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Bing Video Search now displays larger thumbnails and the video’s stats

Bing Video Search now displays larger thumbnails and the video’s stats

by AshwinJune 22, 2015

Microsoft is giving its search engine a makeover, and Bing Video Search now displays larger thumbnails and the video’s stats


When searching for videos, there are two main things that we look for before clicking a link.

The first is obviously the Title of the video, obviously this is the most crucial factor, as it is directly related to the search term which you entered. The second thing we look for, is the thumbnail preview of the video in the search result. Very often, these two factors play a role which decide if the user watches the video or not.

However, there are several other information that users look for before watching a video. The uploader’s name, the video channel’s name and the uploaded date.

Bing Video Search now displays all these information right in the search results. Additionally, it will even display the length (running time), the resolution of the video, and the view count too. You can hover your mouse cursor over a thumbnail, to begin playing the video preview. This will save precious seconds which may have been wasted, if you had opened the video in a new tab or window.

Can you spot something funny in the embedded image? Bing is featuring a product of its fierce rival, Google’s YouTube in it. However the changes to the Bing Video search is not exclusive to YouTube. You will find search results from other video services as well.

“Hero” answers for songs in Bing Video Search:

This sounds rather odd, but what it means is, Bing will display some information about the singer featuring in the song you searched for. Bing will display a large thumbnail image of the “Hero”. The image displayed is based on the best result, and is relevant to the search term  you searched for. Actually, it is more than an image, it is actually a thumbnail video preview. It will begin playing automatically, and you can also view it at the source (for e.g: YouTube) by clicking on the video.

This is actually way better than what Google does, for its own Youtube Videos. Just Google for any video or song and click on the “Web” and “Video” sections in the search results. The Web section displays a bit of information, while the Videos tab displays videos along with the title, length, uploader’s name, uploaded date, and a snippet of the video’s description.

Note: I cannot confirm this, but it appears that the changes are not being rolled out Worldwide yet. It may have only been release in the U.S. I tried to get Hero images and relevant searches to appear, but they don’t work for me.

Related Searches in Bing Video Search:

Bing will display related content of the search term, in the Video search results. Scrolling down will display more results, while the bottom of the page, will have even more suggestions. Google search does not have this feature.

Microsoft says that these updates are aimed at touchscreen devices, as well as devices with small screens, and will improve the touch-friendliness while also scaling better in respect to the screen size.