or even burn it to CD or DVD as a self-extracting or ZIP file.

You can prepare the project by copying all needed files, transfer them to USB or external hard drive or create and burn a self-starting CD.

It needs no saying that this is a very useful feature of the program because all necessary files will be always at your disposal. You can export them on the USB, burn to the disk or simply save on the computer and share your favourite slideshows among the friends.

Archive Wizard 1

Archive Wizard 2

Archive Wizard 3

Sound Wizard

It is a well-known fact that every photo is worth a 1000 words but sometimes it is very useful to add some short comments to the photos. Sound Wizard tool is specifically designed for that. With help, you can record your voice comments via default recording device installed on the computer and add them to each photo. Additionally you can specify the length of the comments and the volume (from low to loud).

Sound Wizard

Import Wizard

Almost everyone has got a digital camera because it helps us to immortalize the happiest minutes of our lives. AquaSoft Slideshow ultimate can make these minutes more unforgettable and amazing. With this tool, you can import all your taken photos from the digital camera directly into the program and then animate them by creating bewitching slideshows. The program also supports other devices  as well, for example, scanners. All you need to do is to select a scanner or camera and one of three offered by the program image formats (JPEG, TGA or BMP). Additionally you can specify some image options, i.e. quality, color scale (RGB, Grayscale, etc.) and DCT method (slow, fast or floating point). After clicking on Start button all images will be imported into the program and you will be able to start creating slideshows.

Import Wizard 1

Import Wizard 2

Photo Frame Wizard

With the help of this wizard you can transfer all your projects to a digital photo frame. All you need is to choose the desired resolution, assume image captions and finally transfer the project to the frame using memory card or USB stick.

Photo frame Wizard 1

Photo frame Wizard 2

Web Wizard

This wizard is intended for publishing slideshows to the web. The program contains a lot of different slideshow styles, so you can choose one of them and immediately import to the web.

Web Wizard 1

Web Wizard 2

PowerPoint Wizard

With this very useful feature you can import PowerPoint presentation slides into the program and save them individually as images and then create a slideshow from them. The program allows you to customize output settings, i.e. select the desired resolution of the images by specifying their width and height and graphic format (JPEG, TGA or BMP).

PowerPoint Wizard 2

PowerPoint Wizard 4

Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube Wizard

With the help of AquaSoft Slideshow Ultimate you can upload created slideshows directly to the social-media site Facebook and video-sharing websites Vimeo and YouTube without opening browsers. Simply title the slideshow, add short description, select a video resolution (Standard, HD ready or Full HD) and log in by entering email and password.

YouTube Wizard 1

YouTube Wizard 2

Facebook Wizard 1

Edit Image

AquaSoft Slideshow Ultimate has got an integrated image editor. By means of it you can perform some basic actions with images. The program offers the following options:

Rotation – you can rotate the images by 90 and 180 degrees clockwise and anticlockwise or specify the desired rotation angle manually.

Rotation 1

Rotation 2

Crop / Mirror – you can crop the images or flip them horizontally or vertically.

Crop 1

Exposure – in this section are collected tools for adjusting brightness and contrast, correcting black and white point and applying gamma, i.e. red, green and blue balance.

Exposure 1

Exposure 2

Exposure 3

Exposure 4

Color – here you can adjust Color shade, Saturation and Brightness to the images.


Slideshow Manager

This tool helps you to create amazing multimedia DVDs which can be watched on your TV. The program contains vast amount of templates which are grouped by categories, for example, Unobtrusive backgrounds (old paper, bottom of the sea, etc.), Geometry and abstractions (wedding, orange circles, etc.), Materials (glass, etc.), Nature (blossoms, winter, rose, etc.). Additionally there is possibility to add background music, title, chapters, buttons, etc., select desired resolution of output video files, aspect ratio and video format (PAL or NTSC).

Slideshow Manager


This section of the program includes four tools: Image, Text, sound and Transparency.

Image – you can add a huge variety of image files to the slideshow, use various fade in or out effects (for example, 3D, shapes, etc.), specify transition duration, background color, and position.

Properties- Image 1

Properties- Image 2

Properties- Image 3

Text – the program allows you to select the desired font, its size and color, letter style, effects, and alignment.


Sound – you can add different sound files to the slideshows.

Transparency – allows you to choose the desired transparency.


It contains all the objects which can be added to the slideshow. The number of them is simply innumerable and they are grouped by categories, for example, fade-ins, fade-outs, text effects. Below are placed some examples of them on the slideshows.

Toolbox 1

Toolbox 2

Toolbox 3

System Requirements

Windows Vista – windows 8 / 8.1

CPU with at least 2 GHz

RAM – 2 GB

DirectX 9.0 and 256 MB of memory.


I can say without any exaggeration that AquaSoft Slideshow Ultimate 9 is the best program for creating slideshow presentations. It has got so many unique features which cannot be found in any other similar programs. The slideshows made with the help of it are real masterpieces. I recommend them to everybody who wants to have at his disposal everything comfortably combined in one application.



1. Tons of different effects for creating slideshows
2. Integrated graphic editor
3. A lot of import wizards
and many others


Only three languages are supported

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AquaSoft Slideshow Ultimate 9 is the best program for creating slideshows on the software market

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