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Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 Review

Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 Review

by July 17, 2015

Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 has just released (on the 12th of May) with completely redesigned interface and tons of new features. Now it is more powerful and functional.

Download and Installation

Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 can be obtained and downloaded from the official Ashampoo website; its size is about 30 MB and it is available in more than 30 languages. The trial version can be tested for 10 days (or 40 days, if you have got an Ashampoo account) and it is fully functional during this period. The price of the program is $ 49.00.

The installation procedure is very easy and it does not differ from other Ashampoo programs. All you need is to select the installation language, accept the end user license agreement and create desktop shortcuts.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 3

The Interface of the Program

The interface of Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 is divided into five tabs:

Overview– it consists of three tiles- Clean Up, Optimize and Protect and displays achieved cleaning, optimization and protection level of the system. A little below is a button for performing a quick scan of the system.

At the bottom there are three small tiles which provide you with information about your hard disks, system and services.

Overview Tab

Modules– it contains all functional modules of Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 and offers all modules, category and functions view.

Module Tab 1

Favorites– it displays the most frequently used modules of the program and provides quick access to them.


Backups– it contains a list of all backups created by the program.


Statistics– it includes statistical info about performed actions.

Statistics Tab

The main feature of the Program

Maintain system

One Click Optimizer– this module is of use for unexperienced users who do not know much about the main modules and functions of the program, but, at the same time, want to clean the system securely and without any effort. Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 allows them to scan and identify the most common problems and then safely remove from the system. With this module you have the possibility to delete Internet temporary files, cookies and history entries, clean drives from the temporary and other unnecessary files and, finally, optimize the Windows registry by correcting redundant entries.

One Click Optimizer 2

Drive Cleaner– with the help of module you can clean the system from junk files; Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 lets you completely scan the drive and get rid of temporary files, memory dumps, log files, error reports, and so on.

Thanks to thorough and flexible settings you can configure program’s options, for example, create an exception list for some kind of files, specify scan and delete parameters, define additional file types to analyze, etc.

Drive cleaner

Registry Optimizer– the Windows registry is one of the most important and at the same time, the most vulnerable component of the system. Every time you perform various actions, for example, install or remove applications, different registry keys are created. Over time the registry is getting more and more overfilled with unnecessary data and invalid keys and that leads to permanent system crashes and instability. That is why, it is very important to keep the registry clean and free from errors and unneeded data.

Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 allows you to get rid of invalid keys, missing application paths, start menu items, etc.

In the Settings menu you can specify some additional options, for example, how to scan registry elements or what files except from the scan.

Registry Optimizer 1

Internet Cleaner– this is a very necessary module of the program which helps you to put the computer in full order. The main function of this tool is to clean unnecessary data left after surfing the web. With the help of it you can remove data in browser cache, cookies, history list of visited websites and the list of manually entered URLs, etc. Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 supports all modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Internet Cleaner 1

Defrag 3– all hard disks are liable to fragmentation; that is why Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 includes a special module Defrag 3 to avoid that thanks to three different defragmentation methods (Fast, Normal and Intelligent) you have the possibility to keep hard drives in good order and prevent their fragmentation.

In addition, the program allows you to activate so called Proactive defragmentation with the help of which you can configure automatic defragmentation of disks by specifying the level of fragmentation in percentage on the one hand and Boot time defragmentation (i.e. defragmentation of some system files) on the other hand.

Defrag 1

Registry Defrag– over time the system registry becomes fragmented, i.e. its structure is not in order, but the information is scattered all over the registry. With the help of this tool you can improve the performance of your system by reducing and optimizing its size.

Registry Defrag 1

Improve Performance

This section includes five different modules intended to manage some system services, processes, applications and settings; they are as follows:

Service Manager– it allows you to view, manage and optimize all installed system services. You have the possibility to get thorough info about each service, deactivate or rate services online, etc.

Service Manager

StartUp Tuner– this module allows you to configure those processes and services which start together with the Windows operating system. You can add or delete startup programs, edit or modify them, etc. Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 provides you with detailed information about each startup entry, so you have the possibility to define if it is necessary for you or is not.

StartUp Tuner

Internet Tuner– this module lets you configure your Internet connection speed using two modes- Automatic and Manual. In the automatic mode you have the possibility to optimize the Internet connection by specifying maximum speed (for example, DSL 2000 kbit per second) and adapter settings. In the manual mode the program provides you with a set of tools for adjusting different parameters, for example, MTU and RWIN mode and some others.

Internet tuner 1

Process Manager– this tool enables you to view, configure and optimize running system services. Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 provides a full description of each service and lets you view how much CPU and RAM they use in real time in the form the graphical chart. You can set priorities for each service or end it.

Process Manager

Uninstall Manager– it displays a detailed list of all installed applications and updates and designed for proper and safe removal of those programs which are of no use for you.

Uninstall manager

Customize Windows

This section of the program consists of six different modules and helps you to customize a lot of Windows settings which are difficult or impossible to change by means of the system; they are as follows:

Tweaking– it lets you customize a wide range of options, for example, Logon (i.e. automatic logon, welcome message at logon, etc.), Devices (i.e. network settings, the behavior of the mouse and keyboard, etc.), Drives (cache and file system settings, etc.), System (OEM information, privacy settings, etc.), Desktop (aero interface, the display of system icons on the desktop, etc.), Explorer (UAC settings, the appearance of Windows Explorer, hibernation, etc.), Internet Explorer (it allows you to change some Internet Explorer settings), Windows 8 (you have the possibility to customize some Windows 8 settings, for example, boot screen, start screen, etc.).

