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AVG TuneUp Utilities 2015

AVG TuneUp Utilities 2015

by January 9, 2015

It is no secret that the Windows Operating System needs a good optimizing and cleaning service, but unfortunately the built-in Windows  tools cannot give us everything we need to perform these actions in an easy way. Therefore a lot of users prefer to use specific programs from third-party developers. One of these programs is AVG TuneUp Utilities 2015. It is a powerful program with a great set of tools for optimizing and cleaning the Windows Operating System. This new version has lots of improvements and added features in comparison to Tuneup Utilities 2014. The new version offers even more possibilities, so the common question: “Why is my operating system so slow?” – does not need to be one you will be asking. Now we have everything we need for the correct and smooth optimization of our PCs. We can defragment hard disks and the registry, uninstall unneeded programs, fix common problems, modify the interface of operating system, etc.

The installation file can be downloaded from the official website.

Its size is 45 Mb; after installation it occupies 140Mb of hard disk space.

System requirements are as follows:

1) Windows XP-Windows 8/8.1

2) 200 MB of available hard disk space and an active Internet connection for activating the license.

The trial version is fully functional for 15 days. After that you can buy the full license (if you like it) or completely remove the program from the computer (if you are not satisfied with its features). The program costs $39.99.

The installation process was fast and easy. After accepting the license conditions and reading the data protection statement the program started the first 1-click maintenance scan. All the problems were displayed and I corrected them just with one click.








The main interface of the program is the same as the previous version- TuneUp Utilities 2014. It still consists of five tabs- Dashboard, Optimize, Clean Up, Fix Problems and Personalize.


Dashboard allows you to see the current state of your computer, its performance and health. The program allows you to scan the computer and fix all of the found problems. With the help of AVG 1-Click Maintenance scan you can clean, repair and defragment the registry. It also removes broken shortcuts, cleans up Windows and programs, clean the browser, optimize your system startup or shutdown and defragment the hard disk (only HDD types are supported; the program will automatically exclude any SSD from defragmentation). After a scan TuneUp Utilities will provide you with a detailed report about all the detected problems and offer to run maintenance. Simply clicking on the button will initiate a quick process to correct and clean the issues. In the Settings you can specify which maintenance task should be carried out, exclude some of them from scanning, disable or enable automatic maintenance, alter the frequency and schedule of maintenance, etc. The scan speed is relatively fast; it only took about two minutes. Before starting the PC Performance scan you should answer four questions about your Internet connection (DSL, TV Cable, Fiber Optics, Cellular, etc.) and speed (from 2 to 100Mbit per second), visual objects optimization criteria (you can choose maximum visual appearance or do not optimize visual effects and some others) and recommendations for the removal of programs if they are not touched for longer than 20 days of PC usage, etc.). After answering these questions the program will scan your computer and give you recommendations on how to fix and boost the performance of you hardware and software, Internet connection speed and visual effects. During PC health scan the program analyzes devices, drivers, security/privacy issues, hard disk space, etc. All found problems related to Computer health will be displayed. You can easily get rid of them and fix all the problems. AVG rescue Center is a very important section of the program. It is a versatile recovery center where you can always undo changes and go back to a previous state of the system. Here you can find all the backups created by the program before cleaning the system and view detailed information about changes to Windows registry keys. In the Settings menu you may exclude some modules from being backed up and specify the interval of backup deletion. Placed at the bottom of the Dashboard tabs main window are two tools- PC mode and Flight Mode. PC mode offers three different modes- Economy, Standard and Turbo. The Standard Mode which is turned on by default for all Windows systems is the normal state. With the help of the Economy mode, which is intended only for mobile devices (netbooks, notebooks, laptops), you can extend the battery life of your notebook, etc. Turbo Mode allows you to free more resources by temporarily disabling some tasks and services. It analyzes the current state of the system, identifies secondary services and programs that do not affect system operation and disables them. Turbo mode helps you to optimize and improve the performance of games and other programs. Flight mode is designed only for portable devices and allows you to minimize battery consumption by turning off WiFi and Bluetooth.







