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BlueJeans Discount Coupon – Up to 20% OFF

BlueJeans Discount Coupon – Up to 20% OFF

by FileCriticMay 6, 2020

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Most video conferencing products out there are mediocre at best, while the ones that do tend to function properly often have myriad privacy and security-related issues. But this is where BlueJeans comes into the picture. It falls into that rare category that simply tends to get everything right. BlueJeans provides multiple video conferencing solutions for companies of all sizes and requirements. And it also does a phenomenal job of being both intuitive and user-friendly at the same time. Furthermore, it’s rock-solid when it comes to security. If you are interested in what BlueJeans has to offer, then let’s drill down and check out the four main products that it offers in more detail.

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BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Meetings is arguably one of the easiest and most intuitive of video conferencing tools to create and participate in meetings with others. Depending on the size of your organization, you can opt for the Standard, Pro, or Enterprise packages, which let you conduct meetings with 50, 75, and 100 people respectively. And when it comes to conducting one-on-one meetings, BlueJeans Meetings provides an unprecedented and seamless experience for both users. The product also works across all types of mobile and desktop devices via a browser-based user interface, so you don’t have to worry about system requirements in the slightest.

Most video conferencing utilities pose numerous issues to both privacy and security — Zoom is a prime example. But with BlueJeans Meetings, you don’t even have to think about it. This phenomenal video conferencing solution sports unprecedented security controls that range from participant passcodes, invitation-only meetings, to encrypted video calls. That aside, BlueJeans Meetings is super-intuitive to use — the smart meeting user interface provides a host of one-touch controls that let meeting attendees confidently partake in video calls, even if they’ve never used BlueJeans Meetings for video conferencing before.

BlueJeans Rooms

BlueJeans Rooms is targeted for organizations that want to streamline the entire process of conducting meetings in an easy to deploy manner. You can get started by buying a premier conferencing hardware directly from BlueJeans, have BlueJeans Rooms integrated with an existing room system (Dolby, Polycom, Cisco, etc.), or get your own room built with a BlueJeans hardware partner instead. Once you’ve done that, BlueJeans will truly revolutionize the room system to an easy-to-use video conferencing space with require minimal end-user training and near-zero IT management.

BlueJeans Rooms also sports the ability to integrate with devices such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Calendar, thereby making conference scheduling a breeze. Furthermore, it also works with alternative services such as Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams. BlueJeans Rooms also provides centralized management services where you can monitor all conferences remotely and resolve issues as and when they occur.

BlueJeans Events

Looking to conduct large-scale events in the thousands? Then look no further than BlueJeans Events. This unprecedented video conferencing solution lets you easily create, manage, and participate in events with up to 50,000 attendees, which is truly astounding. BlueJeans Events is also device-agnostic, which means that your attendees can easily join in even by signing into a web browser for maximum participation. And for those who can’t attend, you can easily share your recordings after the event — BlueJeans Events automatically records everything so you can spend your time on the event-related stuff that matters.

Events that you conduct via BlueJeans Events are also socially shareable — for example, you can instantly stream your feed onto Facebook Live, you help you gain exposure to millions of people. And the built-in audience engagement features (polling, hand raising, etc.) will definitely help keep the enthusiasm levels running among attendees.

BlueJeans Gateway

BlueJeans Gateway is literally the ‘gateway’ to connecting existing conferencing rooms to Microsoft Teams with zero hassle. It’s easily deployable with no infrastructure nor project management requirements on your side and uses minimal management overhead due to its outstanding self-management capabilities ranging from automatic software updates, security patches, to server load balancing. And it also helps existing users adopt Microsoft Teams easily with a host of intuitive user controls.

BlueJeans Gateway uses a pure Software as a Service model, so you will never have to spend a dime on procuring additional infrastructure. And with Microsoft Azure server infrastructure powering every move, expect world-class video conferencing capabilities no matter where you are. BlueJeans Gateway also provides real-time analytics, so you are always in the loop as to the performance and usage of each room.

What Will You Choose?

BlueJeans’ array of outstanding solutions is the real deal when it comes to unprecedented video conferencing. To recap, BlueJeans Meetings provide phenomenal support for both single and multi-user meetings with a host of intuitive controls. BlueJeans Rooms lets you easily turn any room system into a modern conferencing space. For those of you who want to perform events with hundreds of thousands of people, you have BlueJeans Events at your disposal. And when it comes to truly integrate Microsoft Teams into the video conferencing sphere of your organization, you have BlueJeans Gateway at your disposal. So what’s it going to be?