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Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Review

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Review

by February 1, 2015

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 Review

Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 belongs to a group of must-have programs. It is a great utility not only for photo viewing but also for editing or organizing them and more. It includes a wide range of tools which will help you perform various actions with photos, for example, to convert them. Additionally you can also listen to audio and view video files directly inside the program. The product has a vast set of advanced features which allows us to say that Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 is one of the best, non-professional, photo editing programs present on the software market.

The program can be downloaded from the official site. It is 257 MB. The system requirements are as follows: 1. Windows XP- Windows 8/8.1; 2. 256 MB of Ram. It is available in thirty five languages. The program costs $ 49.99. The trial version is fully functional for forty days. The current version is 12.0.7.

Welcome page

View / Organize Photos / Videos– The main interface of the program is divided into three areas- Folder Area, Content Area and Preview Area. “Folder Area” is located on the left side. It consists of three tabs- Folders (It is very similar to Windows Explorer and displays the folders of the selected disk. You can navigate between them and select the desired folder which contains the photos, check or uncheck them. After choosing the folder all contents will be shown in the middle of the program interface. It is very convenient and extremely easy to use); Calendar (Here you can find all photos quickly because they are all sorted out by years, months and days. Just select the folder and the program will automatically arrange them and help you to locate the desired photos) and Albums (Just drop files into this tab and then perform various operations with them). The “Content Area” is situated in the middle area of the program. It displays a list of all photos and audio or video files from the selected folders. All file types are grouped by category (for example, Image or Video only, etc.), date or rating. Additionally you can include or exclude some types of files from being displayed and perform different actions with them- you can rotate the photos, share them, create a PDF, etc.). “Preview Area”- is located on the right side of the interface. Here you can view detailed information about images and edit them.




If you have a scanner you can take full advantage of the “Scan an Image” tool and directly scan photos into Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 and then edit them.

Capture a Window / Desktop– The program includes a wide range of options for capturing images from your screen. You can select one of four capture types- window, fixed-size region, rectangular region or free style region; you may specify the output format and many other options. Take a look at the screenshot below for a better idea of what’s available!


Edit an Image– This section of the program is divided into five categories- Common, Quick Fix, Objects, Create and Organize.

In the Common category there are some basic tools for photo editing. They include: Fullscreen– i.e. you can view the photos in full screen mode; Backups– It allows you to have control over all available backups of the selected image and easily revert changes, returning to the previous stage; Save– The program allows you to share your photos on the web by uploading to a local email client (Mozilla Thunderbird, bat, Microsoft Outlook, etc.), webmail (yahoo, Gmail, etc.), Ashampoo web, Facebook and Picasa. Before sending the image you can configure some options, for example, optimize colors, shrink image files, send image files as a multi-page PDF, etc.; Export PDF– i.e. you can save the edited image as a PDF instantly; File– It allows you to perform some basic operations with the images- to move or copy the file to a specified destination folder, rename or delete the image, change DPI or set the selected photo as your wallpaper; Rotate– You can rotate the selected image to the left or right by 90%; Zoom– i.e. to increase or decrease image size; File Info– Here you can get detailed information about the selected photo- its name, format, size, width, height, etc.






File Info

Quick Fix– This group includes various tools for photo editing. They are: Optimize– The program allows you to optimize colors and contrast, strengthen colors, clean skin and remove noise from the photos automatically; Contrast / Colors– Here you can optimize and adjust red, green and blue strengths for the photo. You can also adjust the temperature, hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and gamma manually. All changes are displayed in real time. You can see results by comparing the original and edited photo simultaneously; Effects– The program includes a wide range of various effects (more than fifty in number). With a bit of help from these tools you can add different effects to the photo, for example, blur, grayscale, sepia, splash, X-RAY, etc. With the effect pen you can change size, opacity and effect strength of the image; Crop / SelectAshampoo Photo Commander 12 offers four different tools for selecting and removing unwanted objects from the photo- rectangular, free style select/crop, free style color selection and cut out objects. Simply hold down the mouse, select an area and crop it; Remove red eyes– This tool allows you to adjust eye color and remove that pesky red eye from your photos; Clone Tool– It is a very interesting and useful tool which attempts to restore the damaged areas of the image by cloning and transferring some of the fragments from one area to another; Eraser Tool– This tool is used to erase any unwanted objects from the photo; Flood Fill Tool– This tool allows you to fill in the selected area with a solid color, transparency or gradient; Color-Accent-Effect Tool– With the help of this tool you can remove most color from the image and convert it to black and white but leave a single color alone, making it the primary focus; Focus-Effect Tool– With this tool you can select a specific area of the image and make it so that the object attracts the attention of the viewer; Tilt-Shift-Effect Tool– It allows you to create a miniature effect, i.e. the selected object in the photo look very small; Repair Pen– This tool allows you to remove scratches and objects from the photo. The last two tools Restore and Rotate are used to decrease and increase size or rotate photos respectively.

