Now Reading gets a Christmas Theme which lets you customize the appearance, also includes jingle bell sounds
0 gets a Christmas Theme which lets you customize the appearance, also includes jingle bell sounds

by AshwinDecember 25, 2015

Microsoft is celebrating the holiday season in style, and what better idea, than to give its search engine’s homepage, a festive look.

Microsoft Bing Christmas Theme 2015 is now featuring a Christmas theme, which you can customize to a certain extend.

There is this thing with Bing, (hey that rhymes), in that the website not only offers wonderful wallpaper backgrounds, but it also features animated ones. Earlier this year, we reported how Microsoft Bing added sounds to its homepage to offer users a more immersive browsing experience.

It is these features, that have enabled Microsoft to give users a unique look for their browser, this Christmas. Head over to

You will see the usual backgrounds on the page. And a new toolbar is visible in the bottom right corner of the page. It has a gift button on it, clicking on which expands the bar to reveal five buttons. The first one, which is shaped like icicles, will add a frosty look to the page, and even includes snowflake shaped ice, along the borders of the page.

The second one, which is also shaped like a snowflake,  is more impressive,  because clicking on it causes animated falling snow to appear on the page.

The third button, which is shaped like a Christmas light bulb, adds a set of blurry lights across the border of the page, making it look extra colorful. You might want to turn off the icicle option to make the lights appear better.

The fourth option, is literally music to the ears, and is shaped like a bell, clicking on which, you guessed it, adds a looping audio of Jingle Bells (not the song, just the bell sound).

Simply click on each option to toggle it on or off, you can have all of them enabled at once too. Should you wish to start over,  simply click the X button which will disable all the decorations.

And you can switch between images using the on screen < > navigators, and also click on the camera icon to search for more information about the festive season.

You can even share your wintry festive scene on social networks by cliking on the Facebook/Twitter buttons available on the upper right half of the page. Sadly, the theme is restricted to’s homepage, and does not appear on search results. Nevertheless, it is quite the experience.

On the bright side, this works in any browser, be it Firefox, Chrome, Edge or whatever you use. On a side note, Google has been celebrating Star Wars Force Awakens, by launching themed web apps for some of its services.

Happy Holidays everyone.