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Ashampoo Antispy for Windows 10 disables data collecting options in the OS, Cortana, Edge and more

Ashampoo Antispy for Windows 10 disables data collecting options in the OS, Cortana, Edge and more

by AshwinSeptember 9, 2015

Windows 10, while a great operating system as it is, comes with a plethora of settings which send your data to Microsoft’s servers.

Ashampoo AntiSpy for Windows 10


Of course most of these data will be used for delivering personalized ads, but no one likes it the data collected, is irrelevant to the services the operating system provides, or the apps that you use.

What makes an OS a good one, is the fact that it allows the user to be in control. But the problem in our scecario, is more prominent, in that these data collecting settings are enabled by default, if you chose to upgrade to Windows 10 using the Express Settings.

In fact, the user agreement says that ” If you don’t want a particular setting you’ll have to disable it yourself.” Now, the issue at hand is that not all users, are aware which settings needs to be disabled. This is where third-party apps comes to play.

One such application is Ashampoo Antispy for Windows 10. It is a free application, which I came across at the Tipradar forums. First of all, the app is a portable one, i.e., you do not need to install/uninstall it. Just run it from wherever you want it to, a computer, an external hard drive, or even a flash drive.

When you run the app for the first time, it will offer to create a system restore point. Do so, in case something goes awry. As you can see from the screenshot embedded above, Ashampoo Antispy for Windows 10 has a rather beautiful interface. There is an ad on the bottom of the application, but it is a static ad for one of Ashampoo’s products.

I am not going to list the options in Ashampoo Antispy for Windows 10 here, as there are way too many. All the options are displayed as toggles, which resemble the one in Windows 10’s settings app. You can easily go through the list and disable/enable the toggles as per your preference.

There is one drop-down menu in the app. You can access it by clicking on the Action button This displays three options:

  • Select recommended settings
  • Deselect All Settings
  • Set Default Settings

Note that some settings are need for Windows Store apps to work. A good example is the Mail and Calendar app, which may stop syncing if you disable its pre-requisite settings. You can fix the Windows 10 Mail app not syncing issue, easily by following our guide.

Download Ashampoo Antispy for Windows 10 for free from the official website.