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Audials Radiotracker 2016 Review

Audials Radiotracker 2016 Review

by April 25, 2016

Audials Radiotracker 2016 Review

Audials Radiotracker 2016 is an advanced and powerful solution for listening to the online radio stations, watching music television and podcast. The program provides you with unlimited possibilities for working with radio stations. You can listen to more than 100.000 radio stations from nearly every country in the world. There are all music genres at your disposal, so you will easily find that radio station which broadcasts your favorite songs. You can not only listen to the radio stations but also record songs, store on your computer and edit them. Audials Radiotracker 2016 will provide you with everything for enjoying the amazing song world.

Download and Installation

The latest version of the program can be downloaded from the Audials official website. It is about 70 MB in size. You can use the program without any time limits but the trial version has got some restrictions, for example, you cannot more than 25 audio tracks, add tags in the automatic mode, and so on.

You will not find any problems while installing the program; it is very fast and straightforward. All you need to do is to choose one of two offered installation methods- Typical (this method is of use if you are going to use the program on the local computer) and Advanced (this very useful installation option allows you to install the program to an USB flash drive and listen to and record your favorite songs on any computer).

Installation 1

The Main Interface

The user interface of Audials Radiotracker 2016 is very intuitive and easy to use. The main window is conveniently divided into three parts, i.e. Navigation Sidebar (on the left side on the program) which provides quick access to the main tools and features of the program, for example, for listening to the online radio stations, watching music television, organizing media library, and so on); Feature Views (in the center of the program) provides access to the main features of the program, i.e. you have the possibility to view thousands of radio stations, create music wishes, organize your songs and videos, and so on) and Playlists and Player (on the right side of the program) allows you to listen to your songs with the help of the inbuilt music player, edit recordings, add tags, and so on.

Main interface

The Main Features of the Program

Radio- Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you to listen to and record thousands of online radio stations; the program currently supports (it is hard to imagine but it is true) more than 100.000 radio stations to use and enjoy. For convenience’s sake you can sort out radio stations by genres (there are a lot of different music genres at your disposal, for example, country, folk, electronic, rock, pop, and so on) and by countries (you can find online radio stations nearly from any country of the world, for example, Italy, France, Argentina, Germany, and so on). In addition, you can also sort out radio stations by popularity, station, recordability and bitrate.

You can record individual songs or several songs by using a special feature Mass recording in MP3, WMA and ACC formats from any of available Internet radio stations. All you need to do is to choose the desired station (or stations) and start listening to it. Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you to record and cut songs or record them continuously.

Audials Radiotracker 2016 offers a lot of settings for effective managing and controlling radio stations and it provides you with plenty of advanced options and possibilities. With the help of these options which the program gives you, you can create scheduled song recording from any station (i.e. you can schedule automatic song recording from any station simply by specifying the desired recording date and time), add stations manually to the program (simply by specifying its URL address or adding it from the playlist file; the program supports PLS and M3U playlists formats), open the station website or even share radio stations by posting them to your Facebook wall).

In addition, Audials Radiotracker 2016 provides you with plenty of different options for managing radio stations and it allows you to choose those settings which best suit your requirements and preferences. You have the possibility to record only those stations that provide complete songs or songs with good detection rate; select the desired audio format for recording songs (i.e. MP3, WMA or ACC) and minimum bitrate (for example, 128 or 320 kbit per second, and so on).

Manage Stations

Create Scheduled recordings

In the Audials options window you will find some additional options, for example, Filters (they allow you to filter out tracks by length, duplicates and specific artists), Audio Recording (it allows you to specify the default saving folder for storing tracks, recording speed, and so on), Audio Processing (it provides you with options for automatic adding ID3 tags and lyrics and applying fading effects), Storages and Output (in this section you have the possibility to choose the desired storage place, for example, local computer folders, cloud storage, external device, and so on) and Anywhere (with the help of this service you can apply some settings for accessing your media collection on your other devices such as tablets, smartphones, and so on).

Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you to edit recorded songs; there are several editing options at your disposal. For example, you can edit song beginning and end (by specifying the desired length and applying fade in and out effects), normalize volume, edit tags manually (by specifying artist, title, album and genre and adding lyrics and cover) or automatically (in this case, Audials Radiotracker 2016 will apply standard tags, album artwork and song lyrics automatically), and some others.

Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you to save recorded songs from the online radio stations not only on the local computer but also offers several other storage locations, as well. You have the possibility to store your songs in the Internet (there are a lot of popular cloud storage services at your disposal, for example, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and so on), export songs to any removable media connected to the computer (the program supports a wide range of removable devices, for example, external hard drives, USB flash drives, mobile MP3 players, smartphones, and so on) or upload them to the special Audials storage service Audials Anywhere (it is a very useful service with the help of which you can upload your recordings and share with your friends or access them from anywhere and from any device).

Cloud Storage


Audials Anywhere

In addition, you can also burn your songs to CD or DVD disks (the program allows you to create audio CD or data CD and DVD disks) and move them to iTunes library or three popular media players, i.e. Winamp, Windows media player and VLC media player.

Audials Radiotracker 2016 also allows you to create ringtones from your recordings in MP3 formats (all you need to do is to choose the desired ringtone length, select output format, i.e. MP3, AMR or MMF and finally move it to your smartphone).


Music Wishes- Audials Radiotracker 2016 is specially designed for those music lovers that have got a lot of music wishes and want their music wishes to come true immediately after asking for them. You do not need to listen to thousands of online radio stations to find your favorite songs; just make a wish and tell that wish to the program. Of course, it will remember that wish and quickly find it. All these wishes will appear in the program’s special section and you will be able to record them.

Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you to create as many music wishes as you want and export complete wishlist to the file. In addition, you can browse the Audials community website and load other users’ wishlists or upload your own wishlists to it and share them among Audials users.

Music wishes

Podcast and Music Television- Audials Radiotracker 2016 provides you with some additional useful features, i.e. you can watch and enjoy podcasts from a wide variety of sources (for example, you can watch podcasts related to art, business, education, and so on) and music television (the program offers more than 50 music television programs).


Music television

Media Center- Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows you conveniently organize your media library. With the help of the program you have the possibility to sort out your music collection by genres, artists and albums; manage recorded movies, video podcasts, and so on.

Media center 1

Smartphones and Tablets- Audials One 2016 offers some free applications for your gadgets (for example, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, etc.) which allow you to access your favorite radio stations, music and media on the go.

What is new in Audials Radiotracker 2016?

New mass recording, improved radio timer, all-new radio news and other improvements.

New and improved artist directory, combining of multiple whishlists and many other innovations.

And a lot of others. The full list of other innovations and improvements can be found on the Audials official website.

System Requirements

Windows Vista- Windows 10


1 GB of free hard disk space

1 GB of RAM.


Audials Radiotracker 2016 is a superb application for any radio and music lovers. It offers advanced and unrestricted possibilities to them. The program gives them everything that is needed to enjoy the beautiful music world. Audials Radiotracker 2016 allows them to listen to more than 100.000 radio stations, watch music television and podcasts, effectively edit recorded songs, access your recording from anywhere and from any devices, conveniently organize music library, and much more.


1. More than 100.000 online radio stations to listen to and record.
2. Useful options for managing radio stations and editing recordings.
3. Very convenient Music Library organizer.
And a lot of others.


I have not found any.

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