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Avira Internet Security 2015 Review

Avira Internet Security 2015 Review

by June 13, 2015

Avira Internet Security 2015 Review

It goes without saying that it is not enough to have simply an antivirus program, you must have a good antivirus program which will help you to resist any threat and successfully fight against them. Of course, it is very difficult to find such a program but nothing is impossible. I think that Avira Internet Security 2015 is just that program that will be always on guard and reliably ward your computer.

Download and Installation

Avira Internet Security 2015 is available for download from the official Avira website. It is a file with EXE extension and its size is relatively big, about 200 MB. It supports both 32 and 64-bit versions of the Windows. The trial version is fully functional for 30 days. Currently the program is priced at $35.95 for one year license and valid for installation on only one computer. (The price of two-year license $53.95 and a three-year license costs $71.95).

No professional computer skills are required for the successful installation of the program, it is very fast and easy. All you need is to go through some easy steps. After extracting all necessary files, the program offers to select a setup type – Express (all standard components of the program will be installed, you do not need to change anything) and Custom (during the custom installation you have the possibility to configure and select only those program features which you wish to install). Between these two install options, I have chosen the second one (additionally in this step you must read and accept End User License Agreement in order to continue the installation process).

Installation 2

In the next step, the program will offer you to select the default installation folder for the installation. Just click Browse if you want to change the installation location and choose any other place on the computer.

Installation 3

In the fourth step the program allows you to configure Cloud Protection.

The fifth step is standard and known to everybody, i.e. you can create a desktop icon and a program group in the start menu.

Installation 6

Installation 5

Installation 7

The last sixth step helps you to activate the program using the activation code or a valid license file. If you have not got them, you can activate a test license to try out Avira Internet Security 2015 for 30 days, just enter your personal details, i.e. title, first and last name, email and country.

Installation 8

Installation 10

That is all. After completing all above mentioned steps and installing the program successfully, you will be welcomed by Avira Configuration Wizard which will help you to configure the basic components of the program, they are as follows:

AHEAD (short for Advanced Heuristic Analysis and Detection) – the program allows you to activate this feature and select one of three levels for it- Low, Medium and High. It is very important, more than that, necessary to activate this feature because it protects you against unknown viruses and malware.

Configuration Wizard 2

Select Extended Threat Categories – Avira Internet Security 2015 is able to protect the computer not only against viruses, but also from other threats. Here you can select those threat categories you want to be protected by Avira, for example, adware, spyware, phishing, etc.

Configuration Wizard 3

Network – this feature enables you to define some Firewall rules for accessing and using network resources.

Configuration Wizard 5

Real-Time Protection Start Mode – here you can select one of two start modes of the program – Normal or Secure start.

Configuration Wizard 6

Safe Browsing – the program allows you to activate and assign roles to the individual users while browsing the Web.

Configuration Wizard 7

Password – here you can create a password and protect your configuration from unauthorized change.

Configuration Wizard 8


The Interface of the Program

The main user interface of Avira Internet Security 2015 is very comfortable and easy to use and navigate even for inexperienced users, every feature and tool is conveniently categorized and sorted out. The main window of the program is divided into two parts – Navigation Pane and Status Center.

Interface- Status

The Navigation Pane is located on the left side of Avira Internet Security 2015 and contains all the tools with the help of which you can perform various actions, for example, run system scan, backup important files, activate child protection, and so on. It is divided into five categories:

PC Protection – includes three tools – System Scanner, Real-time protection, and Backup.

Interface- System Scanner

Interface- Real-time Protection

Interface- Backup

Internet Protection – i.e. Firewall, Web Protection, and Mail Protection.

Interface- Firewall

Interface- Web Protection

Interface- Mail Protection

Child Protection – contains two tools – Social Networks (for protecting children on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on) and Safe Browsing (it allows you to control and block different websites which contain pornography, violence, etc.).

Interface- Social Networks

Interface- Safe Browsing

Android Security – the program is a perfect solution for protecting not only computers but also Android devices, for example, smartphones. In this category, you are able to create an account on Avira official website and download for free Avira antivirus for your mobile device and keep it free from malware.

