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Avast Internet Security 2015 Review

Avast Internet Security 2015 Review

by August 10, 2015

Avast Internet Security 2015 Review.

Avast Internet Security 2015 is available for download from the official website that offers both online (about 6 MB) and offline (more than 200 MB) installers. The trial version includes all features without any restriction and can be tested for 30 days 9or for 60 days after registration). The program is multilingual and supports more than 30 languages. Currently it is priced at $ 39.99 for one year license and one PC; you can also buy two or three year licenses.

The installation procedure is straightforward and includes several easy steps. The program offers two installation types- Regular and custom. Do not forget, if you choose the regular installation, the program will install Google Chrome browser; so I recommend you to select the Custom one which allows you to configure installation location and components to be installed.

After that the program begins installation process which does not take a lot of time; approximately from five to ten minutes.

Installation 1

Installation 2- Custom

Installation 5

installation 10

The Interface of the Program

The main window of the program is designed in the Windows style and it may be divided into two panes- Status Pane and Tools Pane.

Status pane provides you with information with the current state of the system protection (i.e. protected it or not) on the one hand and contains some useful tile shortcuts to the most frequently used tools (these tiles can be easily configured; you have the possibility to change them and activate these components which you think the most necessary for you).

Interface- Overview

Tools pane consists of six sections and provides access to the main modules and tools of the program:

Scan– it is used to run various scans of the system. You can perform thorough scans for viruses, browser add-ons, outdated software, network threats and performance issues.

Interface- scan

Tools– it contains six different tools for secure online browsing (SecureLine VPN), safe online shopping and banking (SafeZone), running applications and browsers in a special isolated area to prevent the system infection (Sandbox), getting online remote help (Remote Assistant), protecting incoming and outgoing Internet connections (Firewall) and creating special bootable media (Rescue Disk).

interface- tools

Store– via this section you can enter Avast online store and buy any application.

Interface- store

Account– here you can create and manage your Avast account.

Interface- Account

Statistics– this section provides you with thorough statistics about the system protection, Internet traffic and all performed actions.

Interface- statistics 3

Settings– it allows you to configure program’s settings and different options, for example, active protection, update, subscription, and so on.

interface- settings 2

The Main Features of the Program

Avast Internet Security 2015 includes the following shields and tools:

Shields– File Shield, Web Shield, Mail Shield, Antispam and Secure DNS.

Tools– Firewall, Sandbox, SafeZone, Browser Protection, Software Updater, Remote Assistance, SecureLine, Cleanup, Rescue Disk, Browser Cleanup and Home Network.


Scan for viruses– Avast Internet Security 2015 offers five different scan methods; they are as follows:

Quick Scan– during this scan the program performs a quick scan of the system partition (i.e. the disk C, where, as usual, the operating system is installed). By default, only the most dangerous extensions are scanned, for example, EXE or BAT files, etc. on the one hand and the most sensitive and vulnerable areas of the system on the other hand. The duration of this scan is very fast; only several minutes are needed to complete it.

Scan for viruses- Quick

Full System scan– it is the deepest and the most thorough scan method of the program; all system components, files and folders are deeply searched for viruses and other malware. It is very lengthy and requires more than an hour, but I recommend you to run it and make sure that the system is clean and free from viruses.

Scan for viruses- full system scan

Removable Media Scan– unfortunately, the absolute majority of removable devices are infected and it is very dangerous to use them without scanning. If you have got a lot of removable devices such as USB sticks, flash cards, external hard drives, etc., you can take full advantage of this scan type because it allows you to scan only those devices which are connected to the computer via USB ports.

Scan for viruses- removable media scan

Select Folder to Scan– very often you need to scan individual files and folders and not the entire computer; if it is so, you can select this scan method. All you need is to choose the desired files or folders from the opened window and start the scan.

Scan for viruses- select folder to scan

Boot-Time Scan– this scan method is of use when you suspect that the computer is infected with such a virus which automatically loads at the system startup. With this scan you can detect and disinfect it at the Windows startup before it inflicts damage on the system.

Scan for viruses- boot-time scan

Custom Scan– there is no need to say that Avast Internet Security 2015 includes a wide range of scan options, but it also allows you to create your own scan parameters and use them at your convenience, for example, scan areas and file types, etc.

Custom scan 1

In addition, Avast Internet Security 2015 offers a special scan method called Smart Scan which is a combination of several individual tools (i.e. Antivirus, Software Updater, Browser cleanup, Home Network security and Cleanup) joined together for performing computer scan with one click. It is very convenient because you do not need to open and run individual scans; you have the possibility to perform all of them at the same time using only one scan.

Smart scan 1

Scan Settings– with the help of the program you can flexibly customize every option and setting of scans. Avast Internet Security 2015 allows you to define and configure the following scan parameters:

Sensitivity– i.e. you can adjust and control the level of Heuristic sensitivity (for example, Normal, High, etc.), enable the scan for potentially unwanted programs and suspicious files, etc.

