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BriskBard Review

BriskBard Review

by May 18, 2016

BriskBard Review

It is impossible to imagine the 21st century without the Internet; it is one of the main ways to get new info, watch movies, listen to music, send and receive mail messages, and so on. Special applications called browsers give us the opportunity to browse the World Wide Web.

There are a lot of advanced browsers on the software market now, for example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., which allow you to perform plenty of actions but, unfortunately, they lack some important features and as a rule you need to install and use other third-party applications, for example, email clients, FTP clients, media players, and so on.

But now you can forget all those disadvantages thanks to the most powerful and advanced web browser BriskBard which will give you everything not for safe browsing the Internet but also tons of other useful features and tools.

With the help of this browser you will be able to send and het mail messages, upload files by using an inbuilt FTP applications, watch movies, listen to music, chat with your friends, and much more. BriskBard offers ten powerful applications which are conveniently combined in one browser. BriskBard is a guide to the amazing Internet world and it will make this world more effective, faster and safer.

Download and Installation- the latest version of the Internet browser BriskBard is available for download on the official website; it is just about 5 MB in size. The trial version is fully functional without any limitations for 30 days.

Currently the program is offered only in two languages- English and Spanish but I hope, the developer will add more language support in the near future. It should be said that the program includes a special language manager; so if you want to translate the program into your own languages, you can easily to da that with the help of it.

The installation procedure of the program is very fast and easy. All you need to do is to select the installation language (there are only two options at your disposal- English and Spanish), accept the license agreement and finally choose the installation folder.

Installation 2

Installation 3

Installation 4

The Interface of the Program- The main user interface of the program is very simply designed and thanks to that fact you can conveniently and quickly browse the Internet pages, navigate between tabs, add bookmarks, and so on. After opening the program, you will find ten buttons which allows you to perform one of ten features offered by the program, for example, open a new Internet page or mail client, media player or FTP server, and so on.

BriskBard like other Internet browsers has got tabs (which are located at the top of the program). Thanks to these tabs, you can easily open a new page or navigate between pages quickly and effectively. Of course, you have the possibility to open and view several Internet pages at the same time.

Below the tabs there is an address bar for entering the Internet URL. This bar also allows you to bookmark the internet page or subscribe to RSS feed with just clicking on the special figures on the right end. On the upper left side, you will find some buttons which allow you, for example, reload the page or return to the initial page, and so on. Here you can also configure some features of the program, for example, security and privacy settings, certificates and connections, and some others.

Interface 1

Interface 2

The Main Features of the Program- BriskBard is not just an Internet browser for searching and viewing web pages; it is much more. BriskBard is packed up with plenty of features which allow you to perform a lot of different actions without using third-party applications.

The program provides you with ten useful tools. With the help of these tools you have the possibility to view your mails, send file online, watch movies, chat with your friends, and so on. All these features are accessible through the main page or a special drop-down button on the upper left corner of the program.

Browser Tab- BriskBard allows you to browse the web quickly and safely, just open a new tab and enter an URL address. That is all. And, of course, not only browse and view Internet pages but also perform different actions. With the help of the program, you have the possibility to copy a link to the clipboard, search for words, print the page or save it as an image, and so on. In addition, you can also view and save the page source.

Thanks to the advanced Bookmark Manager, you can bookmark any page and edit it, for example, its URL, name, etc. The program also allows you to import bookmarks into the browser XBEL or HTML file or from Internet Explorer favorites.

Email Tab- thanks to the program, you do not need to install any third-party email client because BriskBard provides you with very convenient email application which allows you to view, read and sent mails. All you need to do is to perform some easy configuration steps before using it, namely, firstly, in the first step, you have to enter some general info (i.e. name, email address and password), secondly, specify the settings of incoming messages (i.e. email protocol, server, and so on), thirdly, outgoing messages settings.

The email client provided by the program is very convenient and easy to use. You can perform practically all operations with your mails, i.e. get and send mails, import messages and contacts from other mail clients, manage mail contacts, write professional mails, and so on.

The program has a got a very convenient mail editor for composing mails. You have the possibility to manage and control font, alignment, add signatures and attachments, and so on.

Mail 2


Mail 3

Mail 4

Newsgroups Reader Tab- this very useful feature of the program allows you to access usenet newsgroups servers and subscribe to your favourite groups and download all their contents. The program provides you with a lot of servers to search for, but you can also to specify your own ones by entering their URLs.

Aggregator Tab- The program offers a very convenient and easy way to read and subscribe to any webpage news feeds. All you need to do is add this RSS to the program and view and read this news directly in the program.

Media Player Tab- You like listening to your favourite songs while browsing the Internet? If it is so you, you can take full advantage of this program’s feature. It allows you to play media files without using any other media players.

The program supports a wide range of different media formats such as MP3, AVI, and so on. You have the possibility to play files from your local computer or from the Internet simply specifying their URLs. In addition, BriskBard provides access to various LAV filters to download and install which greatly increase Media player functionality.

Aggregator 1


Newsgroup 1

Media Player

File Transfer Tab- BriskBard includes a special tool which allows you to upload files to the Internet using FTP servers. All you need to do is to select files for uploading and specify some FTP server details, i.e. server name, your user name and password, and so on. This tool is very conveniently designed and even novice and unexperienced users can take full advantage of it and easily upload files online.

Instant Messaging tab- if you like chatting with friends, this tool is just for you. It allows you to connect to IRC servers (for example, Freenode, Rizon, and so on) and chat with them.

In addition, you have the possibility to open Telnet client, get domain’s whois and name resolution information.

File Transfer tab 1

File Transfer tab 2

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

Any CPU- Pentium 3 or better

20 MB of free hard disk space.

Conclusion- Internet browsers offer the most convenient and fast way to access the Internet and enjoy it. That is why, it is very important to have a good and reliable browser which will give you everything not only for safe and comfortable browsing but also a lot of advanced tools. BriskBard is not just a simple browser; it is much more. BriskBard is equipped with a lot of additional tools which allow you to perform plenty of other actions.

BriskBard is a new all-in-one browser which greatly facilitates your online activity by providing you with common and necessary to tools for Internet browsing. It practically includes ten reliable tools and several developer tools. With the help of these tools you can perform plenty of operations without installing other third-party applications. For example, you have the possibility, to get and send emails, upload files to the web, subscribe to RSS feeds, chat with friends, and so on.

Truly saying, I like the program very much and I think that it will become better and better over time. I think it is worth trying it.


1. Advanced Internet browser with a lot of additional tools and features
2. Very convenient and user-friendly interface


Only two interface languages are available.

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