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Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 Review

Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 Review

by October 17, 2015

Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 Review.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 is a great application for managing and keeping in order your photo, video and audio collection. Thanks to a very intuitive and easy to use interface, you can easily find, sort out and arrange all your photos.

The interface of the program is divided into three parts; on the left side there is a Folder view section which allows you to add photos to the program, bookmark favorite folders with photos, etc. Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 offers three viewing modes- Folders (i.e. you can view all the photos of on the computer and add them to the program), Calendar (i.e. photos sorted out according to the date of creation) and Albums (i.e. photos grouped in albums).

In the center there is a File Selection window which displays all the photos in the currently selected folder. The program allows you to view files as thumbnails, summary, report, etc.; sort out files by file name, data, size, etc., and group them by date, size, file type, etc. You have the possibility to view all file types which are in the folder or select only image, video or audio ones.

With the help of the toolbar you can perform different operations with files, for example, rotate them left or right, start slideshow, share via email or webmail (for example, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and upload to the popular social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, etc.; create calendar, collage, panorama, rename or move files to another location, and so on.

On the right side of the program there is a File preview window which displays the currently selected file and provides you with some common information about it, for example, name, file format, size, date, and so on.

It should be noted that Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 supports not only graphic files but also video and audio ones; so you can listen and watch audios and videos, for example, AVI, MPG, FLV, MP4, MP3, MWA, WAV, FLAC, and so on.


Edit Photos- Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 can proudly boasts of many very useful tools for thorough photo editing. The program contains a lot of advanced functions which allow you to perform any operations with graphic files.

With the help of the program you can use a wide variety of different tools; you have the possibility to optimize colors both manually and automatically (by specifying red, green and blue strength and applying temperature, hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and gamma), change white balance, remove noise (the program offers three different methods for noise removing).

Optimize Colors

With the help of rectangular and free selection tools you can select any area on the image and after that perform various operations, for example, you have the possibility to crop, copy or zoom the selected area, change the size of the selection, and so on.

In addition, you can cut out any object or person from the photo and enhance background using a special tool.

selection tools

Among other tools it should be noted the following- Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 allows you to notify the perspective of the photo, remove a red-eye effects both manually and automatically, clone (by transferring some of the fragments from one area to another), erase (by removing any unwanted objects off the photo), Flood fill tool (it allows you to fill the selected area with solid color, transparency and gradient), Repair pen (this tool allows you to remove scratches and objects from the photo), and a lot of others.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 offers a lot of various effects which can be applied to the photo, for example, blur, grayscale, sepia, soft blend, solarize, X-ray, and tons of others.


effects 2

Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 also includes plenty of tools for working with objects; you can draw text (by specifying the text color, font, size, position, etc.), rectangle, ellipse, pen, hint, arrow, callout, and so on; insert a bitmap from a file or objects, for example, ball, pen, ring, etc.

Draw text 2

Tools- Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 contains a wide variety of different tools; all they can be found in the Tools drop-down menu. With the help of those tools you can perform the following operations with the images in batch mode:

Convert- the program allows you to convert images from one format into another in batch mode. All you need is to select the desired images for conversion and after that configure and specify some options.

Currently Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 supports the following image formats- APCDOC, BMP, GIF, JNG, JPG, JP2, JXR, MNG, PCX, PIX, PNG, PPP, PSD, RAS, SGI, TGA, TIF, WEBP and PNM. In addition, the program also allows you to convert photos to PDF format.

Before converting files, you have the possibility to apply some options. The program allows you to rotate images left or right by 90 or 180 degrees; flip images vertically and horizontally; adjust gamma, brightness, contrast, temperature, hue and saturation; change color depth (for example, 8 bit- 256 colors, and so on) or RGB order (for example, swap red and blue, etc.), resize images by specifying their width and height in percent, pixels, centimeters or inches; use any image as a watermark by specifying its transparency and position, for example, center, bottom right, etc.; and apply various effects, for example, grayscale, oil paint, miniature, and so on.

Convert 2

Rename Files- it is not an easy task to rename a lot of photos manually because this process requires plenty of time. Thanks to this tool you can significantly facilitate the execution of this task. Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 allows you to rename multiple photos at once in batch mode. You can easily replace an old text with a new one, replace extension, change letter case, specify a counter, and so on.

Rename Files 2

Re-date Files- with the help of this tool you can change the date and time of photos in batch mode. Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 allows you to change pictures manually by specifying the desired date and time on the one hand or automatically according to the creation or modification date and last access.

Redate Files 2

Edit IPTC Data- this tool allows you to change or overwrite the photo metadata in batch mode. You have the possibility to provide photos with useful information, for example, you can add headline, caption, keywords, name, author, copyright, and so on.

Edit IPTC data 2

Create Web Photo Album- Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 allows you to create amazing photo albums for the Web, i.e. albums created for web pages. All you need is to select photos for your web album, specify the file format (JPG, GIF or PNG), add the name and choose the desired album type, for example, album type with an index or next and previous buttons, and so on.

