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Avira Internet Security Suite 2016 Review

Avira Internet Security Suite 2016 Review

by January 26, 2016

Avira Internet Security Suite 2016 Review.

Avira Internet Security Suite 2016 is a very reliable program in which are harmoniously combined two different stand-alone applications- Antivirus and System Speedup. Avira Antivirus offers comprehensive protection against any kind of viruses while System Speedup allows you to keep the system clean and fast.

Avira Antivirus is an effective and high-quality solution that meets the highest requirements of the computer security. Thanks to reliable and essential protective technologies such as Cloud protection, AHeAD protective module (i.e. Advanced Heuristic Analysis and Detection), it finds and disinfects all types of malware and Internet threats.

Avira Antivirus includes the following components- Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Web Protection, Mail Protection, Cloud Protection, Android Protection and Child Protection.

Interface- Status

PC Protection- Avira Antivirus offers real-time protection continuously monitoring the computer safety and disinfecting viruses, worms, Trojans and other malicious software; thanks to different protecting modules you have the possibility to clock malicious advertisements, detect hidden threats and stop unknown harmful applications by tracking their behavior, and so on.

Web Protection- Avira Antivirus reliably protects you against threats related to your Internet activity. With the help of the program you can prevent online tracking, block malicious websites, protect your mail from malicious messages and attachments, control inbuilt Windows firewall, and so on. Thanks to a special module called Website Safety Advisor, you have the possibility to check any site for viruses and other malware and skip them.

Interface- Mail Protection

Interface- Web Protection

Child Protection- by means of this protection module you have the possibility to control and monitor your child’s activity on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social Networks

Android Protection- this utility allows you to protect your Android devices (for example, smartphones or tablets) from online threats. All you need to download and install a special application on your device and start protecting it against malicious messages, and so on.

Interface- Android Security

Avira System Speedup contains different utilities for cleaning and optimizing the system on the one hand and tools for scanning for duplicate files, permanently removing confidential data, etc., on the other hand.

The program offers four different categories- Home (here you can view the current status of the system, get info about statistics, etc.), System Cleaner (it contains four different utilities for cleaning the system), System Optimizer (it also contains four utilities for optimizing the system) and Tolls (a wide range of tools are collected in this section which allow you to perform a lot of actions with your files and applications).

System Cleaner- this section contains four different utilities- Junk File Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Privacy Cleaner and Smart Defragmenter.

Junk File Cleaner- Avira System Speedup allows you to perform a full scan of the system or manually specify those junk file categories you want to remove from the system. In addition, you have the possibility to create system restore point before cleaning the system and protect files generated by applications recently, for example, ten days ago, etc. (you can manually select the desired period of time). Avira System Speedup will help you to get rid of Recycle Bin items, unused Windows files, different obsolete reports and logs generated by the system, temporary system files, invalid shortcuts, old prefetch files, and so on.

Junk File Cleaner 1

Junk File Cleaner 2

Junk File Cleaner 3

Registry Cleaner- for proper functioning of the system it is necessary to keep the Windows registry clean. With the help of this utility you can repair ActiveX and COM entries, invalid software and startup paths, unused file extensions, etc.

Registry Cleaner 1

Registry Cleaner 2

Privacy Cleaner- after using different applications and browsing the Internet, a lot of privacy traces are left on the system and can be easily viewed by others. Avira System Speedup includes a special utility which helps you to get rid of privacy data permanently. You have the possibility to clean application history files, explorer history, Internet Explorer and other browsers, for example Mozilla Firefox (i.e. auto-complete data and passwords, temporary files, cookies, etc.), recent documents records and Windows history.

Privacy Cleaner 1

Smart Defragmenter- with the help of this utility you can consolidate, i.e. defrag fragmented files and increase the system speed and performance.

Smart Defragmenter

System Optimizer- in this section you can find four different utilities which help you to manage startup services and applications, programs connected to the Internet, view all active processes and services.

Service manager

Startup Manager

Tools- Super Utilities- in this section there are six different tools; they are as follows: File Shredder, Disk Wiper, File Encryption and Decryption, Registry Defragmentation, MBR Backup and Restore and Repair Network.

File Shredder- you have removed confidential and sensitive files from your hard drive and you think that you are safe and nobody can access and view them? Unfortunately, you are deeply mistaken! Everybody can easily restore them using special recovering programs because some traces of those files are left on the hard drive before they are overwritten with other files. So you need a special utility which will help you to delete sensitive files permanently and securely without any possibility of their recovery. Avira System Speedup offers this possibility with a very advanced utility which is called File Shredder. With the help of this utility you can permanently remove any file or folder from the hard drive; and not simply remove them, but remove them so that nobody can be able to restore them even using the most advanced tools. All you need is to select the desired files or folders to delete, specify how many times files must be shredded and simply click on the button Shred Files. That is all; your sensitive info will be permanently removed from the hard drive and nobody will restore it.

File Shredder

Disk Wiper- this very useful utility is used for permanent erasion from the hard disk previously deleted data. With the help of it you can safely get rid of file remnants which are left on the hard drive after deletion. This tool will help you securely free up the system from those remnant files and make them irrecoverable. Simply select the disk to erase and click on the Wipe button and the program will completely erase left data.