Quick Fix 1

Objects– This section is used to insert or add various objects to the image such as text, rectangle, ellipse, line, hint, arrow, callouts. You can select the text color, font, size, alignment; adjust opacity or add different objects- badges, balloons, balls, etc.

Organize– This group is divided into eight tools- Convert Photos– the program provides you with various processing options before converting the images- rotate them left or right by 90% or 180%; use mirror or flip effects; change gamma, brightness, contrast, temperature, hue and saturation; resize images (i.e. change their width, height and pixels); watermark images; change color depth and RGB order (short for Red, Green, Blue; i.e. combination order of these three colors); apply various effects (Blur, Sepia, Grayscale, etc.). Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 supports the following image formats- APCDOC (Ashampoo Photo Commander Document), BMP, GIF, JNG, JPG, JR2, JXR, MNG, PCX, PIX, PNG, PPP, PSD, RAS, SGI, TGA, TIF, WEBP and PLUGIN- PNM. The PDF format is also supported.


Rename Files– If you have a lot of image files and they are disorderly or scattered all over your hard drive, you can take full advantage of this tool. It will help you to rename all of them in a batch. Ashampoo offers some clean-up options, namely, change the letter case, replace text, etc., see the screenshot below.


Find Specific Duplicates– Do you have thousands of duplicate files? Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over? Are you fed-up with searching through all your duplicate photos manually? Forget these problems! Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 will search for your photos thoroughly and display a list of all the duplicates. Just specify an image and the folder and click “Start”. The program will do the rest.

Find Duplicates

Print Photos in a batch– You can print all your photos in a batch without having to go to a photo lab or store if you have a color printer at home. Ashampoo will make the printing process as easy and comfortable as possible- print photos as a portrait or landscape, fit or stretch the image to a page, add a header and footer, select a font, the font style and size, etc., see the screenshot below.

Print Photos in a batch

Print a thumbnail sheet– This tool allows you to print several photos onto a single page. You can specify the number of columns and rows, horizontal or vertical position, etc.

Burn Photos to CD and DVD– That’s right, Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 can burn all your photos on to a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc too! Just add the photos, add a title for the disc and then click on the “Start” button.


JPG Rotation– Here you can perform some operations with JPG photo files- rotate, transpose and traverse them, add flip and mirror effect.

JPG Optimizer– JPG is one of the most popular photo formats and the program includes some basic tools for JPG optimization such as decreasing the image size, removing EXIF thumbnails, etc.

JPG Optimizer

Create– This group includes tools for creating a Web Photo Album, Calendar, GIF or even a MNG animation and more.

Create Web Photo Album– The program will create a set of HTML pages that are ready for posting and viewing on a website. It may be in the form of an album or listing. You can customize a lot of parameters and options- adding a drop shadow effect, specifying the background color, etc.

Create a Web Album

Create Calendar– With the help of this tool you can create amazing calendars from your photos. Just select one of four calendar styles (classic, modern, informative and whole year) and then customize some options- font, DPI (dots per inch), etc. You can even add personal entries by specifying the date. The created calendar can be saved into a single PDF file or as separate image files.


Create Collage– Unleash your photo editing capabilities; select as many photos as you wish and create awesome collages by combining several photos into one; arrange them on the pin board according to your taste; specify the background or shadow color, orientation and DPI; choose then define a border, etc. Ashampoo will turn your photos into an amazing graphic mixture of unforgettable moments of your life.


Create Slideshow on CD and DVD– A slideshow gives you the opportunity to show your friends some of the best moments in your life, for example: Your wedding ceremony or a birthday party. In order to create the perfect or just plain unbelievable slideshows you only need the photos and Ashampoo Photo Commander 12. The program allows you to use various transition effects. You can specify the resolution of photos, change the display duration, add background music and burn the created slideshow directly to a CD or DVD disc.


GIF and MNG Animation– These two tools allow you to create GIF and MNG (i.e. Multiple-Image Network Graphics) animations from the selected photos. Just specify the delay time in milliseconds between each picture and Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 will do the rest.

TIF, DCX, PDF Multipage- It allows you to create multipage files and save them in the formats mentioned above.



1. Very convenient and easy to use interface
2. Lots of advanced tools for photo editing
3. The possibility to save images into a PDF
4. Direct burning on CD and DVD discs
And many others


The program may sometimes become unresponsive

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In the end we can say that Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 is a great utility with a lot of tools and is a great choice for anyone looking for a photo editing program.

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