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Audials One 2016 Review

Audials One 2016 Review

by November 22, 2015

Audials One 2016 Review

Every music lover needs a lot of different applications for managing media files, for example, applications for recording the Internet radio stations, converting files from one format to another, organizing media collection, and so on. There is no need to say that it is very boring and inconvenient to have got different applications because, firstly, you need to waste your precious time on searching for the best programs on the web and then on installing them, and, secondly, you have to open different programs for performing various actions with media files.

It goes without saying that it is much better to have got one advanced application which will help you to manage media files thoroughly, i.e. the application which will have everything for thorough and full management of audios and videos.

There are not many programs on the software market which offer a complete set of tools for managing media files. Audials One 2016 is one of them.

Audials One 2016 is an all-in-one media suite that includes a wide range of features which allow you to perform a lot of different operations with media files. With the help of the program you have the possibility to listen to and record radio stations, search for music and videos on the Internet and download them, create your wishlist with your favorite songs, albums and artists, watch podcasts and music television, record audio and video from a lot of streaming services and websites, convert audios and videos to other formats and play them on all your devices, organize and manage your audio and video collections, and much more.

The new version of the program can be downloaded from the official Audials website. The installer is not big; just 72 MB in size and it is available in four different languages- English, French, German and Chinese.

The demo version has got certain limitations, for example, you cannot record more than 25 audio and video files, convert only two minutes of audio or ten minutes of video, and some others.

The installation procedure is straightforward; all you need is to select a language to install, read and accept the license agreement and choose one of two installation types- Typical (the program will be installed with the default options) and Advanced (this installation type allows you to configure some options manually or install the program to an USB stick.

Installation 1

Installation 3

The interface of the program looks very complicated and difficult to use at first sight. Do not be afraid; very soon you will get accustomed to it and enjoy all the great features of the program.

At the top of the program (on the left side) there are three buttons which provide access to Audials account and various settings and options.

The main window of Audials One 2016 can be divided into three parts- Navigation Sidebar, Feature pane and Playlist and Player.

The Navigation sidebar (it is also available as a navigation drop-down menu if the main window is too small to display the whole pane) is consists of five different sections:

Music and more- in this section you can listen to and record Internet radio stations, search for music on the Internet and download them, create your own wishlist from your favorite songs and watch podcasts and music television.

Streaming- Audials One 2016 allows you to surf the web and record music from audio and video streaming services and websites, for example, Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, and so on.

Universal Converter- with the help of the program you can convert audio and video files from one format to another and copy the content of a DVD disk and record it.

Media Center- this section is used for organizing your audio and video collection.

Smartphones and Tablets- it includes various free Audials apps for different gadgets, for example, Android, iPhone, etc.

In the center of the window there is a Feature pane which displays currently selected feature, for example, Radio, and allows you to perform various actions, i.e. search for radio stations, convert files, and so on.

On the right side of the window you can see a Playlist and Player section; in this section you have the possibility to play your files, listen to the radio on the one hand and edit them on the other hand.

It should be noted that Audials One 2016 has got a very customizable interface; you can change a color scheme (it offers a lot of different schemes, for example, dark, snow, skyline, etc.) and font size.

Music search- Main

Music and more- Radio- Audials One 2016 allows you to listen to and download songs from more than 100.000 radio stations. It is very convenient to use and navigate. All the stations are sorted out by genres (for example, classical, electronic, heavy metal, and so on) and countries (nearly all the countries are offered by the program). You can also sort out the stations by popularity, recordability and bitrate.

With the help of the program you can effectively manage the radio stations; Audials One 2016 allows you to select any station and create scheduled recording (i.e. you can play them at specified time), select only those stations that provide complete songs, specify minimum bitrates for MP3, WMA and ACC songs (from 6 kbit/s through 320 kbit/s), and so on.

In addition, you have the possibility to add stations manually if they are not available in the program by specifying their URLs, open stations websites, share stations on Facebook, etc.


Add station

Manage Stations

Create scheduled recording

Music Search- do you want to listen to or watch your favorite songs? If it is so, you can take full advantage of this feature. It allows you to search for your favorite songs or videos on the Internet. Audials One 2016 contains several search plugins that provide access to such well-known websites and video portals as DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Tangle, Veoh and YouTube. Found results can be instantly watched or played with the help of an inbuilt player on the one hand and recorded to the computer; all you need is to specify a desired format and storage location.

In addition, the program allows you to filter found results; you can, for example, search only for audio or video, exclude some websites, and so on.

Music Search

Music Wishes- Audials One 2016 allows you to create a so called Wishlist, i.e. in other words, a list of your favourite artists. The program lets you create as many wishlists as you want, export it to a file, etc.

You have the possibility to browse Audials community website and view and download other users’ wishlists or upload your own wishlist there.

In the settings you can manage sources and configure filters, for example, radio stations and music websites, search and recording plugins, track length and quality, and so on.

Music Wish 1

Music Wish- Manage 1

Podcasts- Audials One 2016 lets you record audio and video podcasts from a variety of sources; all they are conveniently divided into different categories, for example, Arts, Business, Education, Games and Hobbies, and so on, and available in almost all languages.


Music Television- Audials One 2016 allows you to watch and record more than 50 music television programs. Everyone can find something interesting because the program offer a wide range of different music genres including pop, rock, metal, etc.