Tweaking 1

AntiSpy– here you can configure some security settings of the system, i.e. Services (for example, Windows updates, error reporting, etc.), Network (remote access to the computer, network sharing, etc.), Software (Internet Explorer and Media Player options for protecting your privacy), System (different system security and privacy settings).

AntiSpy 1

File Associator– it helps you to associate file extensions with any of installed applications which can handle them.

File Associator

Context Menu Manager– this function allows you to view and manage context menu items; you have the possibility to enable or disable some of them, change some properties, etc.

Context Menu manager

Icon Saver– with the help of this tool you can create save points for the position of all desktop icons and later restore them.

Icon saver

User-Rights Manager– it allows you to set up and apply some restrictions to the system and prevent its modifications, for example, disable Windows CD burning or printing, etc.

User-Rights manager

Analyze System

This section includes 6 modules, namely:

System Information– it provides you with info about all system components; you can view details about CPU, RAM, hard drives, video cards, and so on.

System Information

Disk Space Explorer– it displays thorough info about hard drive capacity and number of files in it in the form of diagrams or pie charts. You have the possibility to determine how many files are in the hard drive. Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 gives you details on each component sorted by folders, files, size and percentage.

Disk space explorer

System Benchmark– it allows you to determine the system performance and speed and compare it with others online.

System Benchmark

HDD Benchmark– with the help of this module you can measure the read and write speed of the hard drive.

Hdd Benchmark

HDD Inspector- it provides you with thorough info about status of your drives (for example, is it healthy or not, etc.), SMART attributes, etc.

HDD Inspector

Font Manager– with this tool you can view and manage all installed fonts.

Font Manager

File Tools

File Wiper– it needs no saying that every computer user wants to keep sensitive data safe from prying eyes. Unfortunately, the simple deletion does not completely remove files and folders from the hard drive; it only deletes the path to the files in the Windows system and the file itself may still remain and can be easily recovered with special data recovery applications.

If you care about your privacy and wish to erase your confidential files completely and unrecoverably, you can take full advantage of the special tool offered by Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12- File Wiper.

With the help of File Wiper you can permanently delete any file and folder using four different deletion methods: Fast (it is specially designed for SSD hard drives and USB sticks and performs one write iteration), Default (three pass iterations), DoD 5220.22 M (seven pass iterations) and Gutmann method (35 write iterations).

File Wiper 2

File Manipulator– very often you need to split a very large file into several smaller parts, for example, while transferring it to the removable media or burning to the optical disks. Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 includes a special tool which allows you to divide a big file and make from it several files. You can define the desired file size (for instance, 1,44 MB, 700 MB, and so on) or manually select it. The split files can be easily joined together; just select one of the parts and the program will merge them into one in minutes.

For safety’s sake Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 has got a tool for encrypting and decrypting files with the help of which you have the possibility to encrypt sensitive and confidential data with a strong password and make it inaccessible to other users.

In addition, you can create a self-decrypting EXE file and delete original file once encryption is complete.

File Manipulator 2- Join

Disk Doctor– modern hard drives are relatively safe and reliable, but even they have a certain life cycle limits and after some time may become completely unusable because of damaged sectors and errors. Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 offers a tool called Disk Doctor which helps you thoroughly examine every hard disk sector and fix errors before it is too late. Thanks to this tool you can diagnose the current state of your hard drive (i.e. is it healthy or not) and take appropriate measures to avoid total loss of valuable information that is contained on the disk.

Disk Doctor 1

Undeleter– one of the most common problems with which computer users are faced very often is an accidental deletion of important files. But, now, you have the possibility to restore accidentally deleted files using a special Ashampoo Winoptimizer module- Undeleter. All you need is to select a drive to scan for deleted files and wait for the results. After some time, the program will display a full list of all found files and their recoverable status (i.e. for example, the green color means that the files are restorable and the red one that they are lost for good); just click on the Restore button and all the files will be restored.

In addition, in the Settings menu you can customize some settings such as display and search parameters, etc.


Link Checker– it is a well-known fact that shortcuts are very useful because they provide quick access to the system files and applications. But, if you have deleted files or move them to another location, these shortcuts become invalid and greatly reduce system performance and speed. Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 helps you to scan for start menu, desktop, quick launch bar and hard disk invalid shortcuts and safely remove them from the system.

Link Checker 1

Duplicate Finder– it goes without saying that it is very hard to find all duplicate files on the hard drive manually, but you do not need to do this difficult task because Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 will do it for you thanks to the very useful module- Duplicate Finder. The program thoroughly scans every file and every folder and gives you detailed info about all found duplicates, their extension, size and location.

The program offers a lot of flexible and advanced options for duplicate searching; you have the possibility to define search parameters (i.e. select only specific files for searching or specify files and folders to exclude from the scan, and so on).

Duplicate Finder 2

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

Any computer that runs one of the above operating systems at a reasonable speed.

What is new?

Windows 10 support

HDD Benchmark for hard disk analyses

Multi-user support

Updated cleaning algorithms

Enhanced filtering options for search results

Highly secure file encryption and splitting

Optimum SSD support

Broadband Internet optimization


Ashampoo Winoptimizer 12 is one of the best applications for optimizing and cleaning Windows. Thanks to a lot of different tools you can perform plenty of operations such as defragmentation, tweaking, cleaning and many others.


1. A lot of different modules
2. Very intuitive interface
3. Secure and reliable management of Windows
And a lot of others


I have not found any

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