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Ashampoo Snap 8 Review

Ashampoo Snap 8 Review

by March 31, 2015

Ashampoo Snap 8 Review.

It is often required to take a screenshot of the computer desktop or programs and send to friends, etc. It goes without saying that every photo is worth a thousand words. By means of pictures, you can express about anything. You do not need words because the photos are the most convenient and expressible way to tell somebody what you want. That is why many software developers have special programs not only for creating screenshots but also for editing them with built-in editors. Despite the fact that the Windows operating system has got the ability to create screenshots by pressing a special hot-key, we have to perform a lot of additional operations, for instance, copy the image to the clipboard and edit it in other programs. This is very inconvenient and time-consuming.

If you often have to work with screenshots, it is very necessary and useful for you to take full advantage of a program called Ashampoo Snap 8.  This is one of the handiest and the most powerful programs that allows you to capture screenshots in one click and then edit it by using the built-in editor. You can perform a lot of actions, i.e. add notes, shapes, stamps to the image, and so on. Additionally you have the possibility to record the computer screen and make high-quality presentations and tutorials. In a nutshell, this is the program which will be useful to anyone who wants to create amazing screenshots and make from them graphic masterpieces.

It is high time to say some words about it because Ashampoo has just released a new version numbered 8. It has got a lot of improvements and new useful features.

Download and Installation

The latest version of the program (8. 0. 1) can be downloaded from the official Ashampoo site. It is a simple file with EXE extension and its six is only 50 MB (after installation it takes about 120 MB of hard disk space). It does not contain any adware or third-party applications. The trial version is fully functional for ten days, but you can extend its time length up to forty days by logging to your Ashampoo account. The program is available in forty languages and its retail price is $39.90.

It is not necessary to be a computer ace to install the program. It is easy as ABC. Only three steps are needed from you. After clicking on the EXE file you have to select the preferred language during the installation.; then accept the license agreement and finally choose some install options (for example, desktop icons, user preferences, etc.). That is all. The program will extract all needed components to the chosen folder and Ashampoo Snap 8 will be at your disposal and you will be able to create and edit as many screenshots as you want.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 4

Installation 6

The interface of the program

After starting the program a special toolbar panel appears at the top of the computer screen on which are located all basic functional buttons for screen and video capture, for example, the buttons for capturing a single window or text, etc. (we will describe all of them more fully below). Additionally, the toolbar includes Color Picker, Configuration and Edit buttons.

The interface of Edit in-built window is divided into three parts. At the top of the window, there is an image editing toolbar which contains a lot of functions for screenshot editing such as watermark, various effects, etc.

On the left, you can see Mouse Tools Toolbar which includes instruments for cropping, erasing, blurring the screenshots, etc.

On the right, you can find Actions Toolbar with the help of which you are able to send screenshots by email, upload them to the cloud or Facebook, and so on.



The Main Features of the Program


The program offers the following capturing modes for taking screenshots:

Capture Scrolling Window (Freestyle, Firefox) – it allows you to select the whole website page and capture everything while scrolling it. I like this feature of the program very much. Capturing process is rather fast and the screenshot if of high quality.

Capture Internet Explorer / Chrome Website: this capturing mode is practically the same as above mentioned one.

Capture Multiple Windows: by means of this mode you can capture multiple windows at one. Just select one of four offered by the program modes- Desktop, Stacked, Side by Side or Side by Side (Children). Ashampoo Snap 8 will do the rest.

Capture Single Window – allows you to select a single window for capturing and take a screenshot. Every window will be colored by rectangle figure, so you will be able to choose that one which you want to capture.

Capture Free Rectangle Region – using this mode you can select manually any rectangle area on the screen.

Capture Freestyle Region –  you can manually outline the desired area of the screen and capture it.

Capture Fixed region – you can define the desired size of the screenshot manually from 640 x 480 to 2560 x 1600 px and capture this defined area of the screen.

Capture Menu – is a very useful and needed feature of Ashampoo Snap 8. It allows you to capture drop-down menus of the programs.

