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Ashampoo Music Studio 5 Review

Ashampoo Music Studio 5 Review

by January 19, 2015

Ashampoo Music Studio 5 Review

Are you looking for a program that includes practically everything for managing audio files but you do not know the exact name of such a program? I can say without any exaggeration that Ashampoo Music Studio 5 is exactly the program you are looking for. With the help of it you can easily perform a wide range of tasks- extract files from Audio CDs, organize your music collection, record audio files, burn music discs, convert audio files, etc. The program is simply necessary for those who deal with digital music.

The program can be downloaded from the official site. It is about 50 MB, after installation- 115 MB. The system requirements are as follows:

1. Windows Vista- Windows 8/8.1

2. Processor with at least 2.4 GHz or better

3. 1024 Mb of RAM

4. 120 MB of free hard disk space for the program installation

5. Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework.

The current version is 5. 0. 7. 1 (0730) and it is available in thirty two languages. The program costs $ 29.99. The trial version is fully functional for forty days.




The installation process is very easy. It takes just one minute, a few clicks and the program is ready to use. During the installation you can select the preferred installation language, read the standard EULA, create a desktop icon and check for program updates. After installation the program takes about 115 MB.

The main window is conveniently divided into eight tiles- Extract, Organize, Record, Mix Tape, Burn, Modify, Edit Cover and Video-2-Music.


Extract- almost all of us have at least one audio CD with our favorite songs. This program will make the extracting process as simple and pleasant as possible using five easy steps. Simply insert the audio CD into DVD/CD drive (the program automatically loads all tracks); select the desired track or tracks; edit music tags (i.e. track number, title and the name of the artist; additionally you can specify genre (pop, rap, metal, etc.), the year of creation and even change the cover of the album ( Ashampoo Music Studio 5 offers two ways of changing the covers- load the cover from your computer or search for it on the Internet; just enter the artist and album name- the program will find it in seconds and not only one but plenty of them. You can choose the one most suitable and convenient for you); select output format (MP3, etc.), adjust audio quality (medium, good, CD or high), sample rate and bitrate, Mono or Stereo mode; and finally select the output folder.

Extract 2


Extract 6

Organize- Do you have tons of audio files? Are they disordered or scattered across different folders on your hard disk sometimes resulting in a very long delay while you try to find the desired songs? Ashampoo Music Studio 5 will help you to forget these problems forever. With the help of the special tool “Organize” the program easily organizes your music collection and places all the songs in one convenient location. Simply add files or folders from Windows Explorer, check or uncheck two offered options-(1. Write the created files to another target folder and 2. Create files with other names) and choose the output folder. Additionally you can create sub-folders and add a placeholder (i.e. artist, album, year, genre, format, track number and title). That is all. The program will sort out all your songs by genre, album, etc. Now you can access all your audio files quickly and painlessly.

Organize 2


Organize 3

Record- With the help of this program you may record the audio. Select multimedia framework (1.MMSystem, 2. DirectShow or Wasapi- Windows Audio Session API) and recording device (Ashampoo automatically checks for them on your Windows system) and output format (MP3, WMA, etc.); additionally adjust audio quality or bitrate and choose the output folder.

Record 1


Record 4

Mix Tape- Unleash your creativity and amaze friends with the mixture of several songs joined together in one endless music mix. Add as many songs as you want, specify the duration of fading effects between tracks, select the desired format and adjust audio quality and bitrate. It goes without saying that your friends will appreciate your creativity and the party will be really great!

Mix tape 1

Burn- Ashampoo is one of the leaders in disc burning technology. Their Ashampoo Burning Studio is the world standard for creating any type of discs. It is no wonder that Ashampoo Music Studio 5 also includes a special tool for disc burning. The program supports all kinds of discs- CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays. You can easily burn an Audio CD, MP3, WMA, mixed format discs and copy Audio CDs. Additionally you can choose the write method- Disc at once (the entire disc will be recorded in one session from beginning to end without interruption) and Track at one (each track will be recorded separately).

Modify- In this section of the program you can edit audio files. It consists of five tools- 1. Edit file tags- specify track number, title, album, artist, genre and year; choose the cover of the album; 2. Convert Audio Files- convert your audio files into any of six formats. The program supports the following audio formats: MP3 (MPEG Layer 3), WMA (Windows Media Audio), OGG, WAV (Waveform Audio File format), FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and OPUS; adjust audio quality and bitrate. 3. Analyze Files- The program will analyze the audio files for file tags, file extension and file format and allow you to edit them if they do not pass all tests successfully. 4. Normalize- Here you can normalize volume bitrate of the songs. 5. Edit Files- The program has some basic tools for audio editing, for example, you can insert, mix a new audio file at the selected position, add fade effects, copy and cut selection to the clipboard, etc.

extract 3

edit files

Edit Cover- Ashampoo Music Studio 5 allows you to design two types of covers- for Slim case and Jewel case. You can choose paper formats (A4 sheet, Letter sheet, etc.) and then edit them (i.e. select name, width, height, orientation, number of pages, etc.). The program has a very functional built-in case editor. With its help you can add background image, text and themes to the case (it offers plenty of various themes) and perform basic editing with the tools placed on the toolbar, namely, cut and copy highlighted area, paste and duplicate objects, turn the image left or right, zoom out or in the image, etc.

Edit Cover 1


Edit Cover 2

Video-2-Music- Have a lot of movies? Do you want to extract the audio from them but don’t know how to accomplish such a feat? Do not worry! Ashampoo is at your service yet again. You can easily extract any audio from the movies with the help of this special tool. It is very easy- just load the video and the program will extract then save the audio as MP3, WMA, etc.



1. Extracting- You can copy tracks from Audio CDs and save them in one of six audio formats
2. Burning- You can burn your audio files on CDs, DVDs and Blue-Rays.
3. Recording- You can record tracks and save them in MP3, WAV, etc.
4. Editing- You can perform some basic editing of audio files
5. Converting- You can convert files into six formats


1. Organizing tool needs further improvements
2. Only six audio formats are included for conversion

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Ashampoo Music Studio 5 is a program for anyone who loves music. It includes everything you need to create, edit and organize your tracks. The program is very easy to operate and it has a nice interface.

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