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AVG Internet Security 2016 Business Review

AVG Internet Security 2016 Business Review

by June 29, 2016

AVG Internet Security 2016 Business Review

There is no need to say each business organization can easily become a victim of cyber-criminals. So they must take all necessary steps to protect their computers from all these malicious dangers, for example virus attacks, spyware infection, identity theft, and so on. The first and the most needful step which should be taken is a good security application. And AVG Internet Security 2016 Business is just that application. It is a corporate software product for protecting of workstations and business organizations. The program includes all necessary components for protection against malware and spyware, web security and email security, and so on. AVG Internet Security 2016 Business is based on a client-server principle, i.e. in other words, on all computers are installed special remote clients and management of all these computers are done through network with the help of AVG remote administration console. Thanks to AVG Internet Security 2016 Business, all your computers will be reliably protected and invulnerable to viruses and other malware.

Download and Installation- the trial version of AVG Internet Security 2016 Business is available for downloading on the official AVG website. Its size is about 250 MB and it is compatible for both 32 and 64-bit versions. You can test the program without any limitations for 30 days. Currently the program supports more than 20 languages including English, French, German, Italian, and so on.

The installation procedure of the program is very easy and straightforward. After clicking on the downloaded installer, you will be able to choose the interface language and select one of two installation methods- Standard (if you choose this method, the program will install the default components) and Custom (this method allows you to customize your installation and select the desired location and security components).

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 3

Installation 6

The Interface of the Program- The main interface of the program is very easy to navigate and use. At the right top corner there are three buttons- Reports (it shows different info about program’s performance after accessing it, for example, update reports, and so on), Support (this button provides you with info about the program and your current license. Through this button, you can access knowledge base, AVG community portal, and so on) and Options (this drop-down-menu gives you access to various options and tools of the program, for example, scan, update, and so on). In the central part of the interface there are five tiles which show main security components of the program- Computer, Web, Identity, Email and Firewall. And, finally, at the bottom of the interface, you will find buttons for performing scans, enabling remote administration and get info about the current status of your PC.



The Main Security Components of the Program- AVG Internet Security 2016 Business offers all necessary protection components for reliable and effective security both local and server computers. Currently the program includes the following protection components- Computer (it consist of two modules- Antivirus and Data Safe), Web (you will find here two modules- Link Scanner and Online Shield), Identity (it includes a special module for protecting against potentially unwanted applications), Email (two components are at your disposal here- Email Scanner and Anti-Spam) and Firewall.

Computer- as was stated before, this component contains two protective module- Antivirus and Data Safe. The first of these two modules- Antivirus gives you and your computer non-ending and continuous protection against all known and even unknown threats in real time. It reliable and effectively protect your PC against viruses, spyware, and a lot of other malicious threats. Thanks to using the most advanced security technologies and outstanding antivirus engine, you can secure your computer against all kinds of malware without slowing down your PC. AVG Internet Security 2016 Business offers a lot of various setting and options to achieve the best results. In the Settings menu, you can apply various additional options, for example, you have the possibility to enable heuristic method and scan files in the registry, exclude some file types from the real-time protection, manually specify file extensions which should be protected by the program, and a lot of others. In addition, you can also activate an Anti-Rootkit module and protect your computer against malicious applications and drivers.

The second module Data Safe allows you to protect any confidential and sensitive files by a password. For using and enjoying this great feature of the program, you need to create a special safe for your files. All you need to do is to enter the desired name, create a password and specify this safe location and its size. That is all! Now all your confidential files will be under the protection of AVG Internet Security 2016 Business.


Computer Protection Tab 1


Data Safe 1

Data Safe 2

Web- this component also includes two modules which protect your online activity- Link Scanner and Online Shield. The first module protects you against various malicious websites. Before opening them, AVG Internet Security 2016 Business thoroughly checks any website and blocks them if any malware is detected. With the help of this module, you have the possibility to protect your computer against exploit, phishing and hacked websites.

