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Better StartMenu for Windows 10 lets you customize the Start Tiles with custom icons

Better StartMenu for Windows 10 lets you customize the Start Tiles with custom icons

by AshwinSeptember 15, 2015

Do you hate the Windows 10’s Start Menu? Well, you are not alone.

Better StartMenu for Windows 10

Though Microsoft like to promote it as a feature from “Windows 7”, it most certainly is not.

I have written up a list of my personal favorite Start Menu replacement apps for Windows 10 Start Menu. But there is a slight drawback with everyone of those apps. None of those apps support Start Menu tiles.

If you are looking to tweak the tiles, here is a solution. A new app has been released on the Windows Store, called Better StartMenu for Windows 10, and it lets you customize the Start Tiles with custom icons.

Setting up the app is a bit of a hassle. You will need to download a portable app called Better StartMenu Helper. This app is necessary to use Better StartMenu, and allows you to select the custom tiles, size of the icon and more. Though it looks complicated, it actually isn’t.

Here is a small tutorial:

1. Download an icon pack which you like, and extract it to any folder. You can find icon packs from DeviantArt, or from the developer’s website too.
2. Run the “Better StartMenu Helper” app.
3. Click on the icon sizes, and navigate to the folder you extracted the icons to, and pick one for each Tile Size, now add a name for the app’s tile.
4. Select an app which will be executed when you click on the tile.
5. Click on generate tile data.

Better StartMenu Helper2

Now you will have to open the Better StartMenu app

1. Click on refresh list, and your new icon should appear in the list
2. Select the app title
3. Click on pin tile to selected menu.

Better StartMenu for Windows 10 - 2nd step
That’s it, you’re done, you will get a confirmation message in a small pop-up window. Click the Start Menu to view your new cool tile. (refer to the first image in this article)
In this example screenshot, I have selected the browser icon from the Hex icons pack, named the Tile as “Browser”, and have assigned it to run Google Chrome. And don’t forget to try the more advanced settings in the Helper app.

Download Better StartMenu from the Windows Store. This link should open up in your Store app on the PC.

Now don’t worry, though the Windows Store Page says that Better StartMenu is $2.99, there is a free version too. All you need to do is hit the “Free Trial” button in the Windows Store. There are absolutely no differences between the two versions, the price tag is just a placeholder for those wishing to donate to the developer. But I do think the asking price is well worth it.