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CCleaner Professional Review

CCleaner Professional Review

by January 15, 2015

CCleaner Professional Review.

It goes without saying that it is very difficult to find a good, quality program for safe and easy cleaning or optimization of the Windows Operating System. There are plenty of programs that offer tons of tools but, unfortunately, some of them are very expensive and others do not have all the tools we actually need, etc. CCleaner belongs to a family of programs which, simply put, every Windows user should have. It offers a, safe, high-quality solution for reliably optimizing and cleaning the system. With the help of CCleaner you can safely clean the Windows registry, temporary files, configure startup items and uninstall programs, etc.

The program is available for both home and business users.  For home users it comes in three different versions- Free, Professional and Professional Plus. Free has all of the functionality needed for everyday use but it lacks some premium features such as real-time monitoring, automatic updates, premium support (available in the Pro version) , disk defragmentation and file recovery (available in the Pro Plus version). The Pro version costs $24.95 and Pro Plus- $39.95.

CCleaner can be downloaded from the official site and is pretty small, just 5 MB. The trial versions are fully functional for fifteen days.

The system requirements are as follows: Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (both 32 and 64-bit versions). The current version is 5.01.5075 and it supports more than fifty languages.

The installation process is very quick and rather easy. There are just three simple steps- 1. Select a language for installation, 2. Select any additional options (desktop shortcut, integration to Recycle Bin context menu, etc.), 3. Choose users. That’s all. The program is installed and ready to service your computer.






The main interface of the program is quite simple and easy to use. All necessary actions can be performed with just a few clicks. Due to the intuitive and well-organized interface even a novice user will become accustomed to it very quickly.

The primary instruments of the program are located along the left side: 1. Cleaner (searching and cleaning of the Windows system including browsers and various programs), 2. Registry (here you can perform safe cleaning and optimization of the Windows registry), 3. Tools (includes six various additional tools for uninstalling unneeded programs, wiping the hard disk, etc.), 4. Options (includes the basic settings of the program).


The first tool of the program is “Cleaner”. It is divided into two categories- “Windows” and “Applications”. “Windows” is responsible for cleaning the Windows Operating System. With its help you can perform various actions: 1. Internet Explorer– You are able safely to clean Internet Explorer temporary files (i.e. those files that the browser creates while searching and viewing the Web), History (i.e. the history of visited Internet sites), Cookies (i.e. information about visited websites; your personal information- mail, name, etc.), recently typed URLs, Index. dat files (i.e. those files that are specially created for faster access to the website), last download location, autocomplete form history and saved passwords. 2. Windows Explorer– Clean recent documents, other explorer MRUs (most recently used), thumbnail cache, taskbar jump list and network passwords (by default this is unchecked), 3. System– Empty the recycle bin, clean temporary files, clipboard, memory dumps, ‘check disk’ file fragments, or Windows log files. In addition you can perform some other actions which are unchecked by default, namely, clean Windows error reporting, DNS cache, Font cache, start menu and desktop shortcuts. 4. Advanced– All items in this section are unchecked by default but if you want to use any of these options, just check them. The program allows you to remove Windows event logs, old prefetch data, menu order cache, tray notifications cache, Windows size and location cache, environment path, user assist history, custom files and folders and wipe free space. The second category of Cleaner section is “Applications” which is responsible for cleaning third-party applications installed on the system. With its help you can clean and remove Internet cache files, history, cookies, download history, saved form information and passwords from all popular browsers. The program supports Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera. In addition CCleaner helps you to clean installed Applications (Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office 2007-2013, Abbyy Fine Reader, etc.), Internet (Internet Download Manager, Skype, etc.), Multimedia (VLC Media Player, Adobe Flash Player, Xilisoft Video Converter, etc.), Utilities (WinRar, Snagit, Nitro PDF, etc.). The program will scan your system and give you detailed information about all the programs. It depends on what programs you have installed on your system.


The second tool is called Registry Cleaner. It allows you to scan for problems in the Windows registry and correct them. A thorough report will be created and displayed by the program after the scan. You will be able to view all these problems and then safely fix the selected issues. The program can fix the following types of problems- missing shared DLLs (short for Dynamic Link Library, i.e. those files which were shared with different applications but no longer exist), Unused file extensions (i.e. those file types that are not currently linked to an existing application possibly due to the removal of the applications which were associated with them), ActiveX and Class issues (i. e. invalid ActiveX elements), Type libraries (invalid registry entries that refer to files which no longer exist), Applications (remnants of uninstalled programs), Fonts (invalid Windows fonts), Application paths (invalid paths sometimes left over by uninstalled applications), Help files (i. e. references to non-existing help files), Installer (obsolete archived installers or remnants left over after uninstallation of an application), Obsolete software (other leftover entries in the Windows registry after uninstallation of a program), Run at startup (invalid startup items), Start menu ordering (i.e. invalid start menu items), MUI (i.e. removing cache of recently run applications), Sounds events (invalid sound files), Windows services (invalid and non-existing Windows services).

CCleaner offers six fantastic tools to help you maintain optimal PC performance by keeping things smooth and fast. They are: Uninstall, Startup, Disk Analyzer, Duplicate Finder, System Restore and Drive Wiper.

Uninstall– This tool not only helps you remove installed programs from the computer but also rename and save them as a text file.


Startup– In this section you can enable, disable or delete programs and services that are automatically started after Windows boots. With the help of this tool you can not only view startup applications but also extensions and browser plugins.


Disk Analyzer provides you with detailed information about all files on the hard disk in the form of a diagram. It thoroughly scans the disk and sorts files out by category- pictures, music, documents, video and others. For example, you can find out how much space JPG pictures or MP3 files occupy on the drive, etc.


Duplicate Finder– A lot of unneeded and duplicate files may be wasting your precious hard disk space. This tool helps you to find those files and remove them. Additionally you can match the files by name, size, modified date and content.


System Restore– With the help of this tool you can manage Windows restore points. But unfortunately the only thing you can do is remove restore points to free up disk space.

Drive Wiper is a very useful feature of the program. It allows you to permanently delete data from your hard drive to prevent its recovery. The program offers four different methods of deletion- Simple overwrite (1 pass deletion), Advanced overwrite (3 passes), Complex overwrite (7 passes) and Very Complex overwrite (35 passes).


In the Options section you can configure the program and make it more appropriate and convenient for you. It consists of eight sub-sections- Settings (here you can select the desired language and check several options that are useful or necessary for you; Cookies (here you choose those sites for which you want to keep cookies; Include (custom files and folders that will be removed during the scan. You can specify the drive, folder or file types); Exclude (exclude those files, folders and registry keys that will not be scanned); Monitoring (here you can enable system, browser and active monitoring of the program); Advanced (here you can configure some advanced settings of the program, for example, deletion of the scanned files, prohibit the removal for certain types of files, etc.); About (information of the current version of the program and links to the official homepage and social media sites).




1. Fast and safe removal of unnecessary files
2. Intuitive interface
3. Six additional tools
4. Support for more than fifty languages
and many others.


No cons at all.

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CCleaner is a universal and multi-functional utility with a lot of surprisingly great features. We recommend it to everybody who wants to keep the performance of their computer at the highest level.

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