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CCleaner Cloud officially launched, allows you to remotely manage up to 3 PCs for free

CCleaner Cloud officially launched, allows you to remotely manage up to 3 PCs for free

by AshwinSeptember 22, 2015

Piriform, the company behind the popular cleaning utility app for Windows, CCleaner, ahs announced the launch of its new product, CCleaner Cloud.

CCleaner Cloud

The service, as the name obviously suggests, is an online service, which allows users to tweak, clean and manage their PCs remotely.

Before you jump to conclusions about whether this app is for you, allow me to say that, if you are using the CCleaner desktop, you may not need CCleaner Cloud. Both apps have the same functions, with very minimal differences.

CCleaner Cloud requires the user to have the cloud client app installed on the PC. Once this is done, you will be able to manage that PC from anywhere. The app allows to perform various tweaks such as:

  • Cleaning up a local or remote system’s temporary files, browsing history, cookies, etc
  • Defrag your hard drives
  • Scan and fix problems in the Windows Registry
  • Add and remove software on local/remote PC
  • Monitor from anywhere: Bug fix, run scans or schedule (not available for free)
  • View CPU load, memory usage, full disks

CCleaner Cloud is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 and supports 32/64 bit.

What interests me and also worries me is the pricing tab at the website. It makes CCleaner Cloud look like a freemium service, i.e., you pay to access more features. And also the pricing seems to be cheaper for businesses, which is a bit odd.
A free CCleaner Cloud account allows users to manage up to 3 computers, offers standard security, basic tech support, and 2 months of event history and 100 event limits per day.

A pro account which costs $5/month allows managing of up to 10 computers, two-factor authentication security system, unlimited events, a year’s event history and priority tech support.

A business account offers the same as the pro account except it allows managing of any number of computers and Audit Reports.

The interface of the app looks very clean, in fact I like it better than the regular CCleaner. You can sign up for CCleaner Cloud at the official website. But even agter its launch, it does have an invite system. But the good news is that the sign up system says “You will receive an email invitation within the next 24 hours.”, so I’m reserving my opinion about this.

Beta News says that CCleaner Cloud originated under the codename Project Agomo, and was in beta up until today.