The second module Online Shield allows you to protect your computer against malicious file downloads. This module thoroughly examines and analyzes every file before downloading and immediately stops downloading if any malicious items are found. You have the possibility to specify some options, too, for example, you can scan archived files, use heuristics to identify viruses, and so on.

Component 2- Web Browsing Protection

Online Shield 1

Identity- this module allows you to analyze the behavior of any applications installed on your computer and block it in the event of dangerous actions.

Email Protection- this security component of AVG Internet Security 2016 Business includes two protection modules- Email Scanner and Anti-Spam. The Email Scanner module allows you control your mail boxes and find and disinfect malicious mails and attachments. The second module Anti-Spam protects your mail box from unwanted spam messages. In the Settings menu, you can apply some additional options, for example, scan properties, attachment settings, and so on. AVG Internet Security 2016 Business currently supports all well-known mail protocols, i.e. POP, SMPT and IMAP. In addition, you can create a so called White list (for approved email senders) and, on the contrary, Blocked list (for blocked email senders).

Identity Protection 1

Email Protection

Email Settings 1

Firewall- AVG Internet Security 2016 Business has got a very effective and enhanced firewall which helps you to control online connections. The program offers three different modes- Automatic the default mode of the program; all activities and behavior of any application are blocked automatically or allowed automatically), Interactive (in this mode the program asks you to allow or block applications) and Block Internet Access (all Internet connections are blocked). The program allows you to set up special rules for every installed application installed on your PC, for example, you can block or, on the contrary, allow access to the network, and so on.

Firewall 1

Firewall 2

Scans- AVG Internet Security 2016 Business offers different scans methods for performing manual analysis of the computer for viruses and other malware. The program provides you with the following scan methods- Scan Whole Computer (during this scan all computer areas are thoroughly scanned for viruses); Scan Specific Files and Folders (the program scans only those files and folders which are specified by you) and Anti-Rootkit Scan (i.e. the program only scans for a specific virus kind called rootkits). The program also allows you to enable the Scan for removable devices connected to the computer.

In addition, AVG Internet Security 2016 Business allows you to create scheduled scans and run scans at specified time. For example, you have the possibility to select the desired time and date, specify the used scan method, and so on.

Scan 1

Scan 2

File Shredder- AVG Internet Security 2016 Business also contains a very useful tool which allows you to delete sensitive and confidential files permanently and unrecoverably using the most advanced deletion methods.

AVG WiFi Guard- this very useful feature of the program allows you to protect your computer against infected WiFi access points. The program will block all attempts to access those unknown and malicious WiFi networks.

Of course, the main advantage of the Business version is that you can remotely control all the computers and reliably manage them and protect against viruses and other malware. Thanks to the special module AVG Remote Administration you can reliably and effectively manage your corporate network from one centralized place.

AVG Remote Administration is specially designed for the centralized administration and management of AVG products to protect your local network. Using this Remote Administration, you can protect all computers of your network, set the security settings for each computer or group of computers, and so on.

The administrators of computer networks can use a lot of features to ensure the maximum protection of the workstations. They can remotely control status of workstations, scan remote computers, and so on.

AVG Remote Administration provides the administrator with a complete set of tools for administering and protecting computers on the local network. AVG Remote Administration allows you to centrally manage all security components offered by AVG Internet Security 2016 Business, for example, the complete protection of users when they work online, and so on.

What is new in AVG Internet Security 2016 Business?

Network antivirus

File shredder

Data Safe

System Requirements

Windows Vista- Windows 10; Windows Server 2003- 2012

Processor- 1.8 GHz


Disk Space- 1700 MB

Conclusion- AVG Internet Security 2016 Business is a comprehensive and advanced antivirus solution for small business organizations. It provides the administrators with all necessary tools for reliable and effective management of servers and workstations. The administrators have the possibility to control and manage all security components remotely from one centralized place. In general, thanks to the program you will be protected against all known threats and virus attacks.


1. A large number of components for protecting the computer
2. Advanced Cloud technology for detecting any threat
3. Reliable mail protection
4. Centralized management of workstations and business networks.


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