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Ashampoo Zip Pro Review

Ashampoo Zip Pro Review

by February 11, 2015

Ashampoo Zip Pro Review

There is no need to say that the software developer Ashampoo is the world famous producer of high quality Windows applications. Everybody knows about great Ashampoo programs such as Ashampoo Burning Studio, Ashampoo Photo Commander, Ashampoo WinOptimizer and many others; they cover a wide range of use from multimedia and security through system utilities and office suites.

On the second of February Ashampoos never tiring developers made a new program available called Ashampoo Zip. Judging by its name, the main function of the program is compression or decompression of files but it doesn’t only do that. It also boasts additional advanced features stretching from file encryption to the repair of damaged archives. Thus, Ashampoo Zip is a multifunctional program allowing you to perform a lot of actions with any file.

Let me take a more steadfast gaze at it and show you some of its features.

 Download and Installation

Hoping to lay my hands on it as soon as possible and not wishing to waste my time, I immediately armed myself with the mouse and rushed to the official Ashampoo site. A few seconds later the blue-colored installer was at my disposal on the desktop screen. After double clicking on the setup file, the usual and well-known process of installation started.

The program allows you to configure some parameters during the installation, i.e. select the preferred language, create desktop icon, pin the program to the taskbar and associate it with recommended formats. That is all. After extracting all necessary files into the folder you will be welcomed with the window which contains the main application and tools for the program.



Installation 2


Installation 5


The program interface is designed as a so-called metro style, i.e. it consists of several tiles which are divided by groups. There are three main groups in the program: Applications, Archive and Tools.



Encrypt Files– All of us have a lot of files and folders on our PCs or laptops. Some of them are public and can be viewed by anyone, but others may contain very confidential and private information, for instance, software keys, credit cards, bank accounts, etc. Of course, you want to keep them away from prying eyes. Fortunately, you can do that easily with Ashampoo Zip. Thanks to an ability found in this program which allows you to encrypt any type of file and folder safely; nobody can access them without your permission because Ashampoo will be on guard untiringly day and night. You do not need anything special to create these encrypted archives; only a few simple but necessary steps, namely, select a destination format for archive (Zip, 7-Zip, PAE2, PAE and OpenPGP), the encryption method (the following encryption methods are presented in the program- AES 128-bit, AES 192-bit, AES 256-bit, Rijndael AES 128-bit, 3DES168- 192-bit, RC2_New 64 bits, Blowfish 128 bits, and Twofish 128 bits), choose your compression method (there are seven methods in the program: Optimized, Deflate, LZMA, BZ2, PPMd, Wanpack and Store) and compression quality (Normal, Fast, Maximum and Ultra). After entering a secure password, you can sleep calmly and carefree because your files and folders are now in the good hands of Ashampoo Zip and it will never let them be exposed without the password.


Decrypt Files– The purpose of this application is plain as day. Here you can decrypt encrypted files and folders. Every step is easy as pie; simply select the desired files and folders, add them to the list and finally enter the password.


Virtual ISO Drive– DVD discs are not as popular nowadays as they were ten years ago. Their life cycle is fairly short. Due to constant use a lot scratches appear on their surface and they can become unusable. Even if you do not use them on a daily basis they are subject to the influence of weather, for example, humidity, temperature, etc. Anyway, a lot of people still use these discs and have backed up various information on them. Ashampoo Zip will help you to solve this problem partially by copying the entire disc contents and saving it as an ISO image on your hard disk. More than that, you can create a virtual drive from this image and use it as a real physical DVD disc with the difference being that this kind of disc will never become ramshackle and it will be in your disposal for ages.

Virtual Drive

Virtual drive 2

Office / PDF Security– The program can safely encrypt and decrypt not only files and folders but also office and PDF documents. By using this feature you can apply to them signing options (signature type, font, encoding, etc.). Those computer users who make frequent use of these formats can take full advantage of this feature because their files will be securely protected and out of reach of anyone else.

PDF Encrypt

Zip Script– It is natural that we keep a watchful eye on our important files in order to avoid losing them permanently. The operating system might crash any time. But Ashampoo Zip will help you to back up all your important files with the help of a built-in program tool called Zip Script. It allows you to save created backups on the computer, burn them directly to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray discs, upload to an FTP server or send them to the Cloud. Additionally you can configure some more options, namely, compression format, backup type (Normal, Full, Incremental and Differential), compression method and compression quality. Of course, you have the possibility to encrypt an archive file with a password before creating a backup and schedule the backup to run at any time, for example, once a week or month, etc.

Zip Scrypt

Cloud Browser– With this tool you can upload archived files directly to the desired Cloud services after creation. Currently the program supports the following Cloud services: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft SkyDrive. The program has very easy and configurable settings; just select a cloud provider, enter your account name and password. That is all. Now you can easily upload your files and save them there.



It is a central part of the program dedicated to the creation and extraction of archive files. Everything is extremely simple. The program allows you to perform various actions with files- create, open or close an archive; extract, delete or rename files; send archives by email, etc.

Ashampoo Zip supports a wide variety of file formats: ZIP, ISO, ARC, ACE, JAR, CAB, RAR and many others.

Archive 1



There are six additional tools in the program; they are: Batch Archive Creation, Multi-Extract, Archive Converter, Repair Archive, New SFX Archive and Write Multi-Volume Zip.

The first two tools are dedicated to automatic creation of multiple archives and extraction respectively. It is very convenient when you need to create or extract many files simultaneously.

Archive Converter– Are you unsatisfied with an archive format and want to convert it to another one? That isn’t a problem for Ashampoo Zip and it will even do this for you. Simply select files and folders which you want to convert and specify the desired format. Additionally you also have the opportunity to configure the compression method and quality.

Archive Converter

Repair Archive– Have you downloaded an archive file from the Internet but unfortunately it was damaged. Do not worry! Ashampoo Zip includes a special tool called Repair archive. Thanks to advanced scanning algorithms the program thoroughly scans the broken archive and tries to repair it. The testing results showed that the program can manage those archives quite well. Nine out of ten archives were repaired successfully.

Repair archive

New SFX Archive– SFX archives are very useful. The program can create Self Extracting Archives. They can be opened without having any compression program quickly and effortlessly.


Write Multi-Volume Zip– Let’s say you have a very large file, for instance, more than five GB. Of course, it is impossible to place it on a CD. But thanks to this tool you can easily split it into several parts and then burn them on several CDs. Select the desired volume size (CD-ROM 650 MB. CD-ROM 700 MB, DVD 4.7 GB) and divide files into one multi-volume Zip.


The program can be downloaded from the official site. It is more than 50 MB. The system requirements are:

Windows XP-Windows 8 /8.1

220 MB of free hard disk space

Other requirements are insignificant

It is available in more than twenty languages

It costs $29.99. The trial version is functional for forty days.


Ashampoo Zip can cope with many types of files. I have tested it and I can confirm that the compression ratio and speed are very good. The program is a worthy rival to such well-known programs as Winrar and WinZip. Ashampoo Zip is a rather new program but I am sure that it will become better and improve with each update and upgrade. I think you should try it because it is designed in the best traditions of Ashampoo programs for which we all love them so much.



1. Support for a lot of file formats
2. File conversion into different formats
3. Strong encryption algorithm
4. Repair of damaged and broken archives
And many others


I have not found any yet

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Ashampoo Zip is a set of various useful tools conveniently combined in one program. It can not only compress or decompress files but perform a lot of other actions with them- encryption / decryption, creation of virtual drive, backups and many others.

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