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BurnAware Pro Review

BurnAware Pro Review

by January 17, 2015

BurnAware Pro Review

There are a lot of free and paid programs on the software market for recording CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs but if you want a light-weight and easy-to-use program that has just about everything for creating and burning all types of discs, BurnAware Pro is such a program. BurnAware is a compact, fast and efficient software application. With its help you can burn practically everything- photos, music, videos, documents and a lot of other files. It has a very simple and intuitive interface that it is understandable even for novice and inexperienced users.

The program comes in three different versions- Free, Premium and Professional. The free version has plenty of features that are more than enough for everyday use (you can create CD, DVD and Blu-Ray data discs, burn MP3, Audio CDs and video DVDs, work with ISO and image files, erase discs, etc.). Premium and Pro versions offers some additional capabilities such as recovery of files from unreadable discs, the ability to burn ISO images to multiple drives simultaneously, etc.). The Premium version costs $19.95 with one year of free upgrades and for the Professional version it is-$39.95 with one year of free upgrades and allows you to use the program for commercial use. The trial version is fully functional for ten days. The program can be downloaded from the official website. The current version is 7.8 and it is available in more than twenty languages.

The system requirements of the program are minimal. They are as follows:

1. From Windows XP through Windows 8/8.1 (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)

2. 600 MHZ processor or faster

3. 20 MB of free hard disk space (after installation the program takes about 45 Mb)

4. Minimum 800×600 video resolution.

The program supports the following discs- CD 650 MB, CD 700 MB, CD 800 MB, DVD 4.7 GB, DVD DL (i.e. dual layer disc)8.5 GB, Blu-Ray 25 GB, Blu-Ray DL 50 GB, and Blu-Ray XL (i.e. multiple layers) 100 GB.

The installation process is very easy and fast: 1. Select the language to install during the installation; 2. Accept End User License Agreement (EULA), 3. Select the folder for the installation of the program, 4.Create a desktop and quick launch icons; add the program to the Autorun Menu. That is all. Now you can test it for ten days and buy it (if you like it) after this period of time or uninstall it (if you are not satisfied).








The main advantage of the program is in its very easy to use interface. It lacks nothing and has everything needed to comfortably work with discs. The program is conveniently divided into five main groups: 1. Data (you can burn data CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs, create data boot and custom discs), 2. Multimedia (you can record Audio CD, MP3 and Video discs), 3. Disc Images (in this group you can burn Image files and make ISO or Boot ISO discs), 4. Utilities (this group includes tools for erasing discs and detailed information about them as well), 5. Extra (it includes some additional tools such as Data recovery, Multiburn and Copy Disc; extra features are available in the paid version only).


Each function can be accessed through the main window. After clicking on one of them the program opens a new window. It has practically the same interface for each tool. The Commands Toolbar is divided into three parts- Compilation, Edit and Recorder. The Compilation section has two buttons- Burn (after clicking on it the burning process will start; the hotkey-Ctrl +B) and Options (here you can configure some options of the burn process; the hotkey-F10). The Edit section consists of one big button “Add Files” (using it you can add files for burning from Windows Explorer; the hotkey Ctrl + D; it is worth mentioning that the program supports Drag and Drop functions, too; so you can simply drag the files into the program interface) and five small buttons- Paste (paste files from the Clipboard; the hotkey Ctrl + V), Make Folder (it allows you to make a new folder and name it; the hotkey “Insert”), Properties (view the properties of a file, i. e. its type, source, size and modified date; set priority and if the file is hidden; the hotkey- F4), Rename (rename the selected file or files; the hotkey-F2), Delete (delete the selected file or files; the hotkey- “Delete”). In the Recorder section you can select which of the installed optical drives should be used, specify the writing speed (the program offer four writing speeds- Max, 48X, 24X and 4X), get information about the disc (Hotkey-F5), erase the disc (the hotkey-Ctrl + Delete) and eject the disc (the hotkey-Ctrl + E).

Data Disk

If you have a lot of data files, for example word or PDF documents, you can take full advantage of the Data section. It will help you to burn and backup those files onto CD, DVD and Blu-Ray discs or create a custom disc with advanced features in ISO or UDF formats. The burning process is easy as ABC. Just add a file or files using the “Add Files” button (alternatively you may simply drag them into the program window), choose the write speed, configure burning options (disc finalization, data verification after burning, number of copies, date of creation, etc.) and finally click “Burn”. After a few minutes (depending on the disc type and the speed of your optical drive) your disc will be created. Additionally the program allows you to create a Boot disc. It is a very useful feature because this disc will help you to boot your computer if something goes wrong with the system.

With the help of BurnAware you can create Audio CD, MP3 and DVD video discs as well. The program burns all types of CD discs- CD 80 min, CD 74 min and CD 90 min. Just add audio files and the program automatically converts them into Audio CD format. BurnAware supports the following audio formats- MP3 (MPEG Layer 3), WAV (Waveform Audio File Format), WMA (Windows Media Audio), M4A (Apple Lossless Audio Codec), AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) and FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). In the Options menu you can additionally choose write method (1.Track at once- each track will be recorded separately, 2. Disc at once- the entire disc will be recorded in one session from beginning to end without interruption) and specify a pause interval between the tracks in seconds. With the help of BurnAware you can also burn MP3 discs and record high-quality DVD Video discs.




The third category of the program “Disc Images” is designed for burning and making image files. You can perform various actions with images- simply burn an image file to a disc, create an image file from an existing disc or make a new image. The program supports two file systems- ISO 9660 and UDF (Universal Disk Format). In the Options menu you can configure some settings, namely, emulation type (you have five choices for bootable discs-no emulation, floppy emulation 1.20 MB, floppy emulation 1.44 Mb, floppy emulation 2.88 Mb and hard drive emulation), Platform (PC or Mac), File System, File name length ( ISO level 1, etc.).



Burn Image

The fourth category “Utilities” contains three tools- “Erase Disc” (you can erase rewritable discs for future use. The program offers two methods of disc erase- Quick erase –all data will not be physically erased- and Complete erase- all data will be physically erased), “Disc Info” (here you can view information about a Disc (i.e. disc type and status; disc capacity along with used and free space) and Drive (i.e. Vendor, firmware version, connection type, etc.) and “Verify Disc” (check the disc for errors).



Disk Info

The fifth category, Extra, consists of three tools- “Copy Disc” (copies the content of one disc to another), “Data Recovery” (extracts the content of the disc and saves it in a CUE image), and “Multiburn (if you have more than one optical drive you can burn several discs simultaneously).

Copy Disk





1. Very simple, easy and intuitive interface
2. Support of all types of discs
3. Record Audio, MP3 and DVD Video discs
4. Creation and burning of image files
5. Automatic checking for disc errors



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