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Ashampoo Privacy Protector Review

Ashampoo Privacy Protector Review

by July 14, 2015

Ashampoo Privacy Protector Review

In our real life there are a lot of thieves and other bad people who might steal our valuable and precious things. Similar problems unfortunately exist in the virtual world too. Hackers can easily steal our personal information and use them for their criminal deeds.  So let’s see how you can protect yourself against cybercrime and prying eyes.

All computer users have got a lot of important info stored on their computers, for example, documents, personal photos, passwords, etc., and it goes without saying that all this info needs to be protected. Ashampoo Privacy Protector is just that program which reliably protects all your sensitive data from others.

Download and Installation

Ashampoo Privacy Protector is available for download from the official Ashampoo website and compatible with both 32 and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system. The size of the installer is just 20 MB. Currently the program supports 30 different languages.

The trial version has not got any limitation; you can use all features of the program for 10 days (or after creating Ashampoo account or using the existing one extent it to 40 days). The final version is scheduled for release on the 25th of July, 2015 and the cost of the program will be $ 49.99.

The installation process is as easy as ABC; all you need is to select the install language, accept the terms of the license agreement and optionally create desktop icons.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 3

The Interface of the Program

The main interface of the program can be divided into three parts- on the left there is a tools pane that includes all available functions of the program and provides access to them; it is consists of 9 categories:

Encrypt– it allows you to encrypt all computer files and folders in just three simple steps.

Encrypt and Burn– with the help of this tool you can encrypt files and folders and then immediately burn and store them on optical disks.

Encrypt and Mail– with this tool you have the possibility to encrypt your files and after that send them via default mail client.

Decrypt– it is used to unlock previously encrypted data.

Delete Data– it is a very useful and necessary tool for permanent deletion and removal of any sensitive data.

Create Security Key– by means of this function you can create a USB stick security key for the encryption and decryption of your sensitive data.

Clean System– it cleans any privacy traces in browsers and some installed applications.

Settings– through this category you can gain access to program’s settings and change some of them, for example, interface language, update notifications, weekly scan and some others.

Service– it provides access to some Ashampoo services, for instance, links to the official website and support team, etc.

The main window displays info about the number of encrypted and decrypted files, files burned to disks or sent via mail; you have the possibility to perform a quick scan of the system for any privacy traces.

At the bottom of Ashampoo Privacy Protector you can see three tiles which allow you to encrypt important files, decrypt previously encrypted files and create a security key.


The Main Features of the Program

Encrypt Data– encryption is the most reliable way to store sensitive info in safety because it allows you to restrict access to it using special algorithms. Only you and nobody else will be able to open it. Ashampoo Privacy Protector offers very easy, but at the same time advanced ways to protect any confidential files with just three easy steps.

First of all you should select those files or folders that you want to be encrypted; it is very easy to do that because the program is designed in the Windows Explorer style.

In the second step the program offers to select an output folder for storing encrypted files (you have the possibility to choose the default folder provided by the program or change its location) and some additional settings, namely, you can create a self- extracting archive, compress files, wipe files before deleting them, and so on.

The third final step is very important because here you can secure your files with the password. Ashampoo Privacy Protect offers three different ways to encrypt files- by entering a strong and reliable password (it should be noted that the program displays password strength in real time, i.e. the red color means that the password is weak, yellow-medium and green-strong), using a special password file or previously created USB security key.

Thanks to the most advanced and reliable encryption algorithm AES 256, it is practically impossible to break security defence and get access to sensitive data.

Encrypt Data 1

Encrypt Data 2

Encrypt Data 3

Encrypt and Burn– Ashampoo Privacy Protector allows you not only to encrypt files and then store them on the local drives, but also burn encrypted files directly to the disks; it supports all types of optical media such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays and even so called M-Disks that, thanks to unique surface technologies, provide long-term safety of data.

The process of creating encrypted disks does not practically differ from the above mentioned method; it is the same. Simply in the final step you should select the disk writer installed on the system and specify the writing speed. That is all! Nobody will be able to access it without entering the right password even after 1000 years.

Encrypt and burn 4

Encrypt and burn 5

Encrypt and Mail– in addition, Ashampoo Privacy Protector allows you to encrypt files and send them via email. All you need is to have installed any email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, etc. After encrypting and compressing files, the program will send them to specified recipient address.

Encrypt and mail 4

Decrypt Data– of course, with the help of Ashampoo Privacy Protector you can not only encrypt files, but also decrypt them. The process of decrypting is very easy, just browse for the encrypted file, unlock it using a password, password file or security USB key and, finally, specify the output folder.

Decrypt 1

Decrypt 2

Delete Data– hard drive is one of the most important components of any computer where we keep the great bulk of different files and folders, for example, text files, photos, videos, etc. on the one hand and tons of confidential and sensitive documents on the other hand; it needs no saying that it is very undesirable to put them into hacker’s or criminal’s hands. Deleting data using Windows in-built tools not provide their real destruction because this information is fairly easy to recover with the help of special tools. Therefore, just for this reason, Ashampoo Privacy Protector offers a very useful tool called Delete Data which allows you to wipe out confidential files from the system permanently. Thanks to advanced wiping algorithms, the program overwrites files with random values making them practically unrecoverable even using the most popular applications.

All you need is to select files to delete and click Next. That is all; Ashampoo Privacy Protector will do the rest.

Delete Data

Security Key– common passwords for protecting files from unauthorized access and use do not always provide a reliable defence against hackers; very often evil-doers manage to break them. Just for avoiding such unpleasant accidents, Ashampoo Privacy Protector offers a new way to protect your sensitive data- Security Key which provides a high level of protection. Thanks to this great feature of the program, now you can completely forget about creating and remembering tons of different passwords; all you need is any USB stick for generating a special password file which can be used to encrypt and decrypt your files. Simply connect the USB stick to the computer and encrypt and decrypt files without entering any passwords at all.

In addition, the program allows you to use your photos or files for creating the security key.

Security Key 1

Security Key 2

Clean system– every day we perform a huge variety of actions on the computer using installed applications, but, unfortunately, they leave a lot of unnecessary and unneeded files on the system that may contain confidential information. So, if you care about your privacy and want to protect sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands, you should keep the computer clean. Ashampoo Privacy Protector will help you to do that with just one click of the mouse. With the help of the program you have the possibility to clean the Windows system, i.e. you can remove temporary files, recent documents, opened files and applications, start menu bar searches, recycle bin items and much more.

In addition, the program allows you to clean any privacy traces left after using browsers; with Ashampoo Privacy Protector you can permanently get rid of cookies, cache, bookmarks, form data, history of visited websites and autocomplete URLs. Currently the program supports all popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

System Cleaner 1

System Cleaner 2

System Requirements

Windows Vista- Windows 10

Microsoft.Net 4.0 Framework


If you need a reliable application which would be able to remove confidential information and any Internet traces on the one hand and securely encrypt data using different methods, Ashampoo Privacy Protector is just for you. With it you can easily do all these tasks and protect your privacy.


1. Different data encryption methods
2. Strong AES 256 encryption algorithm
3. Permanent and unrecoverable deletion of sensitive data and privacy traces


1. It does not include help files
2. It has got very limited settings

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