The second tab Optimize is divided into two big parts- Reduce system load and Optimize registry and performance. Reduce System Load includes tools designed for working with system applications. For example, by using these tools, you can disable programs or uninstall them. It has a lot of tools for reducing the load on your system. You can clearly see which programs use the most resources and disable them. Updated Live Optimization technology allows you to optimize all active Windows processes. The program can deactivate all unnecessary programs that consume precious system resources with just a few clicks. It is an essential and very great feature of AVG Tuneup utilities 2015. We all have a lot of programs and if they do not work then they are wasting computer resources. Some of these may even have processes running in the background that you aren’t even aware of which can slow down our computers greatly. But thanks to AVG Tuneup utilities 2015 users have complete control over all the running programs and now they won’t slow down your computer. You can easily install more than 100 programs but keep your Windows operating system working smoothly and without any slowdowns. In the Optimize Registry and Performance section you can securely clean and defragment registry, Optimize system startup or shutdown and Defragment hard disk. The programs offers two options for registry cleaning- Complete (all registry entries will be scanned) and User-defined (only scans the parts of the registry which have been selected by the user). The program will perform a thorough scan of all system components- Acoustic signals, cache for program descriptors, drivers, file types, fonts, installed programs, program extension and paths, shared files, startup, Windows firewall and services. This section also contains special service tools for registry cleaning and defragmentation, system startup optimization and hard disk defragmentation.






The third tab, Clean Up, is divided into two parts- ‘Gain disk space and delete usage data’ and ‘Analyze storage usage and delete data’.

Gain disk space and delete usage data offers powerful cleaning capabilities. You can clean up a browser or remove broken shortcuts. AVG Tuneup  Utilities 2015 allows you completely clean Windows of unneeded remnants for more than 150 programs (for example, Skype, Microsoft Office, Ashampoo, etc.). You can easily clean up Windows temporary files, log files, activity traces, old restore points, Windows update backups, etc. Tuneup Browser Cleaner, which is suitable for all popular modern browsers- Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox, securely cleans Browser cache, cookies and browsing history. You can also clean Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight cookies.

Analyze storage usage and delete data has four tools for finding and removing unnecessary files- search for any duplicate files on the computer (graphic, video, audio, folders, archives, etc.) and safely delete them; find the largest folders and files which occupy the precious space of your hard drive with AVG Disk space explorer, securely delete your files with the help of AVG Shredder that uses three different methods of deletion- Fast delete, DOD 5220.22 method and Gutman method. A newer feature of AVG TuneUp Utilities 2015 is its ability to clean Apple devices (Iphone, Ipad and Ipod).



The fourth tab has two sections-Check system and fix problems and Manage and show system information. The program allows you to solve the most common Windows operating system issues. It is a very useful tool with which you can fix minor problems without much effort. Using this tool you can restore the missing icons on the desktop, fix display issues and problems working with files and folders. Besides that you can also check hard disks for errors. The built-in utility called Tuneup Doctor, scans the drive and if errors are found, tries to correct them. This tab also includes a special utility for recovering accidentally deleted files. Here you can view running applications and processes, computer performance, network status, information about operating system, system drivers, hardware, memory, display and devices (processor and Bios), etc. It contains a lot of informative details which are very useful for any user.


In the fifth tab Personalize you can modify Windows settings (Display- effects, animations, menu appearance, font smoothing; Usage-mouse functions and sensitivity, keyboard, button appearance, etc., Administration- User Logon, desktop and Taskbar, Security, etc.) and Change Windows appearance (System elements- icons, buttons, folders, etc.). You can download additional Windows logon screens, visual styles and icon packs from AVG site.




1. Fast and safe cleaning of hard drives
2. Finds and removes duplicate files
3. Disk defragmentation
4. File shredder
5. Turbo Mode for maximum PC performance


The trial period is only 15 days

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AVG TuneUp Utilities 2015 is a powerful and effective all-in-one utility for correcting, cleaning and optimizing the operating system. It includes a lot of tools such as a defragmenter, system cleaner and an optimizer, etc. that help to keep your system stable, reliable and safe. If you want a simple but potent program for optimizing and tuning AVG TuneUp Utilities 2015 is likely to be indispensable for you.

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