In addition, you can also configure some additional options, i.e. you can add title and subtitle to the images, etc., and select one of designs offered by the program, for example, modern, neon, snow, etc.

Create Web photo album 2

Create Calendar- it is amazing to have your calendar and beautify it with your photos. Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 gives you this opportunity. With the help of the program you can select the desired calendar style (i.e. classic, modern, informative or whole year), edit personal days, adjust the font and color settings for the title and text. The created calendar can be saved as a single PDF file or as image files.

Create Calendar

Create Collage- Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 allows you to create amazing photo collages from your photos. The program will arrange all your photos on the Photo Pinboard randomly, but you will rearrange or sort them according to your needs. In addition, you can choose borders for your photos and specify some options, i.e. background color, shadow color, DPI and orientation (i.e. portrait or landscape).

Create Collage

Create Panorama- i.e. you can create panoramic photos from multiple images and combine them in one large photo. All you need is to select orientation (landscape or portrait), background color and the photo size.

Create panorama

Find Duplicates- Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 allows you to search for duplicate photo files both manually and automatically. In the manual mode you have the possibility to specify the desired folder to be searched for and the degree of similarity for images to be counted as duplicates. After finishing the search, the program will display results in a special window; you can copy, move, delete files or add them to the album. In the automatic mode, the program offers two search methods for finding duplicate files- Fast (it is very quick, but photos are not analyzed and compared) and Slow (all files are thoroughly analyzed and compared).

Duplicate files 1

Photo Mix- with the help of this tool you can mix several photos and create a new photo by specifying its background color, orientation, mirror and color effects.

Photo Mix

Print Photos in a batch- you have got a printer and want to print several photos in batch mode? If it is so, you can take full advantage of this tool. It allows you to select orientation (i.e. portrait or landscape), style (i.e. fit image to page, stretch image to page, and so on), center image horizontally or vertically and add print header and footer by specifying font style, size and color.

Print photos in a batch

Print a Thumbnail Sheet- with the help of Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 you can easily print contact sheets. The program allows you to customize some additional options before printing, namely, orientation, the number of columns and rows, space between images, header, a page number, etc.

Print a Thumbnail page

Create Slideshow on CD / DVD- Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 includes a great tool for creating amazing slideshows. Thanks to the program your photos will become animated and beautified by background music. You have the possibility to create a video slideshow and play it or burn to CD or DVD disks without using a third-party application. The program allows you to specify video resolution, photo effects (grayscale or sepia), use moving pictures and transition effects, add music (only MP3 and WAV files formats are supported by the program), and so on.

Create Slideshow on CD

Burn Photos to CD / DVD- thanks to an inbuilt tool for burning disks, you do not need to search for other applications; you can easily and reliably burn all your photos to the disk using Ashampoo Photo Commander 14.

Burn Photos to CD

JPG Rotation- with the help of this tool you have the possibility to rotate images by 90 or 180 degrees right or left, transpose and tranverse them in batch mode, etc.

JPG Rotation

JPG Optimizer- this tool allows you to configure some JPG options, for example, you can optimize encoding, convert to grayscale, and so on.

JPG Optimizer

Convert 3D to 2D- this tool allows you to convert 3D images to 2D ones. The program supports MPO and JPS graphic formats.

Screen Capture- Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 offers a very advanced tool for capturing the screen. You have the possibility to select one of four capture methods- a window or dialog, fixed-size region, rectangular region and free style region; specify output graphic format- JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG; and apply some options, for example, cursor sparkle or shadow, shadow intensity, direction, offset or dither, background fade, etc.

Screen capture

Set Photo as Wallpaper- you can use any of your photos as a desktop wallpaper; just specify a wallpaper style 9for example, center, stretch, etc.) and background color.

Set Wallpaper

What is new in Ashampoo Photo Commander 14?

Faster creation of cards, frames and vignettes

3D photo cards

Create cards from photo collages

Web photo galleries with many styles and settings

Photo mix with unlimited number of images

Photo mix with image effects

Faster navigation with Picture Flow

Support for XMP metadata

New scan wizard

Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive photo import

Cut out persons and objects with ease

Cut out and copy multiple objects at once

Freely adjust image perspectives

Combine perspective and photo effects

Edit bitmap objects

Create slideshows with MP3 songs

System Requirements

Windows 7- Windows 10

Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 x86 Redistributable


From version to version Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 is getting better and better. This new version thanks to a lot of improvements and new features has now become more advanced and effective application for thorough management of audio, video, and, of course, graphic files. The program offers tons of functions and tools which allow you to achieve better results with photos.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 14 provides you with everything what is needed for essential organizing, editing and managing photos. And I can say without any exaggeration that it still remains one of the best programs for working with graphic files thanks to its easiness and plenty of useful features.

It goes without saying that it is worth upgrading to this new version and enjoy its new features and possibilities.


1. Very intuitive and easy to use interface for organizing, sorting and managing photos.
2. Lots of essential tools for editing photos.
3. Tons of new features and improvements.


I have not found any; the program is just perfect for me.

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