Interface- Android Security

Administration – this category contains information about quarantined files, reports of all performed actions, event logs, and a list of scheduled tasks.

Interface- Quarantine

Interface- Scheduler

Interface- Reports

The Action Center occupies a major part of Avira’s window and it displays full and detailed information about each selected tool chosen from the Navigation Pane, for example, after choosing System Scanner, you have the possibility to run different types of scan offered by the program, etc.

The Main features of the Program

Avira Internet Security 2015 is a reliable solution that meets the highest requirements of security and speed. The program offers an effective protection based on Avira Cloud technologies against all types of malware and Internet threats.

System Scanner – Avira Internet Security 2015 offers different scan types. You have the possibility to run the following scans for detecting and disinfecting viruses and any other malware.

Local Drives – during this scan mode the program scans all local drives of the computer, i.e. HDDs, SSDs, DVD drives, USBs, and so on.

Removable Drives – all portable drives such as external hard drives, USB sticks, etc. connected to the computer are scanned in this scan mode; hard drives of the computer are skipped.

Windows System Directory – if you do not want to perform a scan of all your hard drives and waste time on scanning the entire computer, you can take full advantage of this scan mode because it allows you to scan only Windows System directory for viruses, i.e. the folder where the operating system is installed (the default path- C:\Windows\System 32).

Complete System Scan – sometimes it is necessary to carry out the complete scan of the system. This scan mode allows you to perform a thorough search for viruses and all system components will be scanned and analyzed.

Quick System Scan – unlike above mentioned scan method when all system is thoroughly searched for viruses, this mode allows you to scan only the most important folders such as Windows directory, program directory, documents and settings, etc.

My Documents – in this scan mode only the folder “My Documents” is scanned.

Active Processes – very often a lot of malicious viruses are able to break into the Windows system and run in the background as active processes unknown to the user. If you want to search and get rid of dangerous and active processes which may destroy the system performance, you can perform a scan of only running processes this scan mode will be of use for you. It will thoroughly examine every suspicious process on the system and disinfect it.

Scan for Rootkits and Active Malware – this scan mode allows you to detect and remove so called rootkits and other malware.

Manual Selection – with the help of Avira Internet Security 2015 you have the possibility to select manually any file or folder and scan it.

Avira Internet Security 2015 has got very comfortable scan settings that you can select and specify the scanning rules which meet your requirements.

In the Settings menu you can define and configure a lot of scan configuration details, for example, scan all files or use smart extensions (i.e. the selection of the scanned files is automatically chosen by the program according their priority) and exclude some files from scanning by specifying them in the file extension list, select scanner priority (Low, Medium or High) and some additional settings (for example, Scan registry, Ignore offline files, etc.).

In addition, you can specify how the program must handle detected threats (i.e. repair, rename, quarantine, delete, ignore or overwrite and delete them), define some archive scan rules (i.e. scan all archive types or use smart extensions, etc.), specify files and objects that must be omitted by the scanner and use or not Advanced heuristic analysis and detection while searching for viruses.

Sistem Scanner 1

System scanner 2

System Scanner 3

System scanner 4

System Scanner 5

Real-time Protection – Avira Internet Security 2015 constantly monitors any changes on the system in real time and provides you with detailed information about the number of detections, suspicious, deleted, repaired, moved and renamed files. No action is needed from you; just configure what action the program must perform on detection of malicious files and it will automatically remove, quarantine, delete or repair them.

Real-time Protection 1

Backup – there are a lot of different and important files on the computer, so me must care of them and protect against viruses. Avira Internet Security 2015 gives you this opportunity. The program allows you to create incremental and full backups. Just specify the file you want to backup and select the destination folder (for example, local hard drive, removable device or optical disks, etc.). All files will be saved in the chosen location, and not only saved but scanned for malware before starting the backup.

In addition, the program allows you to specify those files that must be skipped from the backup on the one hand and enable a list of file extensions to be excluded or included.

Backup 1

Backup 2

Internet Protection–  Firewall is a very important part of the system which acts like a fireproof wall and protects you both inside and outside, i.e. it protects your ports from exterior penetration into the system on the one hand and prevents leakage of your data on the other hand. With the help of Avira Firewall you can constantly monitor any ingoing and outgoing traffic and block any suspicious connections in real time. The program offers five different security levels from Low through High.