Disk Wiper

File Encryption and Decryption- this utility is specially created for those computer users who care of your privacy because it helps them to protect their confidential data against unauthorized access. By means of this tool you can encrypt, or, on the contrary, decrypt your important files and make them inaccessible to others. The process of encryption is very easy; just select files to encrypt and then enter a strong and unbreakable password. That is all. Every encrypted file will be securely protected and nobody will be able to open it without entering your correct password.

Encryption and decryption 0

Registry Defragmentation- as a rule, registry fragmentation leads to the system instability and slowness. Just for correcting these problems, Avira System Speedup includes a special tool which helps you to defrag the Windows registry and make computer performance faster. This is a very useful utility; it will arrange all registry items and increase the system speed.

Registry defragmentation 1

MBR Backup and Restore- MBR (i.e. master boot record) is very important for the computer proper functionality because it contains a special boot sector which is necessary for the operating system to load. With the help of this tool you have the possibility to back up the MBR and restore it in the event of some unplanned problems. This utility also allows you to compare the current state of MBR and its backup and view all performed changes.

MBR backup 1

Repair Network- is your network connection damaged and you cannot access the Internet? If it is so, you can take full advantage of this useful utility which will help you to fix it. With only one click of the mouse you have the possibility to repair your Internet connection. In addition, Avira System Speedup also allows you to back up LSP (i.e. label switched path) settings.

Repair Network

Advanced Utilities- this section contains four utilities- Copy, Internet Explorer Manager, Disk Doctor and Context Menu Manager.

Copy- with the help of this utility you can copy a locked or hidden file and move it to another location. It is very easy to perform this task; just select the desired file to copy and then the location where you want to save it.


Internet Explorer Manager- Internet Explorer is one of the best browsers on the software market; a lot of people use it as a default application to search the web. Avira System Speedup allows you to configure its settings; you have the possibility to manage your homepage and search page, trusted sites and cookies, extensions and right-click menu, and so on.

Internet explorer Manager

Disk Doctor- it is very important to keep the hard drive free from errors because it contains a lot of info and different files and folders which are necessary for you. This tool allows you to check your hard disk for errors. Avira System Speedup will display thorough results after scan completion and let you know if it is damaged or not. Unfortunately, you cannot fix found errors but you have the possibility to take actions before it is too late, and, for example, buy a new hard drive or save your files in another location.

Disk Dictor 2

Context Menu Manager- with the help of this tool you can manage context menu items, i.e. those items which can be accessed using right-click of the mouse. Avira System Speedup allows you to remove some items, or, on the contrary, add new ones. All operations is safe and they do not damage the system.

Context Menu manager

File-Tune-Up- in this section you can find six different utilities for managing files and folders; they are as follows- Duplicate file finder, Zero-byte file scanner, Empty folder scanner, Disk analyzer, Backup and restore registry and File and folder backup.

Duplicate File Finder- thanks to this very useful utility included in Avira System Speedup. You can easily and without any effort find duplicate files on your hard drive and remove them from the system. All you need is to select where to scan on the one hand and what to scan on the other hand. The program supports a lot of different file types, for example, MP3, JPEG, ZIP, PDF, TXT, and so on. After analyzing the system, the program will display all found duplicate files and you will be able to remove them and free up valuable disk space.

Duplicate File Finder 1

Zero-byte File Scanner- this is a very simple utility which helps you to analyze, find and delete so called zero-byte files.

Zero-byte scanner

Empty Folder Scanner- with the help of this tool you can get rid of empty folders which are left, for example, after uninstalling programs.

Disk Analyzer- do you want to know how many files you have got on the hard drive and how much space they occupy? If it is so, you can take full advantage of this tool. After thorough analysis, Avira System Speedup will display percentage and size of each folder on the one hand and exact number of files and folders on the other hand.

Disk Analyzer 2

Backup and Restore Registry- the Windows registry is a central part of the operating system; any changes and modifications may lead to its corruption. This tool allows you to back up the registry and easily restore it in the event of the system crash.

File and Folder Backup- Avira System Speedup does not offer its own backup utility for backing up files and folders. After accessing this tool, the inbuilt Windows backup and restore application will be opened and you will be able to use it without opening the Control panel.

Drivers- Avira System Speedup allows you to view detailed info about every installed driver and provides you with the comprehensive report of their size, publisher, version and location. You have the possibility to save this report as a text file.


Uninstaller- this utility displays all the program installed on the computer and allows you to view their version, publisher, size and installation date on the one hand and safely uninstall them on the other hand.

File Recovery- have you deleted a very important file unexpectedly? Do not worry! Avira System Speedup will help you to recover it with the help of this utility. All you need is to specify drives to scan, enter the file name or extension and choose the date when you last accessed this file, for example, one week or month, and so on. After thorough scan Avira System Speedup will display a complete list of those files which can be recovered. Just select the files you want to recover and they will be saved in any computer location for further use.

File recovery

System Requirements

Windows 7- Windows 10 (both 32 and 64-bit versions)

1 GB of RAM

800 MB of free hard disk space


Avira Internet Security Suite 2016 is a very effective program which allows you to protect your computer against viruses on the one hand and keep it free from junk files on the other hand. The program includes two very essential stand-alone applications which offer reliable ways for full management of the system.

Thanks to advanced protective antivirus modules which give you high-quality protection against all kind of threats and a lot of different utilities such as System Cleaner, System Optimizer, etc., you can keep your computer protection and management at the peak of speed and performance.


1. Reliable protection from any kind of threats
2. Effective web, mail and child protection
3. A lot of offered scan modes
And so on.


The program does not have its own firewall and Parental control.

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