Packers– in this section you can specify which types of archives (i.e. packed files) should be checked during the scan. Some of them are enabled by default, but you have the possibility to include other files to be checked, for example, RAR or ZIP archives, etc. It should be noted that the scan of archived files significantly increases scan time.

Actions– here you can configure what actions should be taken on virus detection; for example, you have the possibility to delete it immediately or move to the quarantine, etc.

Performance– with the help of this setting you can specify Scan Priority (Low, Medium or High) and some additional options for speeding up the scan process.

Report File– it is used for generating reports after each scan; you can select the desired file type (i.e. plain text or XML) and the contents of the report, i.e. details about infected items, errors, etc.

Exclusions– here you have the possibility to create a list of those locations that should not be scanned by the program.

Scheduling– via this window you can schedule automatic scanning. The program allows you to select schedule type (i.e. once, daily, weekly or monthly) and launch time and date.

Additional Scans

Avast Internet Security 2015 contains four additional scans which provide an additional layer of protection; they are as follows:

Scan for Browser add-ons– add-ons greatly extends the functionality of browsers, but, unfortunately, some of them may be useless and even malicious and significantly reduce browsers’ proper performance and speed. With the help of this scan you can search for dangerous add-ons and safely remove them.

Browser Add-ons 2

Scan for outdated software– every application installed on the computer needs updates, that is why software publishers regularly update them adding new features or fixing critical issues. So it is very important to keep every program updated. This tool helps you to identify those applications that need to be updated and manually install a new version, etc.

Software updater 1

Scan for network threats– with the help of this scan you can search for various vulnerabilities in your home network, for example, router settings, Wi-Fi password, etc. and with just one click of the mouse fix all found problems.

Network Threats 2

Scan for performance issues– your computer is getting slower and slower? If it is so, you can take full advantage of this tool and scan the system to find performance problems. With Avast Internet Security 2015 you have the possibility to get rid of junk files, unnecessary applications on the one hand and defragment and optimize the Windows registry on the other hand. In addition, the program provides you with information about current CPU and RAM usage.

Performance Issues 2


Avast Internet Security 2015 includes six tools which serve for performing additional tasks. They are as follows:

SecureLine VPN– you care about your online privacy? You do not want others view your online activity? You want to access websites with geographic restrictions? You can easily get all these using SecureLine VPN.

There is no need to say that unprotected network and Wi-Fi can be used by hackers for stealing data transmitted over the Internet. With the help of this tool you can avoid these unpleasant problems because it allows you to encrypt your Internet connection, hide the real IP-address and visit those websites that are restricted in your country.

Tools- secureLine VPN 5

SafeZone– the 21st century has brought a lot of innovations and made our life more comfortable and easier. Now we can buy a wide range of different things using online shops without leaving our warm rooms with just one click of the mouse. I think that is very cool. But, unfortunately, online banking and shopping is not always safe and evil doers can easily steal your confidential information and use it for their enrichment.

With this tool you can protect your online privacy against DNS based attacks, keyloggers and password sniffers. All you need is to activate SafeZone mode or add any website URL to the protected zone. After that you can enjoy secure online shopping and banking.

Tools- SafeZone 1

Sandbox– it provides a special additional protective function which allows you to run unknown and suspicious applications in a completely isolated place and protect the system against security risks.

This tool is especially useful when you visit suspicious and infected websites via your browser and want to test unknown applications, for any actions executed by them will not cause harm to the system.

Tools- Sandbox 1

Remote Assistance– you have got problems and you do not know how to fix them? Do not worry! With the help of this tool you can get quick and safe assistance from your friends or even from anyone who has got Avast Internet Security 2015 on the computer.

Rescue Disk– Avast Internet Security 2015 allows you to create a special Rescue disk with the latest virus definitions and record it on a CD disk or USB stick. It is very important to have such a bootable media because it will help you in the event of the system crash or virus infection.

Rescue Disk

Firewall– the program includes a very reliable and functional firewall which allows you to monitor and filter the network. The firewall protects your computer from unauthorized access and controls network activity of installed applications on the computer.

With the Avast firewall you can view and manage network connections, set up the current network, configure application, packet and system rules and define some additional settings.

Firewall- Application Rule 1

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

128 MB of RAM

2 GB of free hard disk space


Avast Internet Security 2015 is a comprehensive antivirus application that really provides you with everything you need to protect your computer. With the help of the program you can perform different scans, protect home network, block unauthorized access to the computer via Internet, safely run applications in a special isolated place, purchase a lot of things on the Internet without any risk, and so on.

I can say without any exaggeration that Avast Internet Security 2015 is one of the best security applications on the software market now; if you want to get reliable program which will be always at your side and protect you against all kinds of malicious threats, you can download and install it without hesitation.


1. Different reliable scan methods
2. A wide range of additional tools
3. Very low impact on system performance


1. Antispam module needs further development
2. Some additional tools are not free

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