In the Settings menu you have the possibility to define some rules, for example, adapter and application rules, a list of trusted vendors and some additional and popup settings.

Firewall 1

Firewall 2

Firewall 3

Firewall 4

Web Protection – Every day we visit a lot of different websites, of course, some of them are safe, but, unfortunately, some are unsafe and may contain malicious files. With the help of this tool, you can reliably protect the computer from penetrating viruses into the system because it constantly monitors any URLs entered and visited and blocks unsafe ones.

By means of special filters Avira Internet Security 2015 spam and phishing URLs, etc. You have the possibility to skip some file types from scan, for example, video or audio files or block them, i.e. archive files or electronic documents, etc.

Mail Protection – is a well-known fact that a vast majority of viruses comes into the computer via emails. Just for this purpose Avira Internet Security 2015 has got a special tool which protects you against email threats. The program allows you to monitor both POP3 and IMAP accounts and disinfect viruses that come with the mail messages. The program is able to find and disinfect any types of malware and safely remove them before penetrating the system.

Mail Protection 1

Mail Protection 2

Mail Protection 3

Mail Protection 7

Child Protection Social Networks – Avira Internet Security 2015 has got a special free module called Avira SocialShield which helps you to monitor an activity of your children on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. After activating this module (all you need is to create an account on the official Avira website), you will be able to control, monitor and get alerts when your child or his friends post a compromising photo or when they make reference to drugs, sex, violence, etc.

Social Networks

Safe Browsing – with the help of this tool you can control an activity of your children, young persons or adults on the Internet. It allows you to block access to the websites which contain pornography, illegal activities, violence, extremism, and limit time of the Internet use.Safe Browsing

Android Security – this application is designed for smartphones with Android operating system and protects against malicious applications and viruses, and allows you to find and get back lost and stolen phones.

Android Security is a free application that does not require a license. It is supported by leading developers of mobile devices such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc.

All you need is to create an account on the Avira website and download the application to your mobile phone.

With the help of Avira Android Security you have the possibility to lock unauthorized access, find lost and stolen phones, block unwanted calls and SMS messages, etc.

Administration – in this category of the program is collected tools for managing and administrating quarantined threats, creating scheduled scan, viewing reports and events performed by the program. They are as follows:

Quarantine – this section allows you to manage quarantined files which are sorted by detection (i.e. it shows the name of the found malware), source (i.e. it displays the path to the infected file), data/time (it shows the time of the detection) and type (for example, a virus found in the mail).

You can perform various actions with quarantined files, namely, restore or delete them, send or upload them to the Avira Malware Research Center, etc.

Scheduler – with the help of this tool you can schedule scan, update jobs, etc. The program allows you to create any job easily by means of step by step wizard. Simply follow it and the wizard will help you to configure, for example, automatic scan of the system, backups, etc.

Reports – in this section you can find all the actions performed by the program and view them. You have the possibility to print a report or export it as a text file.

Events – it contains information about operations carried out by the various modules of the program.

Rescue Disk – Avira Internet Security 2015 allows you to download a special file, create a rescue disk and burn it to the CD disk which will help you to boot the infected system in the event of the computer crash.

System Requirements

Windows 7 – Windows 8/8.1 (both 32 and 64-bit versions)

Processor – Pentium 4 or later with at least 1 GHz

At least 1 GB of RAM

800 MB of free hard disk space


Avira Internet Security 2015 provides comprehensive and reliable protection against viruses, spyware, spam, etc. The program will help you to forget about viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits for good. Thanks to the latest antivirus technologies, Avira offers maximum security and safety to your system. If you are still undecided what security application meets all your requirements, I can recommend you Avira Internet Security 2015 as a modern and universal solution for keeping your computer free from any kind of malware.



1. Real-time protection against viruses, spyware, rootkits, etc.
2. Detection of potentially unwanted applications
3. Anti-spam module
4. Built-in scheduler
5. Reliable firewall
And many others


I have not found any

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