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Baconit for Windows 10 gets a massive update

Baconit for Windows 10 gets a massive update

by AshwinDecember 26, 2015

Baconit, a popular Reddit app for Windows 10, has been given a massive update.

Baconit for Windows 10
The new version isn’t just a normal release, it is sort of a brand new app.

Windows Central reports that, Quinn Damerell, the developer of the app, and is also a Microsoft employee, has revealed that Baconit, has been completely rewritten from scratch, using the Universal Windows Platform. This means that Baconit is now a universal app for Windows 10 devices available for all PCs, phones and tablets which run on the new operating system.

Baconit now supports viewing user information like karma, cake day, gold status, submitted posts/comments. And both comments and posts have sorting options for better viewing.

The app also supports Microsoft Band, the smartwatch, including setting the Band wallaper image from any of Reddit’s subs. The wearable app now has its own settings category.

Each comment now has a “user” button (not the name, the word user) under it, clicking on which displays information about the user, including the content they have posted on Reddit.  You can also view the OP’s information, by right-clicking on any post in a sub, from the sidebar, and then clicking “Go to user”.

The sorting settings in Baconit, now include Time based options (All day, past hour, etc), when you are viewing the sub sorted by Top posts.

The app’s Flip View , which can be accessed from the toolbar (on the bottom left) > Menu button > Account > Settings now has some new options in it. The important change of these, is the new toggle to disable preloading of posts and comments. You can also disable loading of posts until they’re clicked, this is actually disabled by default.

Download Baconit for Windows 10, from the Windows Store for free. You can visit the app’s sub on Reddit for more details. /r/Baconit

We tested the app (version on our Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Phone, and were pretty impressed with the latest version on both occasions. In fact, it is now a great competitor for Readit, also a Reddit app for Windows 10.

Speaking of which, the Readit app, was also updated recently to pack in a slew of new features. You can read more about what the latest update added to it, from our previous write up.

Developers, we have some even more good news for you. Damerell has open sourced the code of Baconit, and has a special sub for it at /r/BaconitDev where other users can help with the project.