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Auslogics File Recovery 6 Review

Auslogics File Recovery 6 Review

by August 3, 2015

Auslogics File Recovery 6 Review.

You have accidentally deleted very important files and you are thinking that they are lost forever and can be never recovered? Do not worry and do not lose your head because you are not completely lost. Fortunately, there is a superb application which will help you to get all your files back and the name of this application is Auslogics File Recovery 6.

With the help of the program you can recover accidentally deleted files because it does not let your files be lost forever. Auslogics File Recovery 6 you can easily recover all types of files- documents, music, photos, videos, applications and many others.

Download and Installation

The program Auslogics File Recovery 6 belongs to an Australian software developer Auslogics (founded in 2008) that is widely known as a creator of excellent application called BootSpeed. The latest version of the program (, released on 06.07.2015) can be downloaded from the official Auslogics website. The installer is not big; just about 7 MB in size and available for both 32 and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system. the trial version is fully functional for 30 days; you can perform unlimited scans and restore as many files as you want. The only limitation is the size of found files. Currently the program is priced at $ 49.95 and the license is valid for one year and can be installed up to three PCs.

The installation procedure is very easy; even novice users can install the program without any problem. All you need is to read and accept the license agreement and select one of install methods (i.e. Express or Custom; in the Express method all program’s components are activated by default while in the Custom one you can change some parameters, for example, installation directory). That is all; in seconds the program will be installed and ready for use.

Installation 2

Installation 4

The Interface of the Program

The main interface of the program is very simple to use and navigate; it does not have anything redundant and unnecessary, but only needed and necessary tools to perform a thorough scan for lost and accidentally deleted files and folders.

At the top of the program’s window there is a menu bar which contains five buttons with drop-down menus:

File– it is used to add folders to scan and exit the application.

Action– with the help of this menu button you can select or deselect disk drives and removable media to scan.

Tools– it provides access to different tools of Auslogics File Recovery 6, namely, Free Space Wiper, File Shredder, Create Disk Image and Scan for Lost Partitions.

Settings– it opens a new window where you can customize some options and settings of the program, for example, interface language, wipe method, etc.

Help– it contains links to online help, company website and technical support.

The main window of the program is divided into two panes; on the left side there is a list of all internal and external drives connected to the computer. You have the possibility to select all of them for scanning or limit your search to only one of them. On the right side there is a search pane which allows you to choose any desired file format to scan and restore.


The Main Features of the Program

File Recovery

Auslogics File Recovery 6 supports all well- known file systems such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS and exFat and it can recover your deleted files from any storage media both internal and external, i.e. hard disk drives, USB drives, SD cards, Flash cards, etc.

The process of file recovery is very easy and performed with the help of step by step Wizard and requires four simple steps.

In the first step the program offers you to select those file types that you want to search for on the one hand and disk drives on the other hand. Of course, you have the possibility to choose all file types or narrow search parameters and specify only those files that you need to be recovered, for example, video files or software applications, etc.

In the second step you can specify the modification date of the files, i.e. you can determine exact modification date, for example, today, yesterday, this year, etc. or manually specify desired period.

Second Step

In the third step you can specify the exact name of the file, of course, if you remember it.

Third step

In the fourth step Auslogics File Recovery 6 allows you to select additional search criteria, namely, you can perform a deep scan of the entire disk (but remember, it takes a lot of time), skip zero-size files and temporary and system files.

Fourth step

After completing all above mentioned steps, the program will start the scan. The duration of the scan process, of course, mainly depends on the capacity of the drive and selected parameters. For testing purposes I chose my internal hard drive with capacity of 500 GB and searched for only image files using default settings of the program. Auslogics File Recovery 6 managed to find out 268.486 deleted graphic files in less than two minutes.


In the final step the program displays all found deleted files that can be viewed as a list, details or preview. Auslogics File Recovery 6 you with thorough details about each file, i.e. its type, size, state (is a file recoverable or not), creation date, etc.


The program allows you to sort found results using special filters; you have the possibility to filter by date, size and type.

On the right side there is a preview pane where you can view, for example, image or text files before recovering them.

In the Settings menu you can configure some additional options, for example, the restoration of damage files, create an ignore list, integrate Recover Files to the context menu, etc.

Additional Tools

In addition, Auslogics File Recovery 6 contains some very useful tools that allow you to wipe out free space on the disk and permanently delete files on the one hand and create disk image and scan for lost partitions on the other hand.

Free Space Wiper

Are you sure that after the deletion of files and emptying the Recycle Bin, you permanently get rid of them? If so, you are deeply mistaken. Unfortunately, they will be easily restored with any file recovery application because only the path to the files is deleted, but not their physical presence on the disk; they still remain on the hard drive and they will be always there before complete overwriting with other files. If you care about your private information and you do not want to see it in evil doer’s hand, you can take full advantage of this tool because you cannot do that with the Windows standard tools.

With the help of Free Space Wiper you have the possibility to erase already deleted files and free up valuable disk space from any file remnants. Fortunately, nobody will be able to restore them even with the most advanced applications and utilities; they will disappear from your drive for good.

Free space wiper

File Shredder

It is a widely known fact that the simple transfer of files to the Recycle Bin and deletion from there, unfortunately, does not delete them permanently; they are still occupy hard disk space and can be easily restored.

If you want to protect your privacy and secure your confidential information against restoration, I highly recommend you to use this excellent tool. With File Shredder you can permanently erase your files and folders and make them inaccessible to others using four standard deletion methods:

Random Data Method– it overwrites files and folders with random data in one pass.

US DoD 5220-22 M– files and folders are overwritten with a special number pattern in three passes.

US DoD 5220-28- STD– it is one of the most secure methods; all files selected for deletion are overwritten with a special number pattern in seven passes.

Peter Gutmann Method– it is the most secure method now; data will be overwritten in random order 35 times.

It is up to you to choose the most appropriate and suitable method. Random Data Method is the fastest, but it does not guarantee the full security while Peter Gutmann Method is the slowest, but, on the contrary, it offers the maximum protection and security.

File shredder

Scan for Lost Partitions

You have accidentally formatted or deleted one of the disk partitions? Do not panic! Just try this tool. It can find and restore all the files that you have formatted or deleted. Thanks to the advanced searching algorithm, the program is able to recover lost files. All you need is to select the disk to scan and specify the scan range. Auslogics File Recovery 6 will perform a thorough scan of the disk and try to find and restore all accidentally deleted files.

Lost Partitions

Create Disk Image

In my opinion it is a very useful, more than that, very necessary tool of the program. Just imagine that you have deleted a very important file, but you, unfortunately, are very busy and you do not have time to restore it immediately. Just for this reason, the program offers this tool which allows you to create an exact image copy of your disk and restore it later. Thanks to that, you have the possibility to avoid file overwriting and recover it directly from the image.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

15 MB of free hard disk space

RAM- 256 MB


It needs no saying that Auslogics File Recovery 6 is a universal software application that is able to perform a range of different operations to restore access to the lost or accidentally deleted files. With the help of the program you can restore files from any disks and removable devices such as USB sticks, SD and Flash cards.

Thanks to easy to use interface and step by step wizard you have the possibility to specify where, what and how you want to find.

In addition, Auslogics File Recovery 6 offers four tools that greatly increase the functionality of the program because you can not only look for deleted files but also wipe out free disk space, delete files permanently using File Shredder, scan for lost partitions and create disk image.

Auslogics File Recovery 6 is an indispensable tool for those who want easily and without any effort to get back accidentally deleted files.


1. Reliable recovery of any file type
2. It supports a wide variety of devices and file systems
3. It has got several additional tools


The program is available only in English

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