Timed Capture – Ashampoo Snap 8 allows you to specify a time interval after which the capture of the screen must be performed. You can manually configure some options manually, namely,(1) how many seconds must the program wait before capturing (from one to thirty seconds); (2) time interval for capture (for example, every second, every hour, etc.), (3) and finally, what to capture- single window, a rectangular region, webcam, desktop or custom region.

This is a very useful feature of the program because there is no need to open the capturing bar every time and capture each screenshot individually. All these actions will be done by the program and saved for the further editing.

Capture Text (OCR)  this a new feature of the program that allows you to capture a text, then extract it from an image and, finally, convert into an editable text by using OCR method.

Capture multiple

Timed capture


The Edit window is divided into three parts:

Mouse Tools

Editing Options


Mouse Tools  contain the following tools:

Scroll – allows you to scroll the images in all directions, i.e. right or left, up or down.

Crop / Pixelate / Blur– by means of this tool you can select any desired area on the image and crop, pixelize or zoom it. Additionally you have the possibility to specify the needed size, copy the selected area to the clipboard or blur it.

Eraser – you can remove any unwanted objects from the image using this tool.

Marker – is used to mark various objects on the image, for example, texts, etc.

Blur – if your screenshot has got any sensitive information, you can blur it using this tool.

Highlight Area – if you want to make some objects more visible and attractive, you are able to highlight them by adjusting color and transparency.

Flood Fill – allows you to fill any area with the chosen color.

Shape –  with the help of this tool you can add various shapes to the screenshot, i.e. rectangle, ellipse, bent line, straight line or polyline.

Pencil – using the pencil tool you can highlight some areas of the screenshot. You can adjust shadow, opacity and line color, select weight and line style (for example, solid, dot, etc.).

Arrow – adds arrows to the screenshot for attracting somebody’s attention to some important details. You have the possibility to specify arrow style, line, color, and so on.

Text – with the help of text tool you can add text notes to the screenshot. The program allows you to select the desired text color, font, text effects, size, alignment, etc.

Stamp – adds different stamp effects to the screenshot, for example, arrows, flowers, hands, flags, etc.

Numbering – this tool is used to add automatic numbering to the image.

Spotlight – is used to emphasize some sections of the screenshot to draw somebody’s attention to it.

Muse tool


Here you can find tools for sending screenshots by email, uploading them to cloud services such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive Google Drive, Ashampoo Webspace and Facebook. All images can be saved in the following formats: PNG, JXR, JPG, PSD, SNAPDOC, PDF, WEBP and BMP.


Editing Options

The program allows you to perform the following actions:

Zoom image in or out

Rotate image by 900 degrees to the right or left

Mirror it vertically or flip it horizontally

Apply drop shadow (by specifying shadow color, intensity, direction, offset and dither)

Apply border (by specifying image border- ellipse, rounded, etc. and direction- left, right, top, bottom)

Apply fade to the screenshot

Apply watermark with text or image

Apply mouse effects by specifying cursor shadow and sparkle

Apply date and time

Apply different effects (for example, blur, sepia, grayscale, etc.)

Resize the image by adjusting width, height, pixel and scale filter.



Ashampoo Snap 8 can capture not only stunning screenshots but also record the screen and save it as a video file. You can access capture video tool through toolbar panel. After clicking on it, a new window appears where you can configure some options, namely, select what to capture (i.e. a single window, desktop, a rectangular region, fixed region or webcam), resize video size and choose encoding method. Output video can be sent by email, uploaded to cloud or Facebook or saved in WMV and AVI formats.

Capture Video

System Requirements

Windows 7- Windows 8/8.1

256 MB of RAM

60 MB of hard drive space


If you need a comfortable and simple program for creating beautiful and stunning screenshots, then definitely must use Ashampoo Snap 8. Even an ordinary and inexperienced user can take full advantage of it. It contains all necessary tools for capturing, editing and publishing screenshots and video recordings. I highly recommend it.



1. A lot of different modes for capturing screenshots
2. OCR support
3. Comfortable and simple inbuilt tool for image editing
4. Video recording


I have not found any

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