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Auslogics BoostSpeed 7 Review

Auslogics BoostSpeed 7 Review

by January 4, 2015

Auslogics BoostSpeed 7 Review

It is no secret that the Windows Operating System occasionally needs a good optimizing and cleaning. Unfortunately, Windows built-in tools do not give us everything a normal user would need to perform these actions in an easy manner. Therefore a lot of users prefer to use specific programs from third-party developers. One of these programs is Auslogics BoostSpeed 7! (official website: This is a powerful program with a great set of tools for optimizing and cleaning the Windows Operating System.

The new version has a lot of improvements and new features compared to Auslogics BoostSpeed 6. It now offers even more possibilities, so the question, “Why is my operating system so slow?” does not have to be so common . With BoostSpeed we have everything needed to help ensure the smooth optimization of our PCs. We can defragment hard disks along with the registry, uninstall unneeded programs, fix common problems, modify the interface of the operating system and more!

The program comes in two different versions-Free and Premium. The free version can only perform a full system diagnostics and some other basic improvements. It lacks a lot of features such as duplicate files removal, Internet settings optimization, etc. which are available in the Premium version. It only costs $49.95 and it is worth the price because the results which we get with the help of this program are priceless.

The system requirements of the program are as follows:

1. Operating System- Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1

2. Ram-312Mb

3. Disk space-60Mb.

Unfortunately the program is only available in the English language at this time. The installation process is very fast. Inside of five minutes the program can be ready to help you improve your computer.

The main interface of the program is very informative and well arranged. In the center you can find information about disk space, system stability and computer speed. After the first scan (which is very fast) Auslogics gives us a summary of ‘junk files’ it has found that are wasting disk space along with other system stability and computer speed issues which it then cleans or fixes! All unused web cache, application and temporary files will be deleted along with broken shortcuts. Any identified system errors, system shutdown issues, Internet and Windows speed problems will also be repaired.


Auslogics BoostSpeed has about twenty useful tools for Speed Improvement, Disk Management, Operating System Management and Privacy Protection.

Speed Improvement Tool consists of a Disk Defrag, Registry Cleaner, Registry Defrag, Startup Manager and Tweak Manager. Disk Defrag helps to arrange fragmented and scattered files in a much more cohesive manner which allows the Operating System and other Applications to read data from the disk more quickly. It works much better than the built-in Windows Disk Defragmenter.


Registry Cleaner scans the system for invalid or corrupt entries in the registry and fixes them to help maintain the stability of your system.


Registry Defrag ‘eliminates gaps inside registry entries’ which may help improve the speed of the system.


Startup Manager is designed to show you the programs that are started when the operating system is booted. You can see a full list of startup programs and detailed information about the developer, rating and location of the program. You can perform various operations with them, namely, disable, delete, run, etc. Auslogics has a very useful feature “Google It”. If you do not know anything about the program, just click on it then select this option and Google will give you comprehensive information about it.


Tweak Manager has hundreds of tweaks for optimizing and tuning the user interface (aero effects, animation, etc.), Taskbar (notification area, effects, buttons), Windows Explorer (Thumbnails, Context menu, Command prompt, etc.), System security (UAC, Privacy policy, Windows defender), Startup and Shutdown (Event logging, Automatic logon, etc.), System (OEM info, application start), Devices (Mouse, Keyboard, etc.), Internet Explorer (Interface, connections, etc.), Microsoft Office (MS Word/Excel) and other software tweaks.


Disk Management has six tools- Duplicate File Finder, Uninstall Manager, Disk Explorer, Disk Doctor and Locked Files Manager. Duplicate File Finder helps by scanning the disks to find any duplicates on the computer. It can look for images, audio files, video files, archives and applications. It is a very useful tool for freeing up disk space. The program gives you the opportunity to customize search options. For example, to look for all file types or only a specific file type, select file sizes to be ignored, ignore by file name(s), dates, or you can specify the name of the desired file and select the removal method- recycle bin, rescue center or permanent deletion.


Uninstall Manager is much more convenient than the built-in Windows Programs and Features tool. It contains a full list of the installed programs, windows updates and windows features (size, last used and rating). You can safely uninstall (or use the special feature to ‘Force removal’), change or repair the programs.


Disk Explorer analyzes your drive space and gives detailed information about all files and folders, their size and percentage of the drive used by each.


Disk Doctor checks your drive for errors and also tries to correct them. It is a very useful tool because often we lose our precious data due to a disk failure. This tool will let us know about any errors and give us recommendations on how to correct them. Thanks to Auslogics this can help us to save our precious data!


Locked Files Manager allows you to unlock files that are in use or otherwise blocked resulting in your being unable to move or delete them.


OS Management contains five tools- System information, Internet Optimizer, Manual Internet Optimizer, Task Manager and Service Manager. In the System Information section you will see a lot of information about the operating system, installed programs and hardware. (CPU, motherboard, storage, video, etc.)


In the Internet Optimizer section you can customize automatic maintenance of your Internet connection or in the Manual Internet Optimizer you can tweak the settings manually. The program helps you to set up the most important Internet parameters- auto heuristics, auto-tuning, default TTL and many others.


Auslogics Task Manager provides you with comprehensive information about all the processes, services and locked files. Service Manager lets you see all running services and allows you to disable unneeded ones to reduce memory consumption.


The Privacy Protection section consists of four tools related to your privacy- Browser Care, File Recovery, File Shredder, Free Space Wiper. In the Browser Care section you can tune some of the basic features of your browser- default browser, home page, manage your toolbars, add-ons and search engine (Bing, Google, Yahoo), protect your privacy by removing browsing data (cache, history, cookies, login data and auto-fill). The File Recovery tool helps you to retrieve deleted data. You can recover many file types including pictures, music, videos, documents or software executables. The File Shredder tool aids in securely destroying data by overwriting the selected files with multiple passes to prevent recovery.


The program allows you to customize the settings so that it can preform the actions most appropriate to your needs.

In the Algorithm section you can choose one of four wiping options (Wipe), add the folders that will be removed permanently (User Folders) and select the file types which you do not want to be cleaned, for example, ignore system files, read-only files, etc. (Advanced categories exclusions). The program offers a wide range of wiping options from basic to advanced. It uses four different methods – 1)Random data method (one pass method; all data will be filled with random data in one pass), 2)US DoD 5220-22m method (three pass method), 3)US DoD 5200.28-STD (seven-pass method), and Peter Gutman method (developed by Peter Gutman and Colin Plumb in 1996; it is the most secure method because the number of passes is 35).

In the section Scheduler you can enable or disable automatic maintenance. If automatic maintenance is useful for you, the program will offer you what, when and how often it will be carried out. You can disable or enable disk scanning or cleaning along with selecting the files that you want to be scanned and cleaned, for example, unused web cache, unused system files and temporary files. Auslogics BoostSpeed helps you eliminate various issues related to system stability, such as broken shortcuts, system errors and improve computer speed by optimizing the system registry, shutdown, Internet and other Windows speed issues. You can specify when automatic maintenance should be performed-on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and set the desired time.

In the section Ignore List you can add folders, files and registry list which should be skipped during scans.

In the last section called Rescue Center, you are able to choose those modules for which you want the program to create backups. Here you can also select a time for when the saving of these created backups should occur (minimum-one day, maximum-permanently) and disk space percentage restrictions for those backups.

In the General section you can customize settings of the program-start it at Windows logon or enable advanced scan and system-critical categories.


1. Easy and flexible configuration and optimization of the operating system
2. Full cleaning of unneeded and obsolete files from disks
3. Built-in tools such as Task manager and Uninstall Manager to manage Windows Services and Applications
4. Correction of errors in the Windows registry along with backups
5. Disk Defragmenter
6. Deleted files recovery
7. Optimization of the Internet connection
8. Checks for drive errors
9. Full information about all services and comprehensive system information


In the trial version you cannot remove junk files or see the details of many problems.

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Considering all of the features mentioned above, we can say without any exaggeration that Auslogics BoostSpeed 7 can be considered one of the best all-around PC optimization suites for increasing computer performance and solving many common problems.

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