If your favorite music television is not listed in the program, you can easily add it by specifying its name, stream, country and genre.

Music Television

Universal Converter- in this section of the program there are two tools- Converter (it allows you to convert audio and video files from one format to another) and Copy DVD (this function of the program allows you to copy the content of a DVD disk to a media file).

Converter- you want to convert one audio or video format to another one? Fortunately, now you do not need to open your browser and look for conversion applications on the Internet. You can easily do that with the help of Audials One 2016. The program supports a lot of different audio and video formats:



Media files can be added onto the program via the Windows Explorer or using a drag and drop method. Audials One 2016 also allows you to search files with the help of a special “Find button” where you can select a path for adding audio or video files.

In addition, the program allows you to convert audiobooks; all you need is to install iTunes from the Apple website.

After adding files, you have the possibility to choose a conversion preset for your playback devices. Audials One 2016 offers several presets, namely,

Universal videos for PC

Universal for PC, Android, Kindle, etc.

Windows Media (for Windows Media Player and Windows phone).

Optimized for burning to a DVD (i.e. you can optimize media files for CDs and DVDs and create audio and data disks).

iPhone / iPad / iPod (i.e. you can convert files for iOS devices).

For older mobile phones (480×320).

Additionally, you can select gadget specific profiles, too, for example, Sony (Xperia tablet, Xperia go, etc.), Gaming hardware (Sony PS4, XBOX, etc.) and a lot of others.

Conversion Presets

Convert- Main

After specifying a desired conversion preset, you can configure conversion profile details, i.e. select those file types you want to convert- audio or video. The program allows you not only to choose the desired format for conversion but also select the quality of output files, for example, if you want to convert files to MP3, you have the possibility to convert them to 128 kbps or 320 kbps, and so on. More than that, the program lets you create your own custom profile; you can select the desired format, codec, bitrate and channels (for audio files) and format, codec, audio properties, bitrate, frame size and frame rate (for video files).

Before converting files you have the possibility to define some settings and options, namely, output storage, parallel processing and cover ID3 tags and lyrics search.

MP3 format

Custom Video Conversion

Custom Audio Conversion

By default Audials One 2016 saves all converted audio and video files in the specific folder on the computer but you can choose other storage places. The program allows you to store converted files online by using various cloud service websites (Audials One 2016 supports the following cloud services- 4shared, Box, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Google Play,, OneDrive, STRATO, HiDrive, T-online and WebDAV) on different devices connected to the computer (for example, smartphone, MP3 player, USB stick, external hard drive, and so on), in the “Media Collection” folder (you have the possibility to specify the desired folders for both music and movies), and on a special Audials service called Audials Anywhere (with the help of this service you can transfer your files online, share them among your friends or access from anywhere, for example, with your smartphone or tablet, etc.

In addition, Audials One 2016 also allows you to burn an audio CD or date DVD from converted files, create a ringtone for your mobile phone (by specifying the desired format- MP3, AMR or MMF and delivery method- download or WAP) and transfer them to iTunes for further use with your iPhone or iPad.

Converted media files can be played with Winamp, Windows Media Player or VLC media player; just choose the desired one and files will be immediately opened in these applications.

Sorage- cloud

Storage- main

Storage- Smartphones, etc.

Burn 1

Streaming- Save music and video- Audials One 2016 allows you to surf the Internet and record music and videos from streaming services and websites.

For recording music you need to select one of three recording tools offered by the program, namely, Direct recording into tracks, Sound recording into tracks or Continuous sound recording on the one hand and desired streaming services on the other hand. The program can record music from Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, and so on.

For recording videos you need to select one of recording options, i.e. Select videos manually, Select automatically, and so on. You can also paste a video link manually from your web browser.

A lot of different video portals are offered by the program; you can record videos from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, etc

Streaming 1

Audio recording tool

Video recording tool 2

Video recording tool

Media Center- it is a place where you can organize and edit your media files. Audials One 2016 allows you to sort out your music collection by genres, artists and albums; manage recorded movies, video podcasts, TV series, etc.

With the help of an inbuilt media player you can play any media files and edit them, for example, normalize sound, edit tags, and so on.

Media center

Media Center 2

Smartphones and Tablets- Audials One 2016 offers some free applications for your gadgets (for example, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, etc.) which allow you to access your favorite radio stations, music and media on the go.

Audials apps

What is new in Audials One 2016?

New and improved artist directory, combining of multiple wishlists and many other innovations.

Automatically tag all recordings of movies and TV series.

New mass recording improved radio timer, all-new radio news.

Fully new video library with plenty of extras for collecting and enjoying films.

Get charts and samplers, new single hit options.

Record music services at double speed.

More converter power with 85 file formats and 84 device profiles for PC, smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles.

Experience your music with further improvements.

A full list of all new features can be found on the official Audials website.

System Requirements

Windows Vista- Windows 10


1 GB of free hard disk space

1 GB of RAM.


Audials One 2016 is a program for passionate music lovers; it is a real paradise for them because it offers practically everything that it is necessary to enjoy the amazing music world. With the help of the program you can listen to more than 100.000 radio stations, watch podcasts and music television, record audios and videos from streaming services and websites, convert media files from one format to another and organize music collection.


More than 100.000 radio stations
A lot of streaming services and websites to record
Support for 85 file formats
And much more.


It is available only in four languages.

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