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Balesio ALLCapture 3.0 Review

Balesio ALLCapture 3.0 Review

by March 25, 2015

Balesio ALLCapture 3.0 Review

ALLCapture 3.0 is the creation of the well-known Swiss software company called Balesio which develops highly innovative and effective programs related to data reduction and compression. It is a proud owner of such popular products as FILEminimizer Office, PDF, SharePoint, etc. A lot of world companies use their applications, for instance, Audi, Volvo, BMW, etc. (a full list of those companies can be found on the official Balesio website). Their office is located in Staunhausen, Switzerland.

ALLCapture Enterprise 3.0 is a program for creating, editing and publishing various video tutorials and presentations.

Download and Installation

The program can be downloaded from the Balesio official website. There are two different versions of the program – Standard ($169.00) and Enterprise ($249.00). The full comparison list and main features are shown below on the screenshots.

Comparison 1

Comparison 2

The installation file is small, only about 11 MB in size. You can download 30 day or 9 day trial versions. The former is functional for thirty days and requires simple registration, the second one does not require registration but its trial period is only nine days.

The installation process is very fast and easy. It only takes two minutes. All you need is to accept License Agreement, select installation folder and installation type (full, compact or custom). That is all. Additionally you can create a desktop or quick launch icon and PowerPoint add-in which is compatible with Microsoft office from 2000 through 2007. Unfortunately, the program does not support PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.

Installation 2

Installation 4

Installation 5

Installation 10

Interface of the Program

The interface of the program is very simple and easy to use. It consists of Menu Bar which includes the following buttons:

File – it contains commands for creating, opening, saving, closing and exporting the project.

Edit – with the help of this tab you can cut, copy and paste objects or cut, copy, paste and remove frames from the projects.

View – it allows you to zoom the project out or in from 25 % to 100 %.

Movie – this tab allows you to add or insert empty and colored frames into the project.

Window – it allows you to add or remove buttons from the toolbar.

Tools – it contains some configuration settings of the program.

Help – in this tab, is information about the program, help files and the link to Balesio website.

A little below there is a toolbar which provides a user with the most necessary commands, for example, buttons for opening the created project, inserting pictures, sounds, and so on.

The main window of the program is occupied by the timeline by means of which you can edit an existing project and a preview of captured video presentations.


The main features of the program

Creating video tutorials and screen captures with Balesio ALLCapture Enterprise is as easy as saying one, two and three.

Say One – record your project

Say Two – edit your project

Say Three – publish your project.inally you can say Four and after that  say Cheese smiling as widely as possible because your project is done and ready to use.

You can then say Four and say Cheese smiling as widely as possible because your project is done and ready to use.


Before starting the recording process of the screen, Balesio ALLCapture Enterprise allows you to adjust some settings, i.e.

Dimensions – you can choose one of four offered by the program dimensions- 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 and full Screen or determine the desired dimension manually by specifying screenshot size.

Recording Options-Dimensions

Sound – in this section you have the possibility to select the recording device presented on your system and adjust some attributes. If you do not want to record sound during the capture you can simply uncheck the small box.

Recording Options- Sound

Mouse – if you wish to record mouse activities during the capture you can enable it here. All mouse movement will be recorded on your project.

Recording Options- Mouse

Limits – it is sometimes necessary to limit the recording time and specify the exact duration of the project. Here you can do that by defining the desired length of your project, for example, 15 or 30 minutes, etc.

Recording Options- Limits

Extra – this parameter allows you to specify the delay time before starting the recording process in seconds.

Recording Options- Extra

After adjusting and specifying all recording settings, you can start the capture by clicking on the Record button.

Microsoft PowerPoint Plug-in – the Enterprise version of the program contains a special plug-in for recording Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. It integrates itself into PowerPoint. Just open PowerPoint document, select the desired dimension and click Record. That is all. The rest will be done by the program by itself.


After finishing the screen capture, you can edit the project with the help of powerful inbuilt editor. It offers a lot of different features which are accessible through the toolbar of the program. They are as follows:

Insert the image – this tool allows you to add images to the created capture. The program supports all well-known and popular graphic formats – BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PNG, PCD and TGA. After selecting the desired image, you can place it in any position by specifying needed width and height while dragging the edges of the image.

Insert Note – if you want to add some comments to your capture you can take full advantage of this feature of the program. It allows you to select alignment of the text (right, left or center), font, font style and size, choose font effects (strikeout or underline) and color, use bold or italic letters.

You can also insert picture into the note and define the skin. The program offers a lot of different skins, for example, gray skin, note blue, etc. Additionally you have the possibility to adjust pointer position (top, right, bottom or left) and margin offsets by specifying the desired size.

Insert Note 1

Insert Note 2

Insert Note 3

Insert Balloon –  has practically the same function as above mentioned tool and serves to describe the presentation by adding comments to it.

Insert Sound – with the help of the program you can add sound to the project specifying its exact position and editing it using Audio Editor. Currently, ALLCapture Enterprise allows you to add only files which are in WAV format and with 44100 Hz 16 Bit stereo.

Sound Editor – the program contains a special inbuilt Audio editor application for editing audio files. You have the possibility to perform various actions with them, i.e. add, cut, normalize, paste, etc. them, export or import audio.

Sound editor

Insert Highlight – you can highlight a specific part of your project in order to call somebody’s attraction to it. ALLCapture Enterprise allows you to insert and use rectangular and elliptic forms to highlight the desired part and specify needed dimension and position by dragging the edges of these geometrical figures.

Frame Effects – the program has got fifteen frame effects (for example, chess, circle, clock, etc.) which can be added to the presentation to make it more stunning and attractive. Just select one of them from the drop-down menu list and they will be automatically added to the project.

Zoom Effect – is often needful to enlarge a specific part of the presentation and make it visible to draw somebody’s attention to it, for instance, some texts, etc. By means of zoom effect you can do that easily and without any effort. Just specify the exact positon and zoom it in or out.


The third and final step is publishing. After recording and editing your presentation you can now export and save it by selecting one of multiple formats offered by the program. ALLCapture Enterprise allows you to export project to

Flash-Animation (SWF) – you can specify and define some settings while exporting the file: Color Mode (Hi Color or True Color), Export Options (by leaving them unchanged or customizing some output options) and Author Settings (by entering personal info such as name, website address, etc.)

Flash animation 1a

Flash animation 2

Flash Animation 3 a


Windows Media Player File (ASF) – you have the possibility to customize some settings and options, namely,

Video Options (Speed and Size)

Movie Width and Height

Audio Quality

Export Options

Windows Media Player

MPEG Video – the program allows you to set up some options of output MPEG video, i.e.

Video – 1. Codec (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD, SVCD or DVD), 2. Bit Rate and 3. Aspect Ratio (for example, Standard TV 4:3, Cinema Format 2.21:1, etc.).

Audio Bit Rate

Video Options – 1. Output Standard (i.e. PAL DVD or NTSC DVD), 2. Speed and 3. Size.

Movie Width and Height

Export Options.




System Requirements

Windows 98 – Windows 8.1

CPU with at least 1.2 GHz

50 MB of hard disk space

250 MB of RAM.


ALLCapture Enterprise 3.0 contains a lot of useful features. The main advantage of the program lies in its simplicity. Everyone, even an inexperienced user, can work with it easily and without any effort. The interface is simply and conveniently arranged and every step can be easily performed to achieve the best results. I can say without any exaggeration that ALLCapture Enterprise 3.0 is one of the best programs for creating, editing and publishing presentations. I highly recommend it.


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1. Record everything on the screen and create amazing tutorials and presentations
2. Export created projects in various video formats
3. Edit captured presentations using